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Shakespeare - Twelfth Night

by: Kimberly Burke

Shakespeare - Twelfth Night EH 403

Kimberly Burke
Jacksonville State University
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

These are my in class notes for Twelfth Night. Acts, Scenes, line numbers, and page numbers are from Riverside Shakespeare.
Shakespeare I
Dr. Gates
Class Notes
Shakespeare, Twelfth Night, comedy
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kimberly Burke on Friday April 15, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to EH 403 at Jacksonville State University taught by Dr. Gates in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see Shakespeare I in Foreign Language at Jacksonville State University.

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Date Created: 04/15/16
Shakespeare – Twelfth Night  Characters o Orsino/Duke – mates with Viola, nobleman in Illyria, originally in love with Olivia o Valentine – in Orsino’s court, 1 of the carriers of letter to Olivia o Viola – Sebastian’s twin, disguises as man named Cesario, washes up on shores of Illyria after shipwreck, becomes Orsino’s page, falls in love with Orsino  Tries to get Olivia to back off being interested in her as Cesario o Sebastian – Viola’s twin lost in the shipwreck, arrives in Illyria with friend Antonio, people in Illyria claim to know him & Olivia wants to marry him  Friendship with Antonio is a mystery o Antonio – rescues Sebastian, loves Sebastian & cares for him on the journey to Illyria o Olivia – in love with Cesario but ends up with Sebastian, wealthy noble or Illyria, courted by Orsino & Sir Andrew, mourning her brother & father, claims she will not marry for 7 years  Sends Malvolio with a ring to Cesario  Sees Sebastian, thinks its Cesario – her miracle seems to come true b/c Sebastian is clueless; sends for a priest, confused about which twin she married when they are on stage together o Malvolio – head servant in Olivia’s household, cynical, others turn the tables on him for being too strict, too controlling, prude, puritan-like o Fabian – in Olivia’s household, wants to see Malvolio plot, scolded for arranging a bear baiting in Olivia’s home  Announces the success of Maria pulling off the trick that made Toby propose to Maria & turns the letter over to be read o Sir Toby – in Olivia’s household, Olivia’s uncle, part of Malvolio plot, mates with Maria, Olivia disapproves of his drinking & joking o Maria – gentlewoman in Olivia’s household, far back interest in Malvolio being put in his place o Sir Andrew Augecheek - in Olivia’s household, friend of Sir Toby, comes with money, like Roderigo in Othello, promised access to Olivia o Feste/Clown - in Olivia’s household, sings for entertainment, suggests you can pay him for performing & will do more if you pay more, pure fool, given chance to sing, concluder of dialogue  Sir Topas a Cleric (disguise) – a priest that pretends to examine Malvolio & determines him to be insane o Priest – sent for by Olivia for her marriage o Captain  2 ndtitle – What You Will – more accurate to the play than Twelfth Night  Characters in Shakespeare vs. Source o Shakespeare – brother comes in for resolution, Apolonius & Silla are main characters  Entrapment of Malvolio – other characters in Olivia’s court play a trick on Malvolio o Characters in on the joke – Maria, Toby, Feste, Andrew o Maria volunteers to write a letter in Olivia’s hand & dresses like Olivia o Malvolio falls for the letter left out for him to find – characters hiding to watch are Fabian, Sir Toby, & Sir Andrew  The letter tells him to dress funky  Malvolio is so engrossed in the letter, he has no idea others are on stage o Olivia is stupefied b/c she’s not in on the joke, thinks Malvolio is mad/sick o Malvolio misunderstands when Olivia tells him to go to bed – he thinks sex o Malvolio exposes the trick, Olivia feels sorry for him & punishes her servants  Last line – revenge, deserves to air grievances  Always 1 character or more left out of comic resolution o Don Jon in Much Ado is sent to jail; Jacques in As You Like It choose to withdraw; Shylock in Merchant of Venice is forced to convert to Christianity  Dark humor – Malvolio’s torment, Sir Toby’s punishment  Olivia & Viola both lost brothers in a sense o Olivia keeps a household that preserved her mourning for her brother & father  ‘Woo for me’ – Olivia falls in love with Cesario as messenger for Orsino; Orsino has not made headway on his own & needed help  Act 1 o Shipwreck – 1 twin saved another, important but kind of corny  Subplot o What happens in Olivia’s household, servants ignore Malvolio


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