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Week Four Notes PSYC 120

by: Kristin Wismer

Week Four Notes PSYC 120 PSYC 120

Marketplace > Kansas > PSYC 120 > Week Four Notes PSYC 120
Kristin Wismer
GPA 3.5
Steve Ilardi

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About this Document

This is the rest of the notes before the first test! Week Four
Steve Ilardi
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kristin Wismer on Thursday February 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 120 at Kansas taught by Steve Ilardi in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 56 views.


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Date Created: 02/12/15
21015 0 Over 70 of population says there nervous when speaking in public I Validity measuring what it actually claims to be measuring 0 Assessment of Traits 0 A Projective tests e g Rorschach Drawa person TAT I Comes from the Freudian tradition if you present somebody with an ambiguous situation not really sure what they re talking about what you do in these situations gives someone useful information about you I Very interesting they get people s attention The problem is that they rarely ever work I 80 of clinical sociology still teaches the Rorschach I Drawing a person test 0 predicts a child s IQ by what they draw I TAT 0 Asking participants to tell a story about what they see in a picture card that they were given 0 Drew Westen was trained with the TAT test I The test measured Emotional attachments and how driven one is O B Objective tests I We don t have to rely on subjective interpretation they are straight forward and easy to interoperate I 1 Rational Method each item rationally derived from underlying theory 0 Questions correlate with overall topic 0 Some people are unable to respond honestly I 2 Empirical Method data driven not relying on theory 0 Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory MMPI O Advantage not transparent so hard to fake replies 0 Disadvantage shrinkage cant replicate often poor validity I 3 Factor Analysis sophisticated extension of rational method 0 Helps you understand what you are really testing 0 Uses sophisticated statistics to help measure target construct 0 Big five factor analysis of 17953 trait words I 5 underlying factors 0 Big Five 0 1 Neuroticism negative emotionality 2 Extraversion sociability 3 Openness openness to new emotionality 4 Agreeableness interpersonal warmth and trust 0 O O O 5 Conscientiousness dependability organization 21215 Big five I Neuroticism tendency to experience negative emotional reaction 0 Proneness to experience negative emotional reactions anxiety sadness anger embarrassment etc Depending upon one s level of Neuroticism he or she may be classified as being I Reactive High Negative Emotionality 0 1 Cautious alert to the possibility that something might go wrong 0 2 Sensitive to the distresspain of others I 3 Easily discouraged or overwhelmed 0 4 Feels emotions intensely I 5 Vulnerable to mental illness depression anxiety eating disorders etc I Resilient Low Negative Emotionality 0 1 Largely unfazed by negative possibilities or actual negative outcomes 0 2 May ignore others discomfort or distress I 3 Can handle high levels of stress and remain calm in the face of crisis 0 Better health longer lifespan E g Pumpkin seed fish have a high level of neuroticism those that O Neuroticism results in high rates of mental illness stress hormones such as O cortisol degrades your skin and is toxic to the brain one doesn t live as long more likely to be in mental care emotional contagion 0 Extraversion 0 Social orientation I Extravert High Extraversion 0 1 Craves high levels of stimulation especially of a social nature 0 2 Energized by social interaction enjoys group settings and parties 3 Drawn to leadership roles 4 Usually has breadth but not depth in friendships and other relationships 5 Not typically prone to introspect 6 Very expressive and easy to read 0 Friends with everybody O Stronger cravings that turn into addiction drink more have more sex peruse rewarding things more I Introvert Low Extraversion 0 1 Craves quiet settings with lower levels of stimulation Energized by isolation exhausted by large social gatherings Independent not inclined to follow the crowd Intense depth of relationships but a small circle of close friends Highly productive on projects Reserved hard to read 0 Rich inner life close group of friends I Facets Friendliness Gregariousness Assertiveness Activity Level Excitement seeking Cheerfulness 0 Openness to Experience O O The tendency to seek out or create new experiences perceptions and concepts I Explorer High Openness 1 Highly imaginative and creative 2 In any given situation able to envision new possibilities for what could be 3 Invites change in fact easily bored with things as they are 4 Broad intellectual curiosity Open to seeing even cherished truths and principles framed in a completely new way 5 May be viewed as impractical and having head in the clouds 6 Usually progressive in political orientation


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