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1 review
by: Haley Ricklefs

JobDesignandGoalSettingHaleyRicklefs10.pdf MGMT 310

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Haley Ricklefs
GPA 3.1

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About this Document

this is an example of one week of notes from my MGMT 310 class last semester at KU with Daniel Spencer. I have example notes for all weeks from his class as well.
Class Notes
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1 review
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"Lectures notes?? Yes please! Looking forward to the next set!"
Amiya Hermann

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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Haley Ricklefs on Monday February 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGMT 310 at Kansas taught by in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 84 views.


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Lectures notes?? Yes please! Looking forward to the next set!

-Amiya Hermann


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Date Created: 02/09/15
Job Desiqn and Goal Setting Halev Ricklef 100814 3 GOAL OBJECTIVES 1 Staying on task during class starting with coming to class prepared 2 Avoiding all distractions during group conversation specifically cell phones 3 Working to enhance public speaking to the whole class in relations to the improvements already made within the team PG 181205 Job Design Early Approaches 0 Job Design the process of linking specific tasks to specific jobs and deciding which techniques equipment and procedures should be used to perform those tasks 0 Scientific Management 0 A set of principles and practices stressing job simplifications and specialization to increase performance of individual employees 0 Job Simplification involves breaking up the work that needs to be done into the smallest identifiable tasks 0 Job Specialization results when employees are assigned to perform small simple tasks and focus exclusively on them 0 Time and Motion Studies reveal exactly how long it takes to perform a task and the best way to perform it Extrinsically motivated behavior perform to acquire rewards or to avoid punishment Intrinsically motivated behavior is behavior performed for its own sake 0 Job Enlargement and Job Enrichment 0 Job Enlargement increasing the number of task and employee performs by keeping all of the tasks at the same level of difficulty and responsibility 0 Job Enrichment designing jobs to provide opportunities for employee growth by giving employees more responsibility and control over their work Allow employees to plan their own work schedules Allow employees to decide how the work should be performed Allow employees to check their own work Allow employees to learn new skills Job Design The Job Characteristics Model 0 One of the most popular approaches to job design 0 Provides a detailed and accurate account of the effects ofjob design on motivation performance job satisfaction and other important aspects for organizational behavior 0 Care Job Dimensions 1 Skill Variety the extent to which a job requires an employee to use a number of different skills abilities or talents high and low 2 Task Identity the extent to which a job involves performing a whole piece of work from its beginning to its end high and low 3 Task Significance the extent to which a job has an impact on the lives or work of other people in or out of the organization high or low 4 Autonomy the degree to which a job allows an employee the freedom and independence to schedule work and how to carry it out high or low 5 Feedback the extent to which performing a job provides an employee with clear information about his or her effectiveness high or low Job Crafting proactively seek to modify the kinds of tasks that comprise their jobs modify how they view their jobs andor change who they interact with while performing their jobs 0 The Motivatinq Potential Score MPS o A measure of the overall potential of a job to foster intrinsic motivation 0 Job Diagnostic Survey used to identify the core dimensions most in need of redesign in order to increase a job s motivating potential score and thus and employee s intrinsic motivation 0 Critical Psvcholoqical States 0 Experienced Meaningfulness of the Work the degree to which employees feel their jobs are important worthwhile and meaningful 0 Experience Responsibility for Work Outcomes the extent to which employees feel they are responsible or accountable for their job performance 0 Knowledge of Results the degree to which employees know how well they perform their jobs on a continuous basis 0 Work and Personal Outcomes 1 High Intrinsic Motivation 2 High Job Performance 3 High Job Satisfaction 4 Low Absenteeism and Turnover o The Role of Individual Differences in Employees Response to Job Design 1 GrowthNeed Strength 2 Knowledge and Skills 3 Satisfaction with the Work Context 0 The Research Evidence 1 It is not clear that exactly 5 dimensions best describe the job design of all jobs 2 Research shows that job dimensions have the most significant effects on intrinsic motivation and job satisfaction the effects on actual work behaviors are not as strong 3 Simply adding the scores for the job characteristics might be a better way of calculating the motivation potential score than using the multiplicative formula Job Design The Social Information Processing Model Factors other than the core dimensions influence how employees respond to the design of their jobs The Role of Social Environment 0 The other individuals with whom employees come in contact at work 0 Contingent Workers employees organizations hire or contact with on a temporary basis to fill needs for labor which change over time Organizational Objectives Describe the overarching purpose of the organization Social Identity Theory postulates the people tend to classify themselves and others into social categories such as being members of certain group team religion political party or organization Goal Setting Goal what an individual is trying to accomplish through his or her behavior and actions GoalSetting Theory what types of goals are most effective in producing high levels of motivation and performance and why goals have these effects Limits 1 When employees lack the skills and abilities needed to perform at a high level 2 When employees are given complicated and difficult tasks that require all of their attention and require a considerable amount of learning 3 When employees need to be creative Management by Obiectives o MBO is a goalsetting process in which a manager meets periodically with his or her supervisor to set goal and evaluate how well previously set goals have been met 1 Goal Setting 2 Implementation 3 Evaluation IMPLEMENTING CONCEPTS OF JOB DESIGN BB READING Combining Tasks Putting together separate tasks to form newer and larger modules of work Forming Natural Work Units Distributing work in a logical way so that a worker has ownership A sense of continuing responsibility for an identifiable body of work Establishing Client Relationships Identifying who the client is Establishing direct links with the client Setting up criteria by which the client can judge quality of the product or service Establishing means to relay judgments Contact should be as great as possible and as frequent as necessary Face to face contact is highly desirable at least occasionally It is best to have criteria that are mutually understood and agreed upon Vertical Loading Add to the job responsibilities and controls formerly reserved for higher level management Granting discretion in areas such as the following osetting schedules eg rotation overtime deciding on work methods and standards justifying improvements to managers and engineers ochecking quality advising and training less experienced workers odoing preventative maintenance odeciding when to stop and start work when to break how to assign priorities engage in seeking problem solutions on one39s own ocontrol over budgets and other financial aspects of the job oselection of new hires team leaders and others in roles of consequence to the individualteam Opening Feedback Channels Removing existing blocks to naturally occurring job provided data about performance


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