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by: Tara Heuple

B-LawChapter1.pdf B_Law 210

Marketplace > Business > B_Law 210 > B LawChapter1 pdf
Tara Heuple
GPA 2.8
Business Law
Janice Smith-Hill

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About this Document

Law and Legal Reasoning
Business Law
Janice Smith-Hill
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tara Heuple on Thursday February 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to B_Law 210 at a university taught by Janice Smith-Hill in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 54 views.


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Date Created: 02/12/15
Thursday March 5 y Business Law Chapter 1 Law and Legal Reasoning Business Activities and the Legal Environment KnOWledge 01 black letter is not enough Business now assumes an ethical dimension Many different laws may affect a single business transaction Ethics and business decision making The study and philosophy of law Business decision making has to do with contracts sales negotiable instruments creditor rights intellectual property internet law social media and privacy product liability torts agency business organizations environmental law and sustainability and courts and court procedures Sources of American Law Constitutional Law Statutory Law is the ordinances uniform laws and uniform commercial code The Revised Code of Washington RCW Administrative Law is the federal agencies and state and local agencies Case Law and Common Law doctrines Case Law governs all areas of the law not covered by statutory or administrative law The Common Law Tradition Early English courts American law is based largely on English common law which was based largely on traditions social customs rules and cases dating back to 1066 AD Friday February 13 y At common law there were two separate court systems One was the Courts of Law that dealt with awarding money damages and the other one is Courts of Equity that was based 0 notions of justice and fair dealing Courts of Law and Remedies at Law were also called king s courts and the judges were appointed by the king The remedies were limited to those provided at the law These included land chattels money and women The Courts of Equity and Remedies in Equity were administered by chancellors appointed by the king The equitable remedies included specific performance injunctions and recessions Recession is when you go to court and have a contract and explain that the contract is bad and YOU Calrl t preform based on it They want to re due it but they do it through the court so it is legal Equitable Maxims are sayings and principles that are based on fair justices on operation Doctrine of Laches is meaning that the people in the case have to be worried about time limits YOU can t bring a document after its time constraint The respondent is the defendant and the petitioner is the plaintiff This is the one who brings the case Statue of Limitations Equitable Maxims Whoever seeks equity must do equity which means that if you want to be treated fairly you have to treat others fairly Where there is equal equity the law must prevail which means that the law will determine the outcome One seeking aid of an equity court must come with clean hands which means that YOU Calrl t accuse someone of something if you are in the wrong as well Maxims is something that you live by Thursday March 5 y Doctrine of Stare Decisis Stare Decisis means that you are standing on a decided cases which is a judge made law Each decision becomes a legal precedent Cases are now published in national and regional reporters


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