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CLA 322 3/29/16

by: Kenya

CLA 322 3/29/16 CLA 322 P


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About this Document

Notes for Cla 322 monsters 3/29/16
greek Mythology: Monsters
Han Tran
Class Notes
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This 14 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kenya on Saturday April 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CLA 322 P at University of Miami taught by Han Tran in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see greek Mythology: Monsters in Classical Studies at University of Miami.


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Date Created: 04/16/16
CLA 322 Monsters 3/29/16 Poetic Edda Wrapping up the Norse Saga Talking about Ragnarok, focusing on Loki:  Think of his 3 children asmore than doomsday creatures  Angrboda (she who bodes anguish) is her mother Loki:  Primarily ashapeshifter o It’s very hard to hold onto a shapeshifter  Just as his children cannot be contained or held Loki hasbeen with the gods since day one, though he keeps switching sides. Described as a mischievousgod. The Mother: Angrboda-  Giantess o Giants representing the stuff that makes up the world (nature). The world was created from Ymir’s body The facts that the gods will die by collaboration of the giants and the children of a giantess, means that the gods will die by the material from which the world was made  Commentary on the gods: this was world was never one that the gods weremeant to master  Haenir is one of the brothers of Odin that breathe life into driftwood o “Then Haenir will choose wooden slips for Prophecy”  Even In this supposed golden age, why are we hearing about prophecy and fate and things to happen in the future?  The golden age is notmeant to last (again)  Gods and mortals o The domain of the gods is Asgard, humans live inmiddle-earth (Midgard). Separated, but the gods concerns (like what’s going to happen at the end, what is the natureof the world, etc) are like human concerns. Thegods ask the questions in lew of the humans, which is why they are not part of the question.  Who is this mighty one? o Remember this epic comes aroundat the time this paganreligion is having large impacts from Christianity o Perhaps this is a pseudo-Christian god  Nidhogg (he who strikeswith malice) the dragon o another doom bringer  “Now she must sink down…” o The prophecy is over, and one doesn’t need to know more o The cycle will continue again The gods are mortal,they are obsessed with their mortality and cannot deal with it.  The world are regulated by endless cycles (in nature): Birth and Death THINK: How would Loki’s3 children by Angrbodafit into this cycle?What do they say about the gods?  This is the way the world is made, and they symbolize the fact that where there is life, there is death (it is natural) “Doom”  After doom you have another cycle of life, then doom and life, then doom and life, etc. The gods are therefore afraid of natureas a cycle and are not equipped to live in this world. Giants: Vafthrudnir’ssaying poems Odin talking to Frigg:  He is a giant known to have ancient knowledge  Odin, is ever on a quest for a piece of said wisdom Paradox of today’sgiants: contemporarygiants are depicted more like brutes thanintellectuals The giant asksOdin questions:  He is basically asking Odin whether he understands the cycles of nature. The river:  Ice doesn’t form and it continually flows so that no one can cross over. Theremust be an ever separation between the two, because the giants represent the cycles of nature and the gods don’t want to deal with that Now Odin askes question:  At first he deals with origins o We find that the first giant was Ymir and that he wasa FrostGiant  The context of this epic involves snowy landscapes  Unlike the giant, Odin doesn’t ask for names but the structure of the world and origins (which includes the end) st Asks about the 1 God (not giant)  1 god isAurgelmir (a rendition of Ymir)  “poison drops” o Nature is not moral, it producesgood and evil. Therefore the giants are neither good nor bad, they just are. Depends on perspectives  The other giants were born from the armpits of Ymir (not sexually) ‘They said that under the frost-giant’s arms a girl and boy grew together; one foot with the other, of thewise giant, begot a six-headed son. ‘Six headed son’ o Reminds you of the catalog ofmonsters, no structure to nature Yggdrasil isunder constant threat, just like the gods. Things the best of their time, but there are no the best of the giants or the best of the dwarves The ship, Skidbladnir  Created by the dwarves. Part of a larger set of giftsmade by the request of Loki for the Aesir BACKGROUND: Loki cut off some of Sif’s (Thor’s wife) hair and so he had to compensate. He goes to brother dwarves (the sons of Ivaldi). Loki commission they makegolden hair (a better replacement for Sif’s hair) 3 chief gods: Odin, Thor, and Freyr The dwarves didn’t want to leave the other gods out: 1 set of gifts: Odin’s spear: Gugnir (not made of gold)  It never misses  This is the spear that Odin used against Fenrir on the day of Ragnarok. Its power failed him when it mattered the most. The gifts of the dwarves don’t help the gods. Freyr gets Skidbladnir  The ship always has a wind behind its sails, and when you were done using it, youcould fold it up and tuck it in your pocket  The god thought they could escape Ragnarokon this ship o They die before they can get on the ship Golden hair of Thor’s wife  Nice, but doesn’t do anything for Ragnarok Now we got to compensate for the fact that their gifts weren’tgolden: nd Loki commissions 2 set of gifts, going to Brookkr sons of Eitri: Thor: Gets his hammer (Mjolnir) made of iron and wood Odin: Gets a golden ring (Draupnir)  Every ninth night it can reproduce itself into eight copies Freyr: Gets a golden boar (Gullinbursti)  Has golden bristles, and canglow in the dark. Can fly through the air and water.  One time it was used:When Freyer went to the funeral of Baldr (he doesn’t use it againafter) Back to the ring (Draupnir)  Why? o Way ofgetting indefinite gold o BUT…Odin decided to burn it on the pyre of Baldr (as the gold isgood, andBaldr is the end of all the good) The dwarves, created by the gods, are unable to take the gods out of the iron age(wolf age) and into the golden age. THINK: The Agency of Loki  All of these gifts only emphasis how unprepared, equipped, the gods are for dealing with this world the way it is. FANTASTIC CREATURES? Odin’s eight legged horse (Sleipnir)  Result of union between Loki and the Stallion, Svadilfari BACKGROUND: during the first war (between the gods) the walls separating them was destroyed. One of the giants (disguised) offered to build the walls for Freya and the Moon and the sun (the fertility of the earth). Loki convinced the gods to employ aruse, andgivea condition that the walls had to be built in six months. The giantagreed but wanted aid from his (own) horse, Svadilfari. He is a good work horse. Everybody agrees. The works seems like it will be done in time, and the gods are worried andOdin threatens Loki’s life unless he finds a way to stall the giant. (Remember he’s a shapeshifter) Loki takes on the form of a mare and seduces Svadilfari into the woods. The giant fails to finish on time. Loki windsup pregnant, and bears Sleipnir. Sleipnir can ride through land, sea, air and even Hel. Lokigives Odin this horse (though it doesn’t help in Ragnarok. Ragnarok Duels: st 1 : Odin vs Fenrir  Signals the battle hasbegun  When Odin is swallowed, it shows all the othergods will fall afterhim 2 : Thor vs. serpent  Growsto a size that even this giant slayer cannot handler  Nature is too big forthe gods to handle 3 . Loki vsHeimdall  Heimdall is the signal for the end to come and Loki is a symbol of the end that was always present in the beginning One of Odin’s sons, Vidar (who survives thisday), avenges his father and kills Fenrir.  The struggle continues into the next world, a link with the past, and thegods are not learning their lesson. They are unable to look beyond the paradigm of the cycle.


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