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Theoretical Models

by: Clara Kerrone

Theoretical Models MKTG 477

Clara Kerrone
GPA 3.3
Promotion Management
Dr. Darrel Muehling

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About this Document

Promotion Management
Dr. Darrel Muehling
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Clara Kerrone on Tuesday February 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MKTG 477 at Washington State University taught by Dr. Darrel Muehling in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 150 views. For similar materials see Promotion Management in Marketing at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 02/10/15
Ch 8 Tuesday March 1CD 2MB 141 PM Step 5 Understanding Exchange Theory is fundamental gtn order for an exchange to take place targeted consumers must believe the benefits of this will outweigh the costs Identify target market issues related to 0 See slides Barriers 0 Barriers may be internal or external real or percieved to be real 0 Knowledge Belief Skills Abilities Infrastructures Technology Economic status 0 Cultural 0 Think of them as costs objections reasons don t want to or cant do the behavior 0 External barrier structural change needed such as retailers of oil take used engine oil 0 Real barrier example if trying to get more people to use public transportation a real barrier would be people rather using their car 0 Perceived only poor people use public transportation 0 You usually have some control over barriers run a marketing campaign etc OOOOOO Benefits and Competition 0 Solve problems that you may have meet a need etc 0 Benefits are motivators they are things you can promote in your campaign 0 Ex exercise more for better health eat fruits and veggies etc 0 Ex wear your motorcycle helmet to prevent injury 0 How do social marketers define the competition As belonging to one of three categories 0 Competitors are other corporationscompanies promoting counter behaviors I Smoking cig manufacturers vs health advocates I Obesity health food vs fast food 0 As actual behaviors that target audience prefers I Not wearing a helmet because no laws in one state but having to in another 0 Behaviors that consumers have been doing for extended amount of time and may have physical or psychological dependence to them I Physical addiction to alcohol 0 If you want better cost to benefit ratio increase benefits consumers will receivedecrease barriers or focus on the cost to benefit ratio of competitors How do you discover these 0 Research 0 Secondary or primary MKTG 468 Page 1 Behavior Change Models and Theories Social Norms Theory 0 Conditions for social norms marketing 0 Target thinks everyone is doing it when in fact they are the minority O The target market then engages in the undesirable behavior due to the Reign of Error 0 Also appropriate when we want to create a norm that doesn t yet exist 0 Tell society a little white lie so that society may adjust their behavior because they think they are too different Health Belief Model 0 Designed to explain whether consumers will conceive a threat about a health behavior and then take action to address the threat 0 Predictors for behavior change 0 Perceived susceptibilitylikelihood that the extent to which consumers will believe their health will be affected etc 0 Perceived seriousness beliefs about the consequences of the disease they could get emotional physical financial etc 0 Perceived benefits of taking action extent to which they believe they take action they can avoid the problems 0 Perceived barriers to taking action how pleasant harmful etc it is believed it will be 0 Cues to action come from media campaigns advice from nonexperts etc any cue you get from someone else to take action to avoid the health issue The TORA and the TPB 0 Theory of Reasoned Action TORA Ajzen and Fishbein 1975 0 Best predictor of persons behavior is intention to act determined by whether they will get the desired benefits and what others we care about will think 0 on exam Theory of Planned Behavior TBP Ajzen 1988 MKTG 468 Page 2 0 Also influenced by beliefs and perceptions regarding control 0 Multiattribute theory include multiple attributes and weigh them accordingly Social Congitive TheorySocial Learning We are most influenced by perception of 0 Benefits outweigh the costs 0 Self efficacy have necessary skills and abilities to perform behaviors Themes from all models 1 P P PP Iquot Positive intention No environmental constriants Necessary skills Believes advantages outweigh disadvantages Social normative pressure Emotional reaction more positive than negative MKTG 468 Page 3


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