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Values Orientation Method and Cultural Diversity

by: Paul Somers

Values Orientation Method and Cultural Diversity ISS 315

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Social Science > ISS 315 > Values Orientation Method and Cultural Diversity
Paul Somers
GPA 3.2
Global Diversity and Interdependence

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About this Document

Global Diversity and Interdependence
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Paul Somers on Tuesday February 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ISS 315 at Michigan State University taught by Harlow in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 126 views. For similar materials see Global Diversity and Interdependence in Social Science at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 02/10/15
Values Orientation Method and Cultural Diversity 02102015 Norman Daniels quotWhen differences are not perceived as differences they are perceived as rights and wrongsquot Harvard School of Public Health Re ective Equilibrium Why be Concerned About Cultural Diversity The United States is projected to have a signi cant change in ethnicity in the next 40 years 0 White on the decline Options 0 Move to a remote location and don t interact with other people 0 Try to understand other cultures and perhaps embrace the differences Values Orientation Method Developed by anthropologists in 19405 and 19505 Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck Caution this is a WesternEurocentric view of cultural differences Established method for determining values orientation in cultures and classifying these values Why Values Orientation o It may help to improve the understanding of cultural differences that can be confusing in cultural interaction 0 Improved understanding may reduce judgmental behavior and the demonizing of people from other cultures Concepts 0 Cultural values may have developed by societies in order to establish a quot lterquot to restrict the input of inappropriate or inconsistent information contrary to the collective cultural concept Societies are subjected to so many kinds of values and so much information a lter is necessary Cultural values act as that lter 0 Common values may act to limit the impact of the individual on the society Cultural norms are structured to maintain appropriate behaviors that further the survival of the group or society 0 Most people in a society believe their cultural values are right and other cultural values are not 0 Cultural centricity Thinking your culture is the best ethnocentrism 0 Depending on the society values may be passed on to members in a variety of ways Parenting a Music In Books Dr Seuss n Idiomsfables n Foodmeal time SocialFamily Groups a School a Clubs a Sports Religion Media a Movies a TV a Music a Internet Values Orientation 0 Researchers determined that of the numerous concerns or orientations found in cultures there are that are common to all Khols 1981 Human Nature What is the basic nature of people a Evil Most people cannot be trusted People are basically bad and need to be controlled a Mixed There are both evil people and good people in the world and you have to check people out to nd out which they are People can be changed with the right guidance a Good Most people are basically good at heart they are born good ManNature Relationship What is the appropriate relationship to nature a Subordinate to Nature People really can t change nature Life is largely determined by external forces such as fate and genetics What happens was meant to happen a Harmony with Nature Man should in every way live in harmony with nature steward of nature a Dominant over Nature It is the great human challenge to conquer and control nature Everything from air conditioning to the quotgreen revolutionquot has resulted from having met this chaHenge Time Sense How should we best think about time a Past People should learn from history draw the values they live by from history and strive to continue past traditions into the future El El Present The present moment is everything Let s make the most of it Don t worry about tomorrow enjoy today Future Planning and goal setting makes it possible for people to accomplish miracles to change and grow A little sacri ce today will bring a better tomorrow Linear vs Cyclical concepts of time Activity What is the best mode of activity How you interact with culture El Being It s enough to just quotbequot It s not necessary to accomplish great things in life to feel your life ahs been worthwhile What you are family etc is more important than what you do Becoming The main purpose for being placed on this earth is for one s own inner development Doing If people work hard and apply themselves fully their efforts will be rewarded What a person accomplishes is a measure of his or her worth Social Relations What is the best form of social organization El Hierarchical There is a natural order to relations some people are born to lead other are followers Decisions should be made by those in charge Collateral The best way to be organized is as a group where everyone shares in the decision process It is important not to make important decisions alone Individual All people should have equal rights and each should have complete control over one s own destiny When we have to make a decision as a group it should be quotone person one votequot 0 Some Examples for Cultures Carter 1990 EuroAmerican Culture El El El El El Future oriented Focused on doing Emphasizes individualism Aspires to dominate nature Human nature mixed Native Cultures El El El El Past oriented Focused on being Emphasizes collateral relations Harmony with nature a People are fundamentally good Variations within Cultures 0 Value orientations identi ed will vary within cultures and are not uniform 0 Values orientation will also vary within subgroups of a particular culture regional familial 0 Value orientations will also vary with an individual depending on situations 0 Values orientations may also vary in a temporal sense EuroAmerican doing orientation during week being on weekend and vacations Perhaps a similar change as one ages What Happened in the World Last Week The Islamic State broadcast the beheading of a Japanese journalist the burning alive of a Jordanian ghter pilot Jordanians who previously had not been participating in the action against IS began actively bombing IS strongholds with aircraft China stepped up controls on the internet requiring users of blogs and chat rooms to register their real names Houthi rebels in Yemen refused to release the president of the country and his cabinet who are being held under house arrest Chad and Cameroon backed by French military aircraft battled Boko Haram rebels in the north eastern part of Nigeria They killed more than 250 of the rebels and destroyed many of their bases on the boarder The US and Europe prepared a new peace plan to present to Russia regarding the violence in Ukraine


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