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by: Aaron Rodriguez

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Aaron Rodriguez
GPA 3.2
Professor Morrison

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About this Document

Professor Morrison
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Aaron Rodriguez on Wednesday February 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 2361 at University of Houston taught by Professor Morrison in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 54 views. For similar materials see English in OTHER at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 02/11/15
History Final Exam Book Essay Embers of War focuses on the Vietnam War and gives deep analysis on the actions of the Americans on the war the nationalist mentality of the Vietnamese as well as the hollowness of imperial colonial control The book highlights the struggle of the French struggle to control the crown jewel of their empire their Indochina colonies Yet it also gives insight about Ho Chi Mien of his journey as a youth to the America s to ask for national independence and allows the reader to understand the Vietnamese perspective However it s also a book that makes you wonder about the what if scenarios by understanding intimately how several key figures in this time saw the imperial colonization This can be seen in Roosevelt whom had strong anticolonial sentiments that it makes you doubt that had he been around he would have adamantly been against the French power struggle for their colonies yet it wasn t to be Truman took power and history changed from what it seemed It s a book of possibilities that makes the reader understand the different possible routes history could have taken Ho Chi Miens letters to Truman could have had a strong impact had Truman reacted to them but things were not to be and as the Truman Administration was preoccupied with domestic affairs Ho Chi Mien had to fight for his country Yet it also makes it clear the different figures and the difficult scenario that the Americans such as the presidents and the cabinet had to make It wasn t a simple go to war sentiment The Americans gave much thought about the consequences of going and not going prior to getting involved in the Vietnam War Eisenhower could be an example of a man in a difficult situation regarding the war Despite the accepted viewpoint that Eisenhower never wanted to go to war the book lets us grasp the magnitude of his decisions He was more of a hawk in regards to the Indochina topic than most would assume While it could be argues that Eisenhower was clever in putting conditions he felt would never be met when the French asked for support in the war in order to preserve their own military might it makes you question whether that is so It seems that he was for going and helping in the struggle if only to minimize he casualties only being prevented in doing so due to potentially British opposition and Congress intervention It could be said he was serious about creating a noncommunist entity in South Vietnam and to support it even with military assistance Kennedy and Johnson even said that they are continuing a commitment that Dwight started It s those details that enrich the experience and makes you question bias heard and makes you come to your own conclusions as to the real history The history is also seen from a neutral standpoint and we see America s might from an outsider s perspective It s clear that for the Vietnamese the Americans were a powerful people and America had an immeasurable in uence regarding the actions in Vietnam It s a perspective that allows one to sympathize with the Vietnamese realize what drove them in the con ict what motivated them contrasting the reasons for American involvement in the war It s a parallel of the America own struggle for freedom from British rule in the colonial times and the reader appreciates the sentiments of the Vietnamese understanding that the need for national liberation is similar to what Americans felt in their con icts However it s also a mild criticism of the Americans themselves In the book Bernard Fall sums up the foolishness of the Americans the Americans were dreaming different dreams than the French but walking the same footsteps What it is referring to is the mistakes America made in the Vietnam War were the same as the French even if what motivated them into the fight were different The French entered the war to maintain their imperial colonial strength The Americans entered a war between two separate sides of Vietnam supporting one side because they believed they were fighting a communist threat Yet both nations did not understand what the war was truly about and that is the sole mistake that the Americans made Ho Chi Mien felt that for his Vietnam a communist government may be the best course of action It s not a concrete fact but it is clear that he showed some appreciation and considered it That was the reason America opposed him The reason they didn t back up his dream for a free Vietnam for his people Yet the Americans were backing up an aristocratic dictatorial government that Diem seemed to prefer The fear of communism blinded the Americans just as greed corrupted the French to the truth to righteousness that they went against the same thing America fought for two centuries ago The book is written in a manner where the truth overpowers the rest Even as an American reading this we see that the American and French experience is the same In the book the Americans walked the same steps made the same bad predictions believed that they were fighting for just when the reality was that just as the French they didn t understand It was self delusion They didn t understand that the Vietnamese always had something to fight for the entire time and it was they the Americans whom didn t think what they were fighting for and rashly bit off more than they could chew It seems that Fredrik Logevall the author believes that historical outcomes are driven not only by global political and strategic forces but also by the passion frailty and determination of individual leaders The book focuses on the individual leaders people etc to understand what drove the people into the war what they fought for and for the reader to make their own interpretations on the controversy that is the Americas involvement in the Vietnam War


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