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Musc205 Week 11

by: Shira Clements

Musc205 Week 11 MUSC205

Shira Clements

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About this Document

This covers notes from week 11
History of Popular Music, 1950-Present
Richard King
Class Notes
Music, Michael Jackson, MTV
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shira Clements on Wednesday April 13, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MUSC205 at University of Maryland taught by Richard King in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see History of Popular Music, 1950-Present in Music at University of Maryland.


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Date Created: 04/13/16
Test 3 MTV and the New Romantics Apr 11, 2016 MTV - Launched on Aug 1, 1981 - American has become a video nation - Music videos had existed before, but never had a regular outlet - Music videos had existed before MTV o MGM musicals  Frank Sinatra o Scopitone Machines- looks like a juke box o “Paperback Writer”  Beatles song and they are popular worldwide, and they still had to promote their music- doesn’t add anything o “Bohemian Rhapsody”  Queen makes drama in a music video  Video adds value here  Point way for MTV Why music videos? - In short: marketing - A new radio o Everyone watches it o A good video can bump the song up the charts - Allows for another way to connect to bands o Can see and hear them o Gives audience a way to connect - But it has an unintended consequence o Sometimes it gets too close- not the prettiest of faces The New Romantics - MTV concentrates on visually appealing bands - Usually British (a second British invasion) - Synths mixed with disco (Synth-pop) o Need to be visually appearing also,, not just musically Doran Doran - One of the most successful early MTV acts - Pop sensibility mixed with fashion - Ladies loved them - Come to define the synth pop-sound - “Hungry Like the Wolf”- released in 1982 o makes them who they are- not a huge hit yet o budget for $200,000 video budget- that’s huge!- if music video is a big hit, then band is a big hit, then that money is great! o First video to win a Grammy o Filmed in Sri Lanka  Go half way around world to film video and Beatles filmed to avoid that o Released one year after Indiana Jones and Raider of the Lost Ark o Video and song have nothing to do with each other  Just need to make video visually appearing  Then become in top 5 The Eurythmics - Annie Lennox and David A Stewart - Lennox’s androgynous image becomes a focal point - Woman can make it in synth-pop, too - First big hit: “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)”-1983 o Image is confusing Video Innovations - Rise in popularity spurs innovateive push - The incentive was obvious: evene a mediocore band could find huge success with a great veido - But great bands took advantage as well - Dire Straits- “Money for Nothing” (1095) - A-ha- “Take On Me” (1985) - Rodoscoping Generation Gap - MTV becomes emblematic of the divides between parents and children - Videos seen as wasting time, too obscene, or various and sundry other problems - Plenty address this issue - “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” “I saw that song!” - MTV changes the musical culture - Served as a national radio station of sotrts Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Whitney Houston April 13, 2016 1980s music is encapsulated by all of these Michael Jackson - Beings at Motown with Jackson 5 (all siblings) - A sort of novelty act, centered around Michael (he was 12) - Tight choreography and humor - “ABC” - Maturing Michael o Even while with the Jackson 5, it becomes apparent that Michael is a breakout star o Capable of soulful numbers o Steals the spotlight o In a Jackson 5 original that would later be a huge hit (“Never Can Say Goodbye”) - Off The Wall (1979) o 20 million copies sold o Fifth sol album, but first big success o Works with Quincy Jones- most important producer- panicle of what pop music is o “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” - Thriller and Jackson Videos o Best selling album of all time (about 65 million copies) o 32 times platinum in the US o all songs can be singles o collaborates with some of the biggest stars of the time- Paul McCartney and Eddie Van Halen  Pop star and black, so collaborates with the white people o but perhaps best known for the videos (use massive choreography- must see art form) o Jackson turns the video into art - Black videos on MTV o MTV aired a videos with black artists on their first day (The Specials- “Rat Race”) o Nevertheless, black videos were exceedingly rare on the station o Rick James harshly criticized MTV o MTV responded by saying that they plated “Rock and Roll” o Regardless, Jackson’s popularity kicks in the door for other black artists  Economic decision to start playing black music  He was responsible for breaking down the color barrier - Legacy o Breaks down racial barriers on MTV o Dance moves o Record sales o Questions of race: Vitiligo  Icon in black America, but looked white because he bleached skin because of the sickness o Decline into the 90s and beyond Madonna - Beings as disco diva - Uses video to make herself a star - Bowie-like Chameleon - Questions of feminism around the use of sexuality - Madonna (1983) o Her first album o Bright, synthesizer- driven disco style music o “Holiday” is the hit that still lasts, but “Lucky Star” reaches top 5 - “Vogue” o Released in 1990 o Demonstrates Madonna’s uncanny ability to assimilate o Takes “voguing” from the Harlem Ballroom Scene o Makes it mainstream and popular - Madonna and sexuality o Defined, in the eyes of many, by her sexuality o Either as over the top or liberated  (or icon of queerness)


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