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by: Mohit Borde

Mohit_Borde TEPM 6304

Mohit Borde
GPA 3.78
Quality improvement in project management
Dr. Lila carden

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About this Document

Quality improvement in project management
Dr. Lila carden
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mohit Borde on Monday February 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to TEPM 6304 at University of Houston taught by Dr. Lila carden in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 169 views. For similar materials see Quality improvement in project management in Business, management at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 02/09/15
1 QUALITY IMPROVEMENT IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT Mohit Borde Describe Lean Six Sigma LSS in your own words It combines two methodologies Lean manufacturing Toyota production system six sigma The focus of lean is to reduce nonvalue added services standardize work amp improve overall process ow It is process oriented It focuses on teamwork pull systems ow systems reducing lead times Its approach is using kaizen events lweek 3 monthsSo basically the overall objective of lean manufacturing in industrial applications is to remove all the waste services which are of no use idle services amp hence improving efficiency in terms of company s output Six sigma is a methodology developed by Motorola which is multitasking as it operates in parallel with the organization s normal processing mechanism to reduce variations in organizational processes by using improvement specialists structured methods amp performance metrics with aim of achieving organization s strategic objectives It utilizes the DMAIC system Define measure analyze improve control Six sigma tools are data driven It is business philosophy or methodology including structured problem solving process E g reducing IT system downtime It is a process improvement methodology Identifying key process inputs those with largest effect on output It means to identify such inputs that will give optimum output results It is a collective team effort improving performance removing eight kinds of waste which are defects overproduction waiting nonutilized talent transportation motion abbreviated as DOWNTIME Lean six sigma involves a hierarchy of trained experts such as black belts inventory extraprocessing highly trained team leaders capable of leading complex projects green belts participate in projects amp lead smaller projects amp yellow beltsbasic knowledge of lean six sigma Eventually Lean speed six sigma qualitylean six sigma Define part I 1 What is the purpose of the Define phase of L88 0 Purpose of de ne phase of six sigma 1 8995 Develop an understanding of customer requirements voice of customer Identify problemsopportunities for improvement Determine project boundariesscope Document current state of problem amp severity of problem Establish mission of project Estimate expected savings Develop project plan amp timeline 2 What tools can help you make sense of textbased data as opposed to numerical data 0 Tools that help you make sense of text based data are NQMPPP Measure part I Affinity diagram Multi voting Nominal group technique NGT VOC voice of customer activity Brainstormingindividual group structured unstructured 635 method Critical to quality owdown CTQ Tree diagrams 1 What is the purpose of the Measure phase of L88 0 Purpose of measure phase is 1 Map the processdocument process steps in enough detail to help team understand amp analyze process 2 Analyze the measurement systemdetermine accuracy amp precision of system Improve the system by ensuring that valid amp reliable data can be collected for project 3 Establish a baseline measurement obtain data that quanti es problemprocess performance at start of project 2 Data generally fall into only a few categoriestypes What are they and Why do you need to be able to identify the type of data you are working with 0 Types of data 1 Qualitative data word or phrases 2 Quantitative data numbers 1 Quantitative data types Continuousvariable any sort of measurement you take on a continuous scale from zero to infinity amp any no including decimals amp fractions between this range 0 to infinity Need a measuring device such as a scale calliper etc E g length width time age Discreteattribute numbers or words put into categories Do not need measuring device E g malefemale grades Types of data are important as 1 It helps us understand our processes measurements amp performance 2 It helps us select appropriate diagrams analyses 3 You can usually group data together taxonomy or classification from population of data amp hence it makes it very easy to work or compute such kind of data 4 Easy to understand structured data than raw data 3 Why do we need to know if our data is normally distributed And what tools can you use to determine if your data is normally distributed Normal distribution is how data presents itself in population With the knowledge of normal distribution you can check the level of accuracy in accordance with the deviation or variance from mean on either side of axis We need to know if data is normally distributed if there is an equal probability of data being equally above or below the mean bell curveThe central limit theorem Normal distribution has mean median amp mode 50 values above mean amp 50 values below mean 68 values within 1 standard deviation 95 values within 2 standard deviation 997 value within 3 standard deviation Tools for normal distribution of data 1 Hypothesis tests such as ttests ftests 2 AN OVA analysis of variance 3 Least squares regression 4 Control charts of Individuals with 3sigma limits 5 Common formulae for process capability indices such as Cp amp Cpk


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