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Learnsmart 5 questions

by: Alyssa Reyes

Learnsmart 5 questions POLS 1336

Marketplace > University of Houston > POLS 1336 > Learnsmart 5 questions
Alyssa Reyes
US and Texas Constitution and Politics

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About this Document

US and Texas Constitution and Politics
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alyssa Reyes on Thursday February 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLS 1336 at University of Houston taught by Simas in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 2460 views.

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Date Created: 02/12/15
Which phrase best describes the relationship btwn the states and local gov39ts within the American system The system is unitary bc the states create counties and cities and can eliminate them while retaining ultimate authority Which of the following policy domains are examples of issues requiring intergovernmental collaboration elementary education higher education hospitals Match the grant type with applicable characteristic proiect grant recipients compete for money by writing proposal for grant use formula gran it typically requires state or local government to match funds block grant it provides the greatest discretion for allocating funds The national government enjoys sovereign power in which governing system Unitary Which of the following are examples of ways the states in uence federal poHcy electoral college states create their own laws state citizens choose congressional representation Match the tool used by the national gov39t to expand its authority over state powers with the description of the tool mandate legislative clause requiring state and local gov39t to comply with federal standard preemption situation in which national policy supersedes state or local policy partial preemption states can set their own standards provided they adhere to national standards federal gran money that ca be used for a speci c or broad federal program The Supreme Court typically ruled in favor of which layer of gov39t during the dual federalism era The court typically supported the states but did issue several historic opinions expanding national power Which of the following presidents supported devolution or the return of policy responsibilities to state and local gov ts Richard Nixon Ronald Reagan Match thirteenth amendment legally ended slavery in all states fourteenth amendment guaranteed states provide due process to citizens fteenth guaranteed the right to vote regardless race color creed sixteenth created federal income tax According to US Supreme Court how can state constitutions alter the rights and liberties of citizens enumerated in the US Constitution State constitutions can guarantee more than the minimum rights or liberties in the US Constitution Which of the following governing powers t within the de nition of concurrent powers levy taxes eminent domain borrow money contract and pay debts Which term below best describes the power relationship btwn the various layers of gov39t during the era of cooperative federalism Overlapping Intergovernmental lobbying is conducted on behalf of individual states multiple states municipal and county gov39ts A governmental structure w two levels of gov39t in which each level has sovereignty over different policy matters and geographic areas is a federal system Cooperativeera intergovernmental transfers carried which of the following characteristics National grantsinaid carried few speci c terms and conditions Which phrase best describes the relationship btwn the national government and the states within framework of a cooperative federalism system The two levels work together in addressing domestic matters reserved to the states Which system allows a national gov39t to maintain authority with its borders while cooperating with the independent sovereign gov39ts that form it Confederal system Which amendment required the states to honor the Bill of Rights Fourteenth amendment The powers granted by the British Crown to the American colonies did not include national defense taxation Match the historical phases of American federalism with the phrase that best describes the power relationship btwn national and state governments M layers function independently of one another cooperativ layers collaborate in addressing domestic issues centralized national gov39t imposes policy preferences on state and local layers con icted gov39t experiences devolution of national powers Which of these officials must request the extradition of a possible criminal to the state in which a crime occurred the governor of the state in which the crime occurred The policy issues that spurred the American colonists to rebel against the British Crown included which of the following Great Britain s relationship with the Native Americans the failure of any of the colonies to be represented under the British gov39t trade policies taxation policies The federal gov39t relies upon which data set to determine the formula for categorical grants National Decennial Census results Administrative weaknesses under the Articles of Confederation included which of the following Nine states needed to approve congressional legislation the central gov39t could not raise revenue all thirteen colonies were needed to amend the Articles the central gov39t could not collect debts from the states Only Republican lawmakers and presidents support devolution or the return of policy responsibilities to state and local gov39ts False Which phrase best describes the period during which dual federalism was practiced most in the United States The national gov39t enforced its enumerated powers while the states enforced their reserve powers Compared to categorical grants the use of block grants ls less narrowly de ned which means that the recipients enjoy greater discretion Eminent domain is an example of a concurrent power of authority True What is primarily distinction btwn categorical project grants and other federal grant programs