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April 6 to 13 Notes

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by: Joseph Landing

April 6 to 13 Notes KIN 202 G- Applied Nutrition for Health and Performance

Joseph Landing

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1 review
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"I love that I can count on (Joseph for top notch notes! Especially around test time..."
Vladimir Kessler

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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Joseph Landing on Wednesday April 13, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to KIN 202 G- Applied Nutrition for Health and Performance at University of Miami taught by Wes Smith in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see Anatomy and Physiology II in Kinesiology at University of Miami.

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Reviews for April 6 to 13 Notes

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I love that I can count on (Joseph for top notch notes! Especially around test time...

-Vladimir Kessler


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Date Created: 04/13/16
KIN Nutrition April 6 to 13 th -A Central Governor is a theory in Nutrition. The basis is that the brain and the spinal cord, central nervous system, use sugar for fuel. Sugar is the primary fuel for the brain. The CNS is responsible for recruiting muscle, but needs sugar for fuel. As exercise increases in duration it gets harder to keep going. When glucose availability comes down, exercise becomes more difficult. Excersize most likely becomes more difficult because the central governor is deciding how much muscle in can recruit depending on sugar available. Athletes need enough carbs in their diet, especially for competition. -Athletes require 8-10g of CHO per kgbw per day during hard periods of training. -In an average person, you have about 500 grams of carbs. 90-95 g in liver. 400 g in Muscle and 5 g in blood, all glucose. -Carbs in muscle and liver is called glycogen. -500 Grams = Endogenous Carbs -Carbohydrates consumed represent Exogenous. -Endogenous Carbs are key for performance because of amount of stored glycogen. -kilo grams of fat free mass x 21.6 + 379 x Activity Factor will equal the Resting Metabolic Rate. -Moderate exercise is BMR 1.55, Hard is 1.725, and very hard is 1.9 -Weight maintenance would include TDEE with 50-65 % CHO and 6-8 per kgbw. -Nutrient dense diet to aid in recovery, adaptations, performance and health. -3 balanced meals and sports drink during training. -The largest meal of the day should be two hours after training. That’s when protein synthesis starts to peak. -Fasted workouts could be beneficial. Or at least water and whey protein during a workout. -Stress reduces digestion. Pre Comp Meal should take place 3-4 hours before an event. Any sooner and it will steal blood flow from your muscles because it will still be digesting.The pre comp meal should not include fat, fiber, spices or sauces. Consists of 1.5 grams of CHO per kgbw and .2 gr of PRO per kgbw. -Caffeine has been shown in some studies to have an ergogenic effect on performance; which is good. Stay hydrated. -Know how to make a spreadsheet. -Endogenous is internal and its Glycogen. (400 grams in muscle 95 grams in liver) -Exogenous is what you take in. Sugar intake -Glucose restores muscle glycogen, Fructose restores liver glycogen -Sucrose or high fructose corn syrup may be good exogenous forms of CHO. Sucrose is glucose plus fructose. -And studies show that using more than 1 type of exogenous monosaccharides at a time increase rate of oxidation and performance. -Ideal Glucose-Electrolyte solution % is 6-8% (GES) for intestinal absorption. -Gatorade has 6% GES -Powerade has 8% -Accelerade has 7% (Endurox) -Most important is to use in practice what you use in competition. -For long periods of exercise. 30 minutes or less of exercise needs no carb intake. As duration increases, increase carbohydrate intake. -Oral carb receptors exist in our mouths. This is why drinking sports drinks helps us, even though injecting it into our veins doesn’t. When the receptors detect carbs the brain tells the liver to release some sugar. Hence the instant effect. -Caffeine has a lot of benefit. But its hard to validate because there is no good placebo for caffeine. Caffeine takes twenty to thirty minutes to kick in. And yet our oral receptors cause the stimulant effect to happen immediately. Caffeine does improve performance. It increases the CNS stimulant effect. Increases the rate of exogenous glucose availability. -Caffeine is legal by the NCAA at regular doses. -Central fatigue theory.


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