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Parental Monitoring notes

by: Ellie Collins

Parental Monitoring notes FHS213

Ellie Collins
GPA 3.85
Issues in Family and Human Services
Dr. Alltucker

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About this Document

Issues in Family and Human Services
Dr. Alltucker
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ellie Collins on Tuesday February 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FHS213 at University of Oregon taught by Dr. Alltucker in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 129 views. For similar materials see Issues in Family and Human Services in Education and Teacher Studies at University of Oregon.

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Date Created: 02/10/15
Wednesday Counseling Basics for Human Services Most people drawn to the human services are natural born helpers most have learned natural helping skills in the context of friendship or family However professional and therapeutic relationships need to be approached in a different manner than friend or familial relationships Important Skills Emotional Intelligence Patience Positivity Con dentiality Compassion Active Listening Skills Empathy Honesty Aware of Implicit Bias Mentally Healthy SelfCare Culturally Competent Intellectually Curious Ethically Competent Comfortable with Ambiguity The Fixer the righting re ex O Humans have a desire to be right and to make things right 0 Our righting re ex kicks in when we want to help 0 Many people drawn to the human services a naturally inclined to x problems 0 Can be appropriate with friends and family not in a professional setting 0 Professionals must learn to recognize and set aside Why is it important to check righting re ex There is more than one right way of nding a solution What is right in the mind of the helper might not be right for the ones needing help A determination to change and x can actually be detrimental to a situation It is important that the client has selfdetermination Client SelfDetermination is when the helper allows the client decide their outcome Helper guides but does not control The Metamorphosis between xer and helper occurs with professional development Professional development helps enhance inherent skills and teaches new important characteristics for professional helpers The Case of Janelle Janelle grew up in a white middle class neighborhood Her family talked a lot about diversity in many aspects She believed she had a fairly open mind and a broad view of diversity However after coming to UO she realized that she only viewed diversity as race and class but at the university she met people of diverse religions cultures sexual orientations etc As she was lling out a questionnaire in a Psychology class she discovered that she felt uncomfortable thinking about working with certain kinds of people such as a woman who wanted an abortion This frustrated and confused Janelle and she realized she didn t have a broad of an acceptance as she thought Janelle was experiencing ambiguity Ambiguity doubtfulness or uncertainty feeling more than one way about something Why is it important to re ect on ambiguity It usually points out things that we need to work on personally and professionally 0 It helps us to re ect deeply about stereotypes prejudice attitudes or beliefs 0 It helps improve critical thinking skills 0 It is important to know which cases could be affected by you ambiguity or bias Ambiguity can be uncomfortable or frustrating but it leads to development and improvement Client Observation most communication is nonverbal o Facial expressions universal across cultures 0 Important to be aware of client s attitudes or emotions based on nonverbal cues Culturally Competent Issues of Privilege Intelligentsia if you graduate from college you will be seen as a member of intelligentsia whether you want to be or not You will be viewed as privileged by many clients and the general public You become one of them and a part of the system Important to realize others view of you when you are going in as a professional helper Privilege can put you in an outgroup and will affect how you interact with people In the video case example the counselor used a motivational interview technique which encouraged client selfdetermination She remained positive and did not input her own views into the situation In conslusion Righting re ex can be hard to reduce but it is important to allow clients to not be seen as a project to be fixed Counseling requires a combination of inherent and learned skills


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