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Lecture Notes

by: Katelyn Connor

Lecture Notes CEM 313 - Ramon Brayan

Katelyn Connor
GPA 3.9
Media Sales
Ramon Brayan

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About this Document

Lecture Notes Chapters 3 & 4
Media Sales
Ramon Brayan
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katelyn Connor on Tuesday February 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CEM 313 - Ramon Brayan at University of Miami taught by Ramon Brayan in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 39 views.

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Date Created: 02/10/15
Chapter 3 Sales Ethics Clever short term tactics are unwise for corporations 1 Corporations are immortal 2 Corporations have multiple relationships with customers and suppliers 3 Information goes everywhere Unethical behavior U PP Pi People blame on authority of I was just following directions People bow to social pressure of everyone does it Absence of communicated behavior standards code of ethics Unaware that likelihood of getting caught is high no one will know I wont get caught Ethics clearly defined standards and norms of right and wrong that are expressed as guidelines for behavior companys written standards accepted beliefs and conducts among social groups and own standards Ethical responsibilities for media salespeople 1 Responsibility to consumers should not transmit false advertisement 2 Responsibility to their conscience 3 Responsibility to customers donts vs the dos a p099 PCP Don t lie to advertisers Don t sell anything that customers do not truly need Don t allow clients to feel they are lost in negotiation Dot be unfair to advertisers Don t sell something customers cant afford Don t use bait and switch tactics selling something they know if not available to get money at the door Don t recommend or accept advertising that will harm client image Don t accept false or misleading advertising Don t give kickbacksILLEGAL cash payments given by salepeople from own pocket 0 Do represent clients keep privileged info confidential until info is available from outside sources amp underpromisepromise only what they can deliver 4 Responsibility to the community a b Global enhance environment and improve human experience Businesssalespeople must behave responsibly so investors regulators and public have faith in capitalistic system c Industrymedia has responsibility to public because delivers news public forms beliefs and attitudes from electronic media d Localact ethically toward neighbors 5 Responsibility to a Company a Company is bottom of hierarchy of responsibilities Chapter 4 The AESKOPP System of Selling If one of the elements is no present the result in zero success helps keep track of strength and weaknesses Attitude 12 having the desire and motivation to be a salesperson and having the proper mindset to do it Emotional Intelligence 20 ability to understand yourself and others so you can develop empathy with people and manage relationships successfully Skills20 the ability improved through practice to use knowledge of methods and tools Knowledge20 knowing the product you are selling in depth so you can educate the customer Opportunities 8 cicrumstances in which you can use your tools Preparation12 getting organized to solve customer problemsknow clients businesspersonalities Persistance8 never giving up after initial no


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