The process of awarding federal money is competitive Which constitutional clause is also known as the elastic clause The necessary and proper clause Why is the necessary and proper clause also referred to as the elastic clause The national government uses the clause to stretch its enumerated authority What is the constitutional basis for preemptions National policy naturally supersedes state and local policy if the issue falls within the enumerated and implied national powers A family legally adopts a child in Texas What happens if that family moves to California The state of California will recognize the adoption as legal under the faith and credit clause The British Parliament did not delegate which of the following powers to the American colonies Taxann Who are what created the colonial governments in preRevolutionary War America The British king The privileges and immunities clause guarantees the rights of which of the following groups Citizens engaging in interstate travel or citizens who move to another state Match enumerated power with the implied power necessary for Congress to ful ll the enumerated power Interstate commerce grant charters to companies doing business in multiple states reoulate monev suoplv establish national bank national defense fund the development of ghter aircraft provide for general welfare establish national parks Congress receives implied powers through which clause of the Constitution The necessary and proper clause The majority of Americans live under the jurisdiction of at least how many government layers 5 Which clause in Article IV of the Constitution directly addresses the rights f individual citizens of each state privileges and immunities Most mandates focus on what goal Ensuring the civil rights and liberties of citizens What has been the pattern of intergovernmental relations for the majority of policy initiatives implemented during the con icted federalism era Intergovernmental efforts are the norm with the national government enforcing its will in some cases while states voluntarin compy in other cases The Constitution enumerates powers for which level of gov39t Federal Which article of the US Constitution outlines the obligations states have to each other Article IV Why do states continue to accept federal grant money States depend on the federal grant money to meet budget obligations Which of the following state policy issues could best be solved by an interstate compact A river border two states that both wish to harness its energy potential Which best exempli es the Supreme Court s inconsistency during the era of con icted federalism medical marijuana Supreme Court decisions during the con icted federalism era have delivered inconsistent rulings The US Which of these colonies adopted its own constitution after the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain every colony Which of the following constitutional amendments or clause does not enhance the federal gov39t ability to mandate state and local compliance 10th amendment Which of the following conditions is typically attached to a categorical formula grant The state or local gov39t must provide matching funds Which does not describe centralized gov39t Collaborative Which of the following education policy responsibilities are shared by all three layers of the US governing system funding school districts developing and enforcing curriculum standards What was Maryland39s primary legal argument in McCulloch vs Maryland The enumerated powers under Article I do not provide Congress the power to create a national bank With the rati cation of the US Constitution in 1789 which of the following had the authority to elect US senators state legislatures Citizens living in a country with a federal system experience different rights liberties and civic opportunities based on where they live True The federal system has led to state and other local gov39ts experimenting with innovative policies regarding which of the following providing affordable health insurance to all citizens environmental protections public assistance programs for lowincome families preventing illegal immigration The Fourteenth Amendment extends which of the following liberties to citizens of the various states due process equal protection of the laws privileges and immunities How do preemptions affect state authority Preemptions replace state and local authority in the speci c policy area with national authority The constitution requires governors to accept extradition requests made by fellow governors False Which article of the Constitution grants authority to the national gov39t to make treaties with other nations Article II Which of the following statements best summarizes the US Supreme Court ruling in Massachusetts v Mellon Federal grants do not violate the Constitution because they are voluntary The necessary and proper clause in Article I Section 8 of the constitution extends the enumerated federal powers Which governing level has historically carried the largest burden in funding elementary and secondary education state The Supreme Court in National League of Cities v Usery ruled that state and local gov39ts were not required to comply with which federal law national minimum wage What is the purpose of the Defense of Marriage Act DOMA of 1996 The act allows states to decide whether they want to recognize gay marriages performed legally in other states Who or what de nes the purpose of a categorical grant the federal gov39t Which postcivil war amendment required states to follow due process before compromising individual liberty Fourteenth amendment The Articles of Confederation resulted in which governing arrangement The same level of authority within the borders of the colonies as they had prior to ratifying the document The formula for categorical formula grants includes which variables factors related to the purpose of the grant The Seventeenth Amendment created which system for selecting US senators the citizens from each state elect senators to represent them Those powers expressly listed in the Constitution are referred