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Chapter 16 APR 231 Notes

by: Courtney Small

Chapter 16 APR 231 Notes APR 231

Courtney Small

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About this Document

Notes covered in lecture from powerpoint
Intro public relations
William J. Gozenbach
Class Notes
intro, public relations
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Courtney Small on Tuesday April 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to APR 231 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by William J. Gozenbach in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Intro public relations in Advertising at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 04/12/16
Chapter  16:  Meeting  and  Events     Tuesday,  March  29,  2016   9:28  AM   A  World  Filled  with  Events     •  Advantages                      –  Focus  on  face  to  face  communication                      –  5  senses     •  Various  sizes:  5  for  group  meeting  to  150,000  Consumer  Electronics  Show         Group  Meetings     •    Location:  Right  size,  Make  sure  people  can  find  it     •    Seating:  Round  table,  U  Table,  Theatre,  Lunch     room/long  tables  on  one  side  to  work,  Discussion     room     •    Facilities     •    Invitations:  3  to  6  weeks  ahead;  detail,  RSVP         Group  Meetings     •  Registration                –  Greeting                  –  Sign  in,  name  tags     •  Program                  –  What  goes  on  at  meeting:  chair                –  Speakers                –  Meals                –  Printed  program         Meetings  Facility  Checklist     –  Meeting  identification     –  Lighting   –  Charts   –  Screen  or  monitors     –  Microphones,  projectors,  and  video  equipment     –  Seating  and  tables   –  Wiring   –  Speaker’s  podium     –  Water  and  glasses   –  Audience  and  speaker  aids     –  Name  tags         Banquets   –  Large  and  formal,  raise  money  or  celebrate     –  Food   –  Room  Rental   –  Bartenders   –  Decorations,  table  centerpieces   –  Audiovisual  requirements   –  Speaker  fees   –  Entertainment   –  Photographers   –  Invitations   –  Tickets   –  Marketing  and  promotion         Banquets     •  Person  pays  for  food  and  entire  event  •  Budget  ideas:   •  Speakers                –  Business-­‐typetalks:  $3000-­‐$10,000              –  Entertainers:  $15,000  and  up              –  Well-­‐know  politicians:  $50,000-­‐$60,000         Banquets     •  Catering     –    Weeknight  vs.  weekend     –    Food:  Chicken/fish,  veggie     –    Figure  tax  and  tip:  $25  a  head>$30.75  with  tax  and  tipat  23%.  Can  add  up  to  25%.     •  Logistics  and  Timing                      –  Timeline  for  process                        –  Timeline  of  event  day(s)                        –  Timeline  of  event  itself         Receptions  and  Cocktail  Parties     •    2  hours  max,  large  room,  standing,  light  food     •    Key  is  social  interaction     •    Focus  on  event,  if  speech  5-­‐10  minutes     •    Bar:  hosted,  no  host,  tickets,  skilled  bartender  1  per  75;  also  have  nonalcoholic  beverages     •    Cut  off:  Bar  closes  in10  minutes         Open  Houses  and  Plant  Tours     •  Develop  favorable  opinion  of  organization    •  One-­‐day  affairs,  invitation  typically   •  Some  are  regular  events:  tour  Bud  plant         Major  Factors     •  Day  and  hour   •  Guests   •  Publicity  and  invitations  •  Vehicles   •  Reception   •  Focal  Point  of  Activity     •  Restrooms    •  Safety   •  Routing   •  Guides     •  Explanation   •  Housekeeping  and  attire     •  Emergencies         Conventions     •    Series  of  meetings  spread  over  two  or  more  days     •    Purpose:  Gather,  exchange  info,  meet  people,  discuss  and  act,  recreation  and  social  exchange         Convention  Planning     •  Timing    •  Location     •  Facilities     •  Exhibits         Convention  Program     •    Plan  of  event  and  printed  (tear  out  with  key  times,  locations)     •    Recreation  and  entertainment     •    Attendance:  event:  appealing  program  and  sell  it     •    Administration         Trade  Shows     •    6,000  a  year  in  US;  65  million  attend  annually     •    Several  1000  to  >100,000     •    Ex.  CES  150,000  in  Vegas,  3000  companies,  3  million  sq.  ft.     •    Exhibit  booths:  Start  at  $50,000  and  up  ($500K-­‐$1  million)     •    10  seconds  to  attract  attention     •    Hospitality  Suites     •    Pressroom  and  Media  Relations:  Starts  pre-­‐  show,  arrange  ahead,  serve  needs  at  site         Pressrooms  and  Media  Relations     –    Plan  major  product  announcements  to  coincide     –    Include  the  name  of  the  trade  show  in  news  releases     –    Include  your  booth  number  in  all  announcements     –    Make  it  easy  for  journalists  to  contact  spokespeople  and  experts     –    Train  spokespeople  to  make  brief  presentations     –    Consider  a  looped  videotape     –    Provide  photos  that  show  the  product  in  use     –    Provide  supplementary  material  to  journalists  who  can’t  attend     –    Keep  hard  copies  of  materials  in  the  pressroom         Promotional  Events     •    Planned  primarily  to  promote  product,  visibility,  make  friends,  raise  money  for  charity     •    EX.  Belgrade  Beer  Festival,  Gilroy  Garlic  Festival     •    Move  beyond  ribbon-­‐cutting;  theme/idea  that  fits  situation     •    Using  celebrities:  Get  attention,  expensive,  travel  &  posse  costs     •    Services:  Celebrity  Source  and  Celebrity  Access         Promotional  Events     –  Traffic  flow   –  Adequate  restroom  facilities     –  Signage   –  Security   –  Liability  insurance   –  City  permits   –  Arranging  cleanup      


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