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CHID 250 Nervous Conditions

by: Haley Tuttle

CHID 250 Nervous Conditions CHID250

Marketplace > CHID250 > CHID 250 Nervous Conditions
Haley Tuttle

GPA 3.8
Comparative History of Ideas
A. Taranth

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About this Document

Comparative History of Ideas
A. Taranth
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Haley Tuttle on Tuesday February 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHID250 at a university taught by A. Taranth in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 59 views.

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Date Created: 02/10/15
Tuesday February 24 2015 CHID 250 Professor s trip to South Africa Can you label Zimbabwe Nigeria Morocco Botswana Namibia Mozambique on a map analyzing geography of South Africa Not knowing where Zimbabwe is on a map is that bad Does it undermine what we have learned Do we have willfull unknowledge of all maps How do we untangle the ills of history and the way it s playing out now How do we unravel this and give lives of grace dignity and integrity to people who believe that that is not for them People do not move and shift resources because of good intentions It s one thing to say that people of power need to give it up because of justice but once you put people s lives on top of that then it is not such a simple idea Masculinity in patriarchy I should provide when the reality is 60 unemployment and you can t provide one is emasculated and made irrelevant When emasculated you seek power and meaning by taking from the weak South Africa Townships High rates of domestic violence and rape bc in a patriarchal world men are emasculated and must remasculate themselves Fear of the townships 90 of land is owned by Whiteswho are 15 of the population seizing land from people who have unlawfully seized your own land sounds great but does not work so simply in real life People separate us and them they created apartheid but I did not Tuesday February 24 2015 Afrikaaners are the white africans big disparity between them and black africans Townships have 60 unemployment either in school or in gangs politics are dominated by whites TRC Truth and reconciliation commission momentous apartheid has ended we learned that South Africa has done it right but for some reason things are still the same there ls competition inherently bad No sportsmanship respect letting people of color in sports play and be respected To be a competition though you have to let everyone play comparison of competitors is bad Book of Not harder to read harder to sympathize with Tambu fatigued reading this book Tambu is an uncomfortable character who is given NO reason to like who she is broken dispirited prickly guided by mistrust of her own voice Tambu does not think she is worthy because she is told that she isn t rebellious selfish individualistic effects of colonialism How important is it to relate to a character can we actually relate to Tambu the difference between empathizing and sympathizing with a character just because Tambu is not a likable character does not mean her story is not valuable Tuesday February 24 2015 Can we all relate to Tambu is she the things we don t like about ourselves but don t care to admit How is Tambu not nice blunt has no tone her analysis is not spoken and more in her head she is not action based dynamic and fluidity between the characters of Tambu and Nyasha in the first and second books Why is this called the Book of Not Nuns say thou shall not Tambu s life is a series of knots book is full of failure all for not The trophy consolidatesreaffirms white identity by it being given to Tracy and not Tambu the powerless and the misery frustrated the relentlessness of this makes it an unenjoyable book Babamukuru is denounced and beaten bc he is a traitor but what is treachery Netsai whose leg is blown off at the beginning collateral damage came off at the meeting itself Unhu What hurts you could one day hurt me what benefits me could make a crucial difference in your life and knowing you could bring a world of meaning and interest to mine and visaversa community based p246 reflecting on her selfishnesss p164 can t go against the grain on your own Tuesday February 24 2015 p157 what is the context of unhu here 39 Ted Talk danger of a single story


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