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CL 13 Lecture 27 4/6

by: Lauren Palermo

CL 13 Lecture 27 4/6 CL 113LEC

Lauren Palermo
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

Myth & Religion Anc World
Woodard, R D
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lauren Palermo on Wednesday April 13, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CL 113LEC at University at Buffalo taught by Woodard, R D in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Myth & Religion Anc World in Classical Studies at University at Buffalo.


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Date Created: 04/13/16
Lecture 27 4/6/16 (All of this is so Satyavati can have grandsons to be king) Dhrtarastra = blind son of Vyasa + Ambika Ambalika  When she lays her eyes on him, he’s so ugly that all the color from her face drains—she passes out  Her child will be a pale color o Pandu ‘pale’ Ambika wont conceive another child with Vyasa  So she sends a slave to give birth to the next grandson  Vidura o Becomes great seer and Brahman Satyavati grandsons:  Dhrtarastra—blind; becomes king when Pandu is cursed  Pandu—will be king  Vidura Pandu st 1 wife= Kunti  Mantra- chant that will bring a god to her so they can produce a child so he can have a son o She invokes the God Dharma ‘chief legal deity’ o Yudhisthira= son ‘standing in battle’ o Grndt descendent of bharata  Vayu-2 god that Kunti calls upon o Bhima = Vayu+Kunti  Indra= 3 god Kunti calls upon o Arjuna= son of Indra+Kunti o ‘Shining’  2ndwife= Madri  Learns mantra from Kunti o Calls upon the Asvins  Nakula and Sahadeva = twins Madri+Asvins  5 sons of Pandu= Pandaua Pandu’s curse  Sees two deer having intercourse, he tries to shoot both of them with 1 arrow  1 of the deer was actually a Brahman  Cursed by Brahman—will die if he makes love with anyone  Steps down from throne and goes into exile with his wives Dhrtarastra  Wife= Gandhari  She voluntarily blinds herself with a blindfold o She is functionally blind while he is biologically blind  Carries their child for 24 months; decides to abort pregnancy because it doesn’t come out o Whatever was inside her was not human; it was a steel ball o Vyasa tells them to sprinkle the ball with spring water; segments itself into 100 pieces o Each of the pieces are placed in a clay jar and st from there 100 sons will be born  1 son= Duryodhana o The worst/bad news/ill omen birth  2ndson= Duhsasana o Prefix dys (dysfunctional) ‘bad’  100 sons of Dhrtarastra= Kaurava Pandu + Madri  He sees her body through her gown and cant control himself—so he tries to make love to her and his curse kills him  Madri throws herself on his pyre to be consumed and accompany him in the afterlife (it was supposed to be the first wife) Bhisma raises sons of Pandu and Dhrtarastra  Drona= martial arts teacher of the 105 boys  Arjuna is the star pupil (Kunti+Indra) o Tells Arjuna not to hesitate to kill him in battle Two sets of cousins don’t get along  Bhima is dangerous—tries to kill the 100 sons  Duryodhana persuades Pandu’s 5 sons & Kunti to move away o It is a trap o They plan to escape through a secret exit  Purocana ‘happy with fire’ o Sent to check out the Pandauas o They abduct and kill 6 people and put them in the house and set it on fire (Purocana dies too)  Pandauas disguise themselves as student Brahmans Pancalas  King Drupada wants to find husband for his daughter = Draupadi o Archery contest o Arjuna enters contest and wins  He must share her with his brothers= she is wife of the 5 Pandaua


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