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Govt. 5 Week 2 Notes

by: David Chalmers

Govt. 5 Week 2 Notes GOVT.005.02-SP16

David Chalmers
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About this Document

Second Week of class notes
International Politics
Daryl Press
Class Notes
Government, International politics




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by David Chalmers on Sunday April 10, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GOVT.005.02-SP16 at Dartmouth College taught by Daryl Press in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see International Politics in Political Science at Dartmouth College.


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Date Created: 04/10/16
1. 200 years ago, the world was a very different place a. Completely different relationships and view of the world i. War is completely unrecognizable compared to today ii. People dueled iii. Women had little to no rights iv. Slavery was so much more prominent b. Because norms around the world have changed, behavior has changed domestically and abroad c. Materials realities acquire meaning through social ideas in which embedded d. States’ self interest can change e. We can continue to evolve and we have the power to do so 2. Anarchy a. Realism i. States remain in constant fear and therefore put the defense and protection of their own above the interests of others b. Liberalist i. That is partially true, but there are more things that they care about than absolute gain 1. They will give up relative gain to get absolute gain 2. They will want to cooperate and therefore let everyone win ii. They will change the payoff structure 1. Provide information about decision making 2. Create agreements where there are heavy punishments for cheating a. Slowly become more transparent so both parties can judge the others actions and build trust iii. There are fundamental issues with the prisoner’s dilemma 3. Norms a. Set of shared understandings that define proper behavior i. Shapes what choices you make ii. Constrain and shape state behavior 1. Bombing highly populated cities a. This is becoming very frustrating for American Wars because we have all the technology but cannot break the will of those we fight b. Civilians used to be seen as bonus points in wars b. Constructivists i. Even in high stakes circumstances, norms play a huge role ii. They work at a very core level 1. Who threatens the US more? a. The UK or North Korea i. If material factors were what we value most, we should fear the UK more because they are vastly more powerful iii. “States are self interested” 1. Const. say yeah kinda a. Once they have defined who they are i. I’ve never been to Oregon but if I met someone overseas from Oregon, I would feel a connection to them because we have defined ourselves as Americans ii. France vs Germany 1. After brutal war, they decided to change who they viewed themselves as. They wanted to view themselves as Europeans not just French and German 2. They knew it was going to take a long time but they felt it would prevent future conflict and deepen the relationship between the European countries c. How to countries create identities? i. Monuments 1. What do they say, what are they for? ii. Holidays 1. What do they celebrate? iii. Pop Culture 1. Movies, Music, Books iv. Education 1. What is in and what isn’t in textbooks? v. Speeches 1. Last Class: a. How we can evaluate countries i. Speeches 1. What leaders say about themselves? ii. Education 1. What is taught and what is left out and how? iii. Monuments 1. What is remembered and how? iv. Holiday 1. What is celebrated? v. Media 1. What is the base message that resonates with the people? b. Constructivists say that all these things are shapeable and nations are constantly striving to change or improve nationalism i. Germany has been doing a great deal to change their people’s mindset and try to repent for their crimes 1. Their entire education system has been reformed to shine light on their crimes a. Germany is unmatched in their crimes and their repentance for them 2. Realists blame anarchy for everything 3. Liberals and Realists blame the system for something that is to do with something else 4. Realists and Liberals a. WW2 i. Short Term: Communist Soviet Union led by Stalin ii. Long Term: France terrified by Germany 1. They got their teeth kicked in 3 times over 50 years 5. Identity has a huge impact on states’ actions 6. Countries who react to threats succeed and those who ignore are eliminated from the international spectrum 7. Summary of all this a. States live under anarchy and compete in a world of self help b. Cooperation is possible but is transactional i. Strongest when either power gaps are enormous 1. Canada and US ii. Relative gains do matter 1. Anarchy does exist and they also want absolute gains iii. Anarchy doesn’t make us fear each-other according to constructivists c. You can see the pipe or not but a pistol is a pistol and if you don’t see it, you’re going to have a bad time 8. Why are these views important? a. Each one of them sheds lights on different things b. Diagnosis differently c. Different solutions


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