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Chapter Two Notes

by: Danielle Pagano

Chapter Two Notes CCJ 2020

Danielle Pagano
GPA 3.2
Criminal Justice System
Juan Saiz

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About this Document

-Highlighted points mentioned in class and textbook -All these points will be on exam
Criminal Justice System
Juan Saiz
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Danielle Pagano on Thursday February 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CCJ 2020 at Florida International University taught by Juan Saiz in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 170 views. For similar materials see Criminal Justice System in Art at Florida International University.


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Date Created: 02/12/15
Criminal Justice System CCJ 2020 Professor Juan Saiz Chapter Two Outline and Notes Chapter Two Nature and Extent of Crime What are the Different Categories of Crime Crimes tend to range from shoplifting to serial murder Violent Crimes Expressive Violence violent behavior that is motivated by anger rage and or frustration Instrumental Violence criminal acts designed to improve financial position or even social position such as shooting someone during a bank robbery Gang Violence Gangs made up mostly of youths that terrorize neighborhoods in urban communities all around the United States Many of these gangs are involved drugs dealing extortion and violence Violence is motivated by street power and drug profits About 29000 gangs have about 760000 members found in about 3500 jurisdictions in US Multiple Murder Mass Murder In one single outburst a murder kills many victims Spree Killers Spread their murderous outburst over a few days or even weeks Serial Killers Over a long period of time and typically assume a normal identity between murders Intimate Violence Americans face greater physical danger from spouses dating partners and relatives Hate Crimes Directed toward a particular person or toward members of a group because the targets share a distinct or different racial ethnic religious or gender characteristics Mainly target vulnerable victims who cannot fight back Sources of Crime Data Used by FBI and Justice Statistic Systems Use techniques to measure nature and extent of the criminal behavior and the personality attitudes and background of criminal offender Uniform Crime ReportUCR Includes crimes reported to local law enforcement departments and many arrests made by localstates police agencies FBI receives records from more then 17000 police departments serving a majority of the US population Part One Crimes Murder non negligent manslaughter forcible rape robbery aggravated assault larceny arson and motor vehicle theft Part Two Crimes less serious crimes and misdemeanors National Incident Based Reporting Svstem A program that collects data from each reported crime incident Requires police agencies to provide a brief account of each incident and arrest including the incident victim and offender information Provide FBI with information on each criminal incident National Crime Victimization Survey Comprehensive nationwide surveys of victimization Began in 1973 Provides detailed picture of crime incidents victims and trends Self Report Survevs Offender is asked to give information about past and recent criminal activity Secrecy and anonymity are important to maintaining honesty and validity of survey Questions How many times in the past year have you taken something with more than 50 How many times in the past year did you hurt someone so badly that they needed medical care How many times in the past year dud you vandalize or damage school property How many times in the past year did you use marijuana Crime Patterns Ecologv of Crime Patterns in crime rate seem to be linked to temporal and ecological factors Dav Season and Climate Most reported crimes have been committed during July and August Teenagers out of school and have more time to commit a crime People make themselves easy targets in the summer being that they are always outside Two exceptions to these statistics are murder and robberies which occur in December and January Firearms play dominate role in criminal activity According to the UCR 23 of all murders involve firearms Most being handguns Age and Crime Younger people commit crime more often then those peers older then them Peak age for property crime is believed to be 16 Peak age for violence is believed to be 18 Gender and Crime Male crime rates are higher than those of females Race and Crime Minority group members are involved in a disproportionate share of chimerical activity African Americans make up 12 of the populations and yet they account for about 34 of part one crime arrests and for 29 of property crime arrests Chronic Offending and Crime Career Criminal Persistent repeat offenders Organize lifestyle around criminality Chr0nic Offenders Delinquents arrested two or three times Before age of 18 Commit disproportionate amount of all criminal offenses


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