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Week 10 Notes

by: Tyler Walker

Week 10 Notes LARCH 1160

Tyler Walker

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About this Document

These notes contain all material covered in class for The Renaissance and Baroque in France
History of Landscape Architcture
Dr.Hala Nassar
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tyler Walker on Sunday April 10, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to LARCH 1160 at Clemson University taught by Dr.Hala Nassar in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see History of Landscape Architcture in Landscape Architecture at Clemson University.

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Date Created: 04/10/16
History of Landscape Architecture The Renaissance in Italy Environment - Paris was the focus of French life and classical landscape - French landscape (around paris is relatively flat wooded areas (hunting) Social History - Charles III invaded Italy in 1495 and experienced the Renaissance - Francis I invited Italian artist including Vignola and Leonardo da Vinci like to his Chateau at Ambois - Under Louis XIII, Cardinal Richelieu was the actual ruler (1624-1642) - Louis XIV created in his palace at Versailles a civilization of pleasure that had no equal - French revolution occurred in 1789 Transition from Medieval to Renaissance in France - The architectural style in medieval France was gothic - 16 century was a transition period from medieval to renaissance - Therefore, the landscape became a blend of indigenous medieval French Gothic style and renaissance style - Gradual influence of the renaissance on the Chateaus landscape architecture Ex. Of High Renaissance: Chateau de Richelieu - He introduced a new concept of comprehensive planning and space design - Chateau de Richelieu was a unified design, carved out of woods, with decorative canals, and inclusive of a town as a subsidiary element Ex. Of French Baroque Landscapes 1. Vaux de Vicomte- completed in 1661 - For Nicolas Fouquet - First major work of Andre le Abtre - Majestic scene of ground architecture carved out of dense woodland - Axes and radial avenues project beyond property lines towards the horizon and disappears into the woods (called a goosefoot) - Architecture is secondary to landscape architecture - Scale expands outwards to become more heroic rather than domestic - Using sunken canal as a element of surprise - Moat (medieval element) 2. Chateau de Chantilly: 1662-82 - Original site is comprised of old triangular castle surrounded by a lake - Landscape did not have any particular design or shape - Le Notre created new axis - Unlike Vaux de Vicomte, he did not feature the house at the center of the axis but at the side - Chateau is secondary to landscape - A canal is at a right angle with the axis - Water becomes the unifying element that embraces Chateau and the gardens - Scale of landscape is vast in comparison to building 3. Versailles: 1661-1687 - Landscape design by Le Notre for Louis XIV - Massive scale - Louis’ bedroom aligned at the center of a goosefoot that joined the town with the Chateau - Contained 50 groups of fountains and many many different elements found around the grounds


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