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LGS 200 chapter 21 lecture notes

by: Conner Jones

LGS 200 chapter 21 lecture notes LGS 200 - 008

Conner Jones
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

Adams chapter 21 LGS 200
Legal Environment of Business
Charlye S. Adams
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Conner Jones on Thursday April 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to LGS 200 - 008 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Charlye S. Adams in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see Legal Environment of Business in Law and Legal Studies at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 04/14/16
Chapter 21: Employment Relationships Employment at will  “employment at will” means either party may terminate at any time for any reason unless contracts otherwise states  exceptions: o contract theory – states in contract that you can only be fired for a, b, c o ‘whistleblower’ claims – snitches on bosses and gets fired wage, hours and layoffs  Davis-Bacon Act – required to pay prevailing wage  Walsh-Healey Act – required to pay minimum wage  FLSA (fair labor standard act) – wage, hour regulation, interstate commerce o Child labor – children under 14 can only do certain types of work (deliver newspaper, entertainment, family farm) restricted hours and times of day o Minimum wage - $7.25/hr. (tipped people its $2.13/hr.)  Overtime (every hour over 40 hrs. a week gets 1.5x wage)  Exceptions to overtime: professionals, salaried workers o Layoffs – requires 60-day notice if you are laying off at least 33% of employees or at least 50 employees Family and medical leave  FMLA (family and medical leave act) – employers with over 50 employees to provide up to 12 weeks’ unpaid leave to employees who need to care for a spouse, child, or parent suffering with a serious medical conditions  Military caregiver leave – serious injury or military duty can have 26 weeks o Exceptions – if you are a top 10% employee you do not have this leave Worker health and safety  OSHA (occupational safety and health act) – ensures workplace safety  State worker’s compensation laws – compensates workers for injuries on the job, instead of suing workers are compensated Income security  Social security – portion of income goes to FICA (federal insurance contributions act)  Medicare – federal government health insurance for people 65+ and disabled  ERISA (employment retirement income securities act) – does not require employer to setup pension plans but provides rules on management and investment  FUTA (federal unemployment tax act) – creates state run system the provides unemployment compensation for losing jobs  COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) – provides continuing coverage of group health benefits to employees and their families upon the occurrence of certain qualifying events where such coverage would otherwise be terminated  HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) – legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information; must give same rate to everyone regardless on medical conditions  Affordable care act (Obamacare) – employers with 50+ employees are required to offer health care benefits Employee privacy rights  Electronic monitoring – employer has right to monitor company owned equipment


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