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HIST 3460 Aprill 11th Notes

by: Elaina Rampolla

HIST 3460 Aprill 11th Notes History 3460

Marketplace > University of Connecticut > History > History 3460 > HIST 3460 Aprill 11th Notes
Elaina Rampolla
GPA 3.6

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About this Document

In class notes for April 11th
Medieval and Renaissance Italy
Professor Gouwens
Class Notes
history, social studies, Italian History, italian, florence, Renaissance, HIST 3460
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elaina Rampolla on Tuesday April 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to History 3460 at University of Connecticut taught by Professor Gouwens in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see Medieval and Renaissance Italy in History at University of Connecticut.


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Date Created: 04/12/16
April  11  2016     th • Florence  from  mid  15  century  on  showed  a  mark  shift  in  learned  writing.  The   study  of  Platonism  and  things  not  related  to  politics   • Many  people  associate  the  lack  of  political  writings  and  commentary  with  the  rise  of   the  Medici.  Is  this  related?   Ficino   • Practicing  physician  and  worked  for  the  Medici   • Great  influence  of  Plotinus       o A  pagan  philosopher   o Appropriated  elements  of  Plato’s  thought  for  theory  of  divine   emanation  and  return   Hierarchy  of  thought        One  true  God                      Divine  Intelligence                      Soul                Matter   • This  was  the  idea  of  duelism  between  body  and  soul,  an  idea  that  didn’t  appear  until   later  in  Christianity     • The  soul  can  turn  inward  on  itselfà  God  is  within  us   • Separation  of  earthly  and  spiritually     • Early  Christian  writers  were  influenced  by  Platonism   o Augustine  mentions  ascension  multiple  times     o To  what  extent  is  pagan  learning  to  a  society  that’s  overwhelmingly   Christian?   • Literal  stories  of  myths  linked  to  the  understanding  of  an  underlying  truth   Ladinoà  1450s  lectures  at  university  of  Florence.   • Read  Aneas  and  his  quest  of  finding  Ancient  Rome  as  the  souls  conquest  towards   God   • Allegorizes  Virgil   • Pagan  stories  with  applied  to  Christian  content     Ficino   • For  Ficino,  love  ties  everything  together   o Idea  of  harmony   • He  is  obsessed  with  the  alignment  of  the  universe   • Although  Ficino  aligns  himself  with  Christianity,  many  of  his  ideas  and  writings  push   the  envelope.     • Would  be  called  heretical  if  more  well  known     • Practiced  spiritual  and  daemonic  magic   o Some  magic  was  dedicated  to  the  angels   o Some  magic  was  more  secretly  addressed  towards  GOOD  planetary  daemons   • Composed  astrological  music  to  the  sun   o These  were  things  that  he  did  not  make  publically  known  about  himself   • Heterodoxà  moving  outside  realm  of  what’s  acceptable     • He  wants  people  to  consume  things  that  have  an  abundance  of  pure  cosmic  energy   • Associate  with  animals,  plants,  and  people  that  are  under  good  planetary  influence.     • The  planets  have  the  same  moral  character  as  the  gods  who  they  are  named  after     • The  idea  of  rebirth  and  rejuvenation  is  important  to  Ficino   o Eat  egg  yolks  and  pine  nuts  (both  of  these  foods  represent  birth  and  the  first   stages  of  life)   Giovanni  Pico  della  Mirandola   • Reputed  for  optimism  about  human  nature,  but  actually  writes  about  human   weakness   • Tutor  for  the  Medici  children   • Ends  up  being  a  followed  of  Savonarola,  as  did  many  great  thinkers  and  artists       By  the  time  we  get  to  1450,  we  have  scholars  that  are  able  to  read  and  understand  the   difficult  texts  that  come  from  antiquity.     o People  like  Bruni  just  couldn’t  understand  it  to  its  full  potential   • There  probably  was  not  a  connection  between  the  Medici  and  the  lack  of  political   writings  during  this  time  period.  It  may  have  been  a  small  contributing  factor,  but   the  answer  as  to  why  political  thought  was  not  explored  is  more  difficult  than  that.        


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