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2nd Week of Notes

by: priitad

2nd Week of Notes 01:830:305

GPA 3.0

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About this Document

Details of the Mind/Body Problem - second week of notes from Professor Mussolini's Cognition class
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by priitad on Wednesday February 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 01:830:305 at Rutgers University taught by Musolino in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 74 views. For similar materials see Cognition in Psychlogy at Rutgers University.

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Date Created: 02/11/15
0 Dualism last class 0 Idealism 0 The Problem of Interaction how does something like a ghost affect something physical like the brain gt How can something immaterial affect something with matter the mind and the brain gt insert ppt here to establish a causal link we need the framework of space need to describe pairing relationship in terms of space gt insert ppt Sohow can we KNOW that mind1 affected manC and mind2 affected manD 0 Can39t see the mind can39t see someone39s immaterial mind working so cannot measure the way the guns were measured gt This is a reason that lead to many philosophers scientists etc giving up this part of dualism O The Ghost in the Machine gt Gilbert Ryle wrote this book for academic purposes to question dualism gt Ryle39s analogy 0 Category error University is not a specific building or something it is the sum total of the gym soccer field etc 0 The University does not exist without the things that make it up 0 The mind AA I think meaning we created the mind using our brain without our brainsociety errythang the mind wouldn39t exist 0 Dualism today quotmost people are dualistsquoton ppt gt The mind is simply what the brain does 0 Idealism only the mind exists gt What39s real is just what you perceive it could not correspond to anything that is actually there gt quotSuppose there is no material world out there just the world of mental eventsquot quot Esse est percipiquot George Berkeley 16851753 gt So it39s literally all in our minds 0 How about the mind itself concluded to saying only God can perceive the minds 0 Idealism today gt Idealism is Largely abandoned today can39t just get rid of the physical world gt Nick Bostrom 0 we might all just be little characters in a video game like world our world might not be quotrealquot at all 0 Do We Live in a Computer Stimulation 0 Materialism 0 We are simply physical creatures in a physical world Different views on the problem Idealism Materialism we are physical and that39s it o The Astonishing Hypothesis that is materialism gt Written by Francis Crick discovered double helix shape of DNA hypothesizes that emotions and actions and feelings are quotin fact no more than the behavior of nerve cellsquot 0 Materialism from ppt 0 Early Materialism gt Democritus 460370 BC came up with the notion of atoms they believed that there must be a preliminary particle that makes up everything that cannot be broken down into something similar called them atomus Postulated that there was atoms that caused movement and free will and feelings gt Julien de la Mettrie 17091751 Claimed that there were no souls and that everyone is just mechanical Wrote about sex and got kicked out of the Netherlands lol Descartes from dualism he had the epiphany that lead to dualism under conditions of extreme heat amp Julien de la Mettrie he had an extremely high fever which affected his thoughts which lead to his conclusion of materialism gt The Wedge 1990 document by Discovery Institute people that push creationism in education system quotTo defeat scientific materialism and its destructive moral cultural and political legaciesquot they want quotTo replace materialistic explanations with the theistic understanding that nature and human beings are created by Godquot 0 A Critique of Materialism gt Descartes intuitive contact mechanics what is considered physical is pretty much what is intuitive to us table chair body etc The idea was that There should39ve been a way to see intuitively that something pulls on something else in order to make someone move their arm gt Isaac Newton Proved that contact mechanics is not the only thing gravity causes movement and there is no contact quotgravity should be innate inherent and essential to matter so that one body may act up another without contact is to me so great an absurdity that I believe no man who has in philosophical scientic matters a competent faculty of thinking can ever fall into itquot he did39t just say this he found a formula Because of Newton our intuition about how things work does not matter in science and does not work gt Noam Chomsky quote from ppt So what if the theory of what body is is not quotscientific common sensequot of the Cartesians He says so be it gt An Assymetry From Descartes to Newton to Chomsky to present day conceptions of matter has been changing over time All concepts of matter are defined positively can measure and can use to Dualism defined negatively quotnonphysicalquot cannot be if we don39t know what physical is The concept of physical can keep changing SummaryAnalogy Materialism portable CD player put in your CD push play and hear music 0 Someone asks where does the music come from the material device that is the CD and the CD player 0 If the CD is smashed and there is no other CD the music is gone there is no music in CD heaven or hell 0 This CD player and CD is analogous to the body and mind in materialism Dualism Portable radio set and radio signal change your channel push play and listen 0 Someone asks where does the music come from there is a signal somewhere else and the signal and radio set are independent of each other 0 If radio set is smashed then radio set is broken but radio signal is not someone else can pick up the signal and listen 0 This radio set is the body and the signal is the mind but in the real world both the radio and radio set are physical things radio waves are physical entities Materialism means when someone dies all of them dies Dualism means if someone dies their body is dead but their soul lives on Darwin39s Dangerous ldea by Daniel C Dennett quotI am a Strange Loopquot by Hofstadter


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