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CLA 322 3/24/16

by: Kenya

CLA 322 3/24/16 CLA 322 P


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About this Document

Notes for CLA 322 3/24/16
greek Mythology: Monsters
Han Tran
Class Notes
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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kenya on Saturday April 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CLA 322 P at University of Miami taught by Han Tran in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see greek Mythology: Monsters in Classical Studies at University of Miami.

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Date Created: 04/16/16
CLA 322 Monsters 3/24/16 Poetic Edda Cont’d Placing characterson a spectrum Giants Vanir Aesir Valkyries Mortals 3 children Loki Frigg/Freya Mimir(Beheaded) Gullveig Sorceress (Vulva) The Norns Loki’s 3 children: represent the doom of the gods at Ragnarok  The two brothers (Fenrir and the Midgard Serpent) will bring the world to Hal ( creating a giant underworld)  Giants kill the rest of the Aesir Loki: Duels with Heimdall (the trumpet blower) and Heimdalldies Frigg is the wife of Odin and is conflated with Freya, both represent fertility. Ymir is the 1 giantand the world is made of his body (he is a Frost giant) Valkyries: Daughters of Odin, who ferry the souls of dead warriors slain on the battlefield, half to Valhalla and half to the Meadow of Freya. Rarely, they’ll see a guy they like andmarry him (turning him immortal). Norns: Norse Fates. Let’sgo back to the golden age: 3 giant girlsare the prelude to the end of the golden age, but before this they are playing board games in a meadow o Carefree, ina game no one is killed for real o Giantgirls are a version of the 3 fates o When someone is killed they will die o The gold becomes scarce and the gods suffer  Disappearance ofGold is equated to gold As soon as the giants come, the Aesir create the dwarves  Dwarvesare miners, hence they can find gold  Made out of Ymir’s blood, in his veins or in the veins of the rocks  They have the inability to face the sun, they have to remain underground Secondly the three gods (Odin, Haenir, and Lodur—sons of Bur) find on land: Ash and Embla  Two pieces of driftwood on the beach, and gave them life o The birth of humans THINK: Why are humanscoming fromthe Aesir and not the Giants who represent nature?  The Aesir represent war, and warfare which involves death  Humans, will all share in death  The giants are more readily associated with the stuff of the world which is recycled and doesn’t truly die, no real death in nature AfterSeeress describesthe rise of humans and the start of mortality (end of golden age) she talks about Yggdrasill: The three girls could be the Norns “She”  Gullveig? The Seeress herself? The same person?  Some kind of Seeress “One eye’s hall” o Odin  She was burned and is bornagain out of her ashes Who isGullveig?  A magicianand sorceress of sorts. Seidr: practice of knowing and preforming magic and the future  She is a Vanir (associated with fertility and knowing the future) st Involved in 1 war between Aesir andVenir Frigg/Freya also is a volva (sorceress), but unlike Gullveig she never practices. Gullveig hasa power that the Aesir do not (knowing the future), as well as magic—controlling nature--. WHY Burn her3 times and fail?  Her power cannot be destroyed, she cannot be manipulated by the Aesir, nor controlled by them (like Ymir)  She’s an indication that important beings elude the power of the Aesir o The Aesir’s lack of control will one day get the better of them The Venir ask for compensation: Wergild  Instead of Wergild they declare the 1 war ever Whoevershe is, she had superior knowledge even beyond the powerof Heimdall’s.  Wager of the father of the slain o Odin is obsessed with knowing the future. He went to the well of the creature Mimir (male) to know the future, as Mimir isa prophet (Venir cut off Mimir’s head, and it keeps prophesying). Mimir will give him knowledge for a price:One of his eyes  Eyes are useless to Odin, superior sight is better  Odin is willing to sacrifice a part of himself for this knowledge  Prophecy and knowledge isassociated with poetry and the drinking of Mead (which gives one the power of poetry)  Female Seeress’ don’t have to suffer for their knowledge  Meadow of Folkvangr (of Freya) o Half in Valhalla in Asgard areawaiting to fight along Odin inRagnarok o Half in the meadow 99% of Aesir is going to die in Ragnarok, save one (his youngest) who dies well before Ragnarok –Baldr Frigg dreams Baldr was going to die by an arrow, she asked all objects and all plants, and etc in the world to swear to never harm Baldr. All did except the Mistletoe.  Loki makesa dart out of the mistletoe and tricks Hod to kill Baldr with it THINK: Why does Baldr have to die? What doeshisdeath mean?  The gods aregoing to sink into an increasing darkness that will accumulate at Ragnarok. All that is good is dead  But he comes backafter Ragnarok, signaling a new age Aesir finds out about Loki’s crime: Who is Vali?  One of the sons of Loki  Turned into a wolf, and made by Aesir to eat his brother Narfi. Out of his entrails they made Loki’s fetters (bound by the entrails of his own son) They placed a snake over his head, which drips poison on him continuously. This ishis fate until Ragnarok where he shows his true loyalty (to the giants) Ragnarok: Who isGarm?  Described as a wolf or dog  And he barks loudly at themouth of the cave of the underworld (like Cerberus)  When he barks, Fenrir will be set free Fenrir(and his serpent brother) growbigger and bigger every day.  The Aesir aregoing to try to use some sort of leash to restrain him Special leash: Gleipnir  Fashioned by the dwarves (like Hephaestus)  Made of things elusive and impossible to grasps, it is futile to struggle against them Fenrir demands that for exchange of his willingness to be ties, one of the Aesir hasto pledge his hand as good faith—but they can’t because they aregoing to trick him and he’s going to eat it, as a breach of faith  Tyr volunteers o God of Justice and Honor (he will lose his hand) o End of justice, as they are going to trick the wolf anyway. Justice has lost (his hand)  Remember their lack of good faith with the Venir,  The lack of keeping their word, willslowly do the gods in Anglaboda (she who bodes anguish) mother of Fenrir (and other children) Why doeshe escape on Ragnarok?  Despite all precautions doom in inevitable, there is nothing the gods can do to avoid their fate  Sounds like the age of iron—association of the wolf with our current time MIM=Mimir  “Fate catches fire…” o It is being fulfilled in intensity Surt= fire Consumes everything and Hell encompasses Asgard, and the mortal word, all become Hal “Naglfar breaks loose”…  Ship made from the uncut nails of the dead  The dead had been waiting allalong to take over. There was preparation for this day Odin goes first:  “The sun turns black…” o The gods as well as the world itself is going to die  Why would you not speak scorn of the Midgard serpent? o The threat he represents needs to be taken seriously, it is not a question of if but when.


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