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Leadership and Diversity

by: scampbell20 Notetaker

Leadership and Diversity 315-001

scampbell20 Notetaker
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About this Document

Diversity, challenges for leadership diversity, surface level, deep level, social integration
Leadership & Ethics
Dr. Matthew Blaszka
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by scampbell20 Notetaker on Friday April 15, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 315-001 at Indiana State University taught by Dr. Matthew Blaszka in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see Leadership & Ethics in Recreation and Leisure Studies at Indiana State University.

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Date Created: 04/15/16
Diversity ­composed of differing elements, such as inclusion of people of different races or cultures. Challenges for Leading Diversity ­Leaders must be prepared ­design, implement, evaluate organizational and communication strategies that embrace  and value diversity. ­Leaders must ­recruit and retain diverse talent ­create working environments conducive to reaching outcomes desired by the collective  whole. ­Surface level (demographics): differences among group members that are observable, biological characteristics typically reflected in physical features. ­Deep level (psychological): differences among group members’ attitudes, beliefs, and values  that are communicated only through extended individual interaction. ­As group members spend more time working together ­stereotypes and perceptions of surface­level diversity tend to be replaced by more  accurate knowledge of deep­level characteristics. ­outcomes include reduced prejudice, decreased conflict, and increased group  cohesiveness. ­Surface­level differences are perceived quickly when individuals first interact. ­Surface­level perceptions are often used to make judgements that later affects interactions. ­Personally conflicts, disagreements about strategic goals, and different levels of commitment  are a greater factor in team cohesion than surface­level differences. ­Social integration (the degree to which group members are psychologically linked in pursuit of  common goals) ­A strong predictor of group performance ­absorbs the effects of perceived or actual diversity ­Implication of social integration for sport teams ­importance of shared vision and values ­developing deep­level diversity ­develop understanding and appreciation for value associated with multiple types of diversity in  sport organization. ­evaluate organizational culture to determine if the culture values similarity or values diversity.  Ensure that espoused values regarding diversity are consistent with actions and rewards.


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