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Psychology Notes 4/12/16 Exam 3

by: Melissa Metzgar

Psychology Notes 4/12/16 Exam 3 1557

Marketplace > Kutztown University of Pennsylvania > Psychlogy > 1557 > Psychology Notes 4 12 16 Exam 3
Melissa Metzgar
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
GPA 3.47

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About this Document

These notes cover some of what will be on the third exam.
General Psychology (PSY 11)
Dr. Manos Akillas
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Melissa Metzgar on Tuesday April 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 1557 at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania taught by Dr. Manos Akillas in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see General Psychology (PSY 11) in Psychlogy at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.


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Date Created: 04/12/16
Gregory Bateson Qualities of the person vs. relationships -claimed that in psych we make a big mistake of trying to explain things we want to explain by focusing on the individual person, and develop theories based on personality qualities, which is a mistake because the kinds of things we try to explain are not qualities of individuals but they are reactions -Leadership is really a relationship between one person who is leading and at least one other person who is following, and if you don’t have that relationship you don’t have leadership -we should be focusing on interactions and relationships rather than personalities Symmetrical and complementary relationships -symmetry: is one in which the two people are both doing the same type of things and behaviors (these interactions escalate) (nothing new happens, it becomes boring) -complementary: the two people are doing behaviors that are opposite, but the one completes the other (leader and follower, no tension because there is no disagreement) Double bind theory -double bind: a way of communicating, you need 2 people who have an important relationship and one must be more powerful than the other (mother and son for ex.), the more powerful gives 2 demands that contradict each other Contradictory statements and schizophrenia -families of schizophrenics use double binds when they talk to each other, and argued that by doing this is causes schizophrenia Criticism of double bind theory -quickly became known that the theory was incorrect because several studies showed that double binds are very common amongst all families, especially when people have close relationships Importance of double bind theory -the theory generated a strong interest in studying families and using their relationships as an explanation for psychological problems Murray Bowen Historical family therapy -psychological problems develop because of the way that family members interact across generations -you have to look at the behavior of various generations of the family -a healthy person is one that becomes independent from the family of origin (emotionally, financially, etc.) and argued that people have psychological problems because they have difficulty separating from the family of origin Triangles -why people have difficulty separating from family of origin -happens every time two people have a problem with each other and a third person gets involved -the third person makes things better temporarily, but in the long run nothing gets resolved and perpetuates the problem -has effect on the third person because they feel that they have an important role to play in the situation and feel responsible for stopping the argument, and because of this feeling they may have difficulty separating from the family of origin -you have to establish a boundary so this doesn’t happen (especially within families)


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