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Chapter 18 APR 231 Notes

by: Courtney Small

Chapter 18 APR 231 Notes APR 231

Courtney Small

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About this Document

Notes covered from the power point in lecture
Intro public relations
William J. Gozenbach
Class Notes
intro, public relations
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Courtney Small on Tuesday April 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to APR 231 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by William J. Gozenbach in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see Intro public relations in Advertising at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 04/12/16
Chapter  18:  Entertainment,  Sports,  and  Travel     Recent  Growth     •  Growth  Areas   •  Entertainment:  Mass  media  exposure  •  Sports:  TV  contracts   •  Travel:  Disposable  income,  time         Major  Part  of  US  Economy     •  Statistics  from  2012            –  1.4  billion  movie  tickets     •  $11  billion        –  30  million  attended  concerts        –  3.6  million  NASCAR  attendees     •  $3  billion        –  17  million  NFL  attendees     •  $9.5  billion          –  $40  billion  annually  in  cruise  ship  industry  –  Tourism  is  10%  of  global  gross  product         Cult  of  Personality     •  What  is  a  celebrity?            –  Person  well  known  within  a  variety  of  fields     •  Fuels  the  entertainment  industry       •  Fodder  for  mass  media         The  Public’s  Fascination  with  Celebrities     •  Wish  fulfillment:  dream  of  glory     •  Hero-­‐worship:  Yearn  for  heros     •  Vicarious  sense  of  belonging   •  Desire  for  entertainment         The  Work  of  a  Publicist     •  Early  press  agents          –  Hired  by  Broadway  producers  to  type  news  releases  for  shows  and  hand-­‐carry  to  press          –  Also  created  stunts   •  Publicists  in  public  relations  firms            –  “Planters”  :  plant  stories          –  “Bookers”:  book  on  TV,  radio,  etc.         The  Work  of  a  Publicist     •  The  Hollywood  publicist   –  Crisis  communications:  Ex.  Letterman   –  Developing  bios   –  Preparing  digital  media  kits     –  Researching  story  angles   –  Maintaining  social  media   –  Generating  buzz  for  new  films         Conduct  Campaign  for  Entertainer     •  IMC  Approach   •  News  releases/features:  Planter   •  Photo,  photo  opportunities   •  Public  appearances:  Booker   •  Awards:  CMA,  Oscar’s,  Globe,  Emmy   •  Social  Media:  Twitter,  Facebook,  Web,  Bloggers         Promoting  Entertainment  Event     •    Publicity  to  stimulate  ticket  sales:  Focus  on  personalities,  style,  history     •    Ex.  Play:  announcement,  leads,  rehearsals,  opening  date,  features,  interviews,  photos  of   rehearsal,  opening,  review,  web,  blogger,  social  media     •    Movie:  Drip-­‐by-­‐drip;  unit  man  or  woman     •    Planters,  bookers,  exclusives,  ticket  give-­‐aways,  product  placements,  merchandizing         The  Business  of  Sports     •  Emerging  sports,  competition     •  Player  focus,  star/hero   •  Business  issues:  Labor   •  Community  Relations     •  Growth  of  Web  information         Sports  PR  Tactics     •  Media  kits   •  Bios   •  Stats   •  Entertain  sports  reporters     •  Maintain  press  box     •  Interviews   •  Book  appearances   •  Crisis  issues   •  Web:  site,  blog,  social  media         Community  Relations  in  Sports     •    Good  relationship  with  community  is  necessary  for  ticket  sales     •    Charitable  work     •    Ensure  favorable  media  coverage  and  endorsement  deals     •    Losing  teams  present  unique  challenges  for  sports  publicists         Sports  Publicity:  MUSTS  for  Sponsorships     •  Media  Appeal   •  User  Friendliness   •  Sales  Appeal   •  Thematic  Applications     •  Special  Event       Travel  Promotion     •    8%  of  world  workers;  9%  of  global  gross  domestic  product  (GDP);  10%  in  US,  higher  in  others   (Spain  15%);  10%  of  world’s  workers  by  2022.     •    Three  phases:     •    Stimulate  desire     •    Arrange  to  reach  it     •    Comfortable,  entertain         Stimulate     •    Travel  articles,  brochures,  videos,  WWW,  conventions:  <34  87%  use  Facebook  for  travel   inspiration     •    Travel  writers/freelancers;  “Familiarization  Trip”     •    Promos  with  hotels/airlines     •    Social  media,  YouTube,  Apps  (Miami  C&VB)     •    Events:  Bahamas  200  bathing  suit  in  Times  Sq.     •    Appeal  to  target  markets            –  Packaging:  Transportation,  housing,  meals,  entertainment  Ex.  ND  Alumni            –  Appeals  to  seniors:  largest;  cruises         Arrange:  Boom  on  Internet     •  Airline  tickets,  hotel,  packages   •  Full  Sservices:  Ex.     •  Guam  example:         Coping  with  Threats  and  Crises     •    Recession     •    Environmental:  Gulf     •    Civil/Political:  Greece,  Mexico  drug  issues     •    State  Issue:  Arizona  immigration     •    Work  not  done:  QE  II     •    Tragedy:  Natalie  Holloway  and  Aruba     •    Terrorism:  Marriott  Pakistan:  5  teams:  Research  and  Writing,  Media,  Internal   Communication,  Community  Relations,  Logistics      


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