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History of Photography: Week 10

by: ChristopherMetallo

History of Photography: Week 10 CNPH 24000-01

Marketplace > Ithaca College > Film > CNPH 24000-01 > History of Photography Week 10
GPA 3.8

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About this Document

James Van Der Zee and MOMA.
History of Photography
Rhonda Vanover
Class Notes
history, Photography, MOMA
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by ChristopherMetallo on Tuesday April 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CNPH 24000-01 at Ithaca College taught by Rhonda Vanover in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see History of Photography in Film at Ithaca College.


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Date Created: 04/12/16
Thursday, April 7, 2016 History of Photography - James Van Der Zee • produced photos document Harlem's middle class in carefully composed images • Go to guy in Harlem to photograph weddings • Photographing the dead/ funerals - memorializes death - Photographs that announce death to those who couldn't be there • Couple in Raccoon Coats. 1932 - MOMA • 1937 • Holds first comprehensive photo show in the US • Showed: film stills, photojournalism, sports, aerial, scientific • Laure Albin Guillot, Diatom, 1931 • Bernice Abbot, Lightrays through a Prism, Cambridge, 1958 - Learns from Man Ray about light and photography - Photographs in a scientific manner - Creates projection photographic technique • Harold Egerton, Drop of milk splashing into a saucer of milk, 1936 - demonstrated beauty of science and photography - able to freeze time by shooting light off at intervals • George Hurrell, Jean Harlow, 1935 - Entertainment and fashion photographers - War department starts pressuring fashion photographer to create posters and propaganda 1 Thursday, April 7, 2016 - Applying makeup after printing by pointing on the print • Edward Steichen - He is sought after because he used to be a painter - most of his photos have some aspect or painterly quality to it - Gloria Swanson. 1924 - Steeplechase Day, Paris-The Grandstand. 1907 - An Ad for Coty Lipstick, 1930 - Known to photograph other well known photographers - Started to create movies wining an academy award for “The Fighting Lady” - Joins the Navy and becomes the head photographer - Andy Warhol’s Photo Booth Self Portraits. 1963 • had his own Photo Booth - Alfred Eisenstaedt • Moves to the US from Germany and became staff photographer for LIFE magazine • Josef Goebbels. 1933 • The Kiss. 1945. - american sailor kissing a woman in a white dress after winning against the Japanese in Time Square - John Hatfield • Through Light to Night. 1933. Photo collage • Running around the world trying to escape captors - Robert Capa Hungarian and moves to the US • • Well known war Photographer • too part in documenting 5 different wars • forms a photo agency called Magnum 2 Thursday, April 7, 2016 • Death of a Loyalist Soldier. Spain. 1936 - Decisive moment, a little out of focus • Ed Regan, Veteran of Omaha Beach D-Day Landing. June 6, 1944 - W Eugene Smith • Uncompromised in his ethical and professional photographic standards • people believed that his photographs were real and without alteration Marines with a Wounded and Dying Infant. US. • • Children walking into light • Moves to Japan with his wife and documents a Japanese fishing village. he is accepted into their lives - Joe Rosenthal • Raising the Flag in Iwo Jima. 1945. - Staged for the second time during battle - Yevgeny Khaldei. Berlin. 1945 • staged photograph raising a flag over a war torn Berlin - Lee Miller • Buchenwald. 1945 - Bresson • The Decisive moment • Part of Magnum • Gestapo Informer, Dessau, Germany. 1945. Gelatin Silver Print - Netflix: Through a Lens Darkly Black people were misrepresented and the black subject became distorted • 3


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