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Theatre 210 Week 2 Notes

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1 review
by: Joshua Torres

Theatre 210 Week 2 Notes TH 210

Joshua Torres
Cal Poly

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About this Document

Actually an intro to theatre!
Intro to Theatre
Mr. Sitko
Class Notes
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Star Star Star Star Star
1 review
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"Yes YES!! Thank you for these. I'm such a bad notetaker :/ will definitely be looking forward to these"
Winnifred Hegmann

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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Joshua Torres on Monday April 11, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to TH 210 at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo taught by Mr. Sitko in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see Intro to Theatre in Theatre at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo.

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Reviews for Theatre 210 Week 2 Notes

Star Star Star Star Star

Yes YES!! Thank you for these. I'm such a bad notetaker :/ will definitely be looking forward to these

-Winnifred Hegmann


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Date Created: 04/11/16
Theatre 210 Week 2 Notes  4/4/2016  Stage left is the actor’s left  Unit set – low budget, simple set, easy set-up  Annie Baker plays (in Shirley, Vermont) o Circle Mirror Transformation o Aliens o Body Awareness o The Flic o Uncle Vanya (updated version) o John o Noctorama  The Aliens is a “Linear dramatic narrative” directed by Sam Gould o Chronological, one plot o Heightening emotions, play hinges on emotions o Story  Aliens - is hyper efficient o Everything points back to itself  Almost every theater in America is non-profit o Allowed donors and grants  Black box o Adjustable seating, risers, any seating arrangements o Adjustable lighting  Proscenium o Frame in which the audience is looking through o Audience sees performance through window in stage  ¾ Thrust o Three-fourths of the stage surrounded by audience o Actors constantly moving  In the Round o Audience all around the stage, usually circular o No flats or walls o Parade – two sided  Site Specific o We bring lighting and sound system to the “stage” o Hearst Castle or in a hotel  Amphitheater o Built into a hillside o Circular with stadium seating  Booth o Where the lighting and technical elements are controlled form o Usually being audience  Apron o Little space in front of the stage/curtain  House o Manage the box office  Fly space o Area where a huge set or painting can be stored for later use 2 o Managed by ropes and pulleys  Wings o Around the arch of the stage, kind of off stage  Green room o Room where the actors sit to wait for their performance  Platform o Usually made of wood, different levels of height to stand on  Flat o Fake wall, for a painting, set  Cyclorama – Cyc. o Big white fabric in the back of the proscenium so there are no corners  Scrim o Fabric, netting for two different lighting, allows us to reveal things  Upper stage used to be uphill, towards the stage  Dow stage used to be downhill and towards the audience  4/6/2016  The herald has 9 scenes  They play game, group minded play  Sports/game – true competition o Rules are the same every time o Find the best  Art – more fake, representation 3 o Not actually fight each other, set up results o Performance art – like art, showing something, but its real o Real goldfish to kill  Short form – single breadth, two teams wearing separate costumes o Pretending to compete, and play somewhat competitive games  Long form – based on game  Humor is based on turn, rule of three is based on turns o Set you up going one way, then quickly rocket’s the other way o Can’t have a turn with two points o Laughing is a way to letting people know that a surprise is safe and not harmful  The Herald was in 1967 o The Committee started the group in Concord o Structure works o Group game – needs an initiation  Yes and – the basis of improve  UCB – upright citizens brigade o Both LA and NY  IO – Improv Olympic o Charna Halper o Chicago, LA  Second City – SNL o Chicago, birth of improv in US 4  Groundlings – improv school  The Nerdist – Silicon Valley  Italy, 1540 – city to city actors who perform on the street o Scenario is set o Stock characters – stereotypical characters o Masks for characters  Rule 1: old man gets in the way of love  Rule 2: The young lovers go to servants and ask for help, servants plan trickery  Rule 3: through love and tricks, love works out Canada’s model of all the stock characters o Classic comedia del arte - 1540 o Known distinction between all the characters o Magnifico - leader, most powerful man, mastermind o Zani – lead with the nose, like a pigeon, peasant. Everything is extraordinary to him, he wants to please, Magnifico’s servant o Pantalone – the merchant, the miser old man, version of magnifico whose lost his teeth, he’s needy o The doctor – the man of learning, knowns everything, but understands nothing, knowledgeable but o Brigella – cunning servant, brain character, master of servants and servant of masters, proud of his uniform, can be tempted o Harlaquin – stupid servant, doesn’t use logic, he’s a body character, happy go lucky, amoral, lives in the moment, acrobatic, and cheeky, playful 5 o Columbina – as cunning as Brigella as playful as harlequin, hold love, marriage, life, like the doctor, overall well rounded, o First actor and actress do not have masks, amazing, parents nd o 2 lovers have been bought an education, Romeo and Juliet lovers o Captain – full of swagger, but avoids a fight, big and bold o Exaggerated mirror of society o Latzi – physical business that a stock character does to tell you who the character is, action, independent of the plot o Intermezzi – in between the story song and dances to break up the scenes. Group game of Comedie Del Arte 6


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