to as enumerated Which governing system allows the central gov39t to alter or abolish subgov ts unitary only How does dual federalism limit national gov39t power The national gov39t can only enforce its enumerated powers while the state gov39ts enjoy authority over all other issues Which of the following is an example of a quotreasonable requirementquot imposed on new residents by states requiring new residents to wait thirty days before they can register to vote Categorical project grants provide more money to gov39ts than categorical formula grants False Which of these is a federal program that faced a Supreme Court challenge based on the argument that it violated states rights Social Security A collaborative effort of two or more levels of gov39t working together to serve the public is known as intergovernmental relations The US Constitution and every state constitution includes which of the following a bill of rights How has the evolution of American federalism impacted the distribution of governing authority Both court decisions and the evolution of the federal system have made intergovernmental relationships and authority more complex Every law passed by any layer of American gov39t must comply with the Constitution Laws designed to protect the health safety lives and property of citizens are called police laws What was the primary mechanism for enacting New Deal programs intergovernmental grants The relationship btwn the state gov39ts and the local gov39ts within their respective borders in the United States models which governing system unitary When did the United States ratify the sixteenth amendment 1913 Federal grants funded what amount of the 2007 budgets for all state and local gov39ts 28 Which article of the constitution includes the Supremacy Clause Article VI Which does not have a unitary system France Japan United Kingdom United States Ireland The US Constitution distributes education policy to which governing layer state Gibbons v Ogden pitted federal law against waterway regulation of which state New York Intergovernmental relations involves which stages of the policy process all three stages Which of the following is a power delegated to the states electing congressional representatives The US Constitution de nes or recognizes powers associated with which of the following levels of gov39t The document recognizes powers for the federal and state levels Great Britain has which type of governing system Unitary Which governing system shares power with two or more levels of gov39t federalism Both the cooperative and centralized federalism eras used which governing tool intergovernmental transfers of grantsinaid The state constitution in Pruneyard Shopping Center and Fred Sahadi v Michael Robins et al expanded which liberty of the students freedom of speech and expression The Supreme Court found for the rights of states in which of the following cases United States v Lopez Which presidential administration introduced block grants Nixon administration The Supreme Court in Gibbons v Ogden interpreted the meaning of which constitutional power regulation commerce Why did the Constitution enumerate fewer powers to the state gov39ts The state gov39t already enjoyed authority in several areas The Supreme Court has typically ruled for any state citizen or interest group that challenges congressional use of the necessary and proper clause to expand its power beyond those enumerated in the Constitution false Which clause of Article IV of the US Constitution bans quotforum shoppingquot by litigants who have lost legal cases in one state and seek different results in a different state full faith and credit How did the Seventeenth Amendment alter the role of senators in the US federalism system It decreased state power over the Senate and made senators less accountable to the state legislatures What was nature of the dispute in South Dakota v Dole the national gov39ts authority to penalize states that did not adopt a legal drinking age of at least 21 What was the ultimate result of the Supreme Court39s decision in the case of South Dakota v Dole The federal gov39t can attach a mandatory drinking age as a condition for states receiving dollars via voluntary grantsinaid Which of the following statements best summarizes the Supreme Court s ruling in Bush v Gore The Florida recount violated the equal protection clause by not ensuring that every vote would be treated equally Which of the following US Supreme Court cases upheld the distribution of federal grants to states as constitutional Massachusetts v Mellon How did the states respond to the New Deal grant programs The states welcomed the national grants What is the primary distinction btwn cooperative federalism and centralized federalism Cooperativefederalism grants assist states in meeting their priorities while centralizedfederalism grants come with strings attached What law did the Supreme Court in United States v Lopez rule unconstitutional the GunFree School Zones Act Which clause in Article IV of the Constitution governs the acts records and standards btwn states full faith and credit Which of the following statements regarding regional gov39ts in a unitary system is not correct The regional gov39ts can establish smaller governing units such as cities and counUes How does the US Constitution create a dual sovereignty federal system it distributes different powers to the federal and state layers Which of these acts is the best example of the national gov39ts power to provide for the general welfare the social security act The Supreme Court in Garcia v San Antonio Transportation Authority overturned which decision addressing the same national policy National League of cities v Usery Which of the following educational policy priorities typically falls under the authority and responsibility of states developing requirements for teacher certi cation Which governing layer retains responsibility for implementing elementary and secondary education policies the local layer retains responsibility


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