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Notes from Feb. 11

by: Casey Kampegaard

Notes from Feb. 11 Classics 102

Casey Kampegaard
GPA 2.7
Roman Civilization
Eric Poehler

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About this Document

Hey! We only had class once this week due to the snow day. Here are the notes!
Roman Civilization
Eric Poehler
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Casey Kampegaard on Wednesday February 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Classics 102 at University of Massachusetts taught by Eric Poehler in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 113 views.


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Date Created: 02/11/15
Roman Civilization February 11 2015 up to page 59 in book on test on F riday Lecture today will be included on test 1 Administration 2 Struggle of the Orders 3 Review The Struggle of the Orders 0 Series of reforms and reorganizations pg 53 0 5th century beginnings 4th century changes 3rd cen resolution 0 Traumatic political upheavals Overall Class Structure 0 Patricians senatorial families aristocratic families top of the top 0 Eguestrians equites knights who qualify by incomelevel horsemen 0 m those who do not qualify to equestrian status by wealth due to not being able to afford horses this group encompasses the great majority of citizens and of these the proletariat was the poorest subclass 0 The Romans tended to see things in terms of patrician and plebian interests engaged in a continuous struggle for power throughout Roman history 0 Wealth was important because society was focused on fielding an army more money better armor that one may use for themselves in war also have a better seat in society Servius s Roman Classes 0 Goal to loosen the grip of aristocrats over control of people grant incentives to citizens to devote money and energy to the state 0 Census the means by which people are counted and classified by wealth censors 0 Wealthiest citizens comprise top class either patricians aristocrats or equites equestrians or knights 0 The rest of society was divided into classes by wealth and what sort of weaponry they could provide to the infantry 0 Proletariat lowest class exempt from military service 0 Those with more wealth were able to fight in the military essentially the more money you have the more you can contribute to the army and society itself 0 Voting done by class Voting System 0 Centuries are voting blocs in an election the vote proceeds by century starting with the wealthiest citizens 0 The system favored the rich 0 Patricians and Equestrians comprise 18 centuries century one person 0 First class comprise 80 centuries out of 197 0 Proletariat formed the largest body of citizens but vote often denied 0 Therefore Patricians Equestrians and the rest of the first class make up 98 centuries out of the 197 but the 98 centuries are weighted more so than the other 99 centuries Secession 0f the Plebs 0 Regular warfare 0 Inescapable debt cycles usury and harsh penalties 0 Roman plebs refusing to respond to the military levy until dictator Manius Valerius chosen to summon the plebs to order Livy 0 Dictator single man in power at time of crisis whose edicts do not want appeal 0 Second in command called master of the horse magister equorum Tribunes 0f the Plebs 0 10 Tribunes by 449 BC 0 493 first year of Plebian Tribunes 0 Powers include 0 Sacrosanctitas bodies inviolate not imperium Right to summon the plebs to assembly Make resolutions with the plebs and enforce plebian decrees The power of veto over decrees made by any magistrate but not dictator The right to attend senatorial assemblies and later to summon the senate 0 Lex Hortensia 287 BC gave the resolutions of the plebian assembly force of law over 0 O O 0 all Romans


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