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HIST 2340W Week 5

by: Morgan Routman

HIST 2340W Week 5 HIST 2340W

Morgan Routman
GPA 3.62
US Diplomatic History
Professor Brasinzky

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About this Document

Here are the notes for Week 5! I hope they are helpful. I will be starting to make the study guide for our midterm soon!
US Diplomatic History
Professor Brasinzky
Class Notes
HIST 2340W
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Morgan Routman on Friday February 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 2340W at George Washington University taught by Professor Brasinzky in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 126 views. For similar materials see US Diplomatic History in History at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 02/13/15
HIST 234OW Week 5 21315 1133 AM 0 Pioneer in the field of political science 0 President of Princeton 0 Governor of NJ 0 Elected on domestic reform platform 0 Ideas of with moral obligation Meant that the US should stay involved and spread Liberal Capitalistic ideas Saw them as taken advantage of which was an entirely different view from his predecessors Thought that the US should try not to exploit them Tries to ennoble them a Wilson was established military government and refused to recognize him as sovereign n as a president of Mexico 0 USS Dolphin landed on Tampico without the permission of the Mexican Government 0 The sailors were taken captive but soon released 0 Upon release Wilson asked for a 21 gun salute from Huerta s government 0 Huerta refused Even Carranza urged Wilson to move out of Veracruz I Made it so Huerta stepped down Carranza became Mexico s President and the US had to leave Veracruz 0 Wanted to be the Mexican president but was alienated by Wilson s support for Carranza o Began a series of border raids against America El El These expeditions were by Sec of State Lansing It was deemed self defense and had no plan for a second step to help the Mexican People This arguably made Wilson different from Roosevelt and Taft even though he still believed in a country s obligation to the international community Trying to gain control over Germanoccupied land in China 1915 Japanese present China with El Control over Manchuria and the Shandong Province along with the instillation of Japanese Advisors The Chinese told the US Minister to China Paul Reinsch about the demands in secret o Lansing wanted to avoid international entanglements especially those related to WWI 0 Initially Wilson agrees but changes his mind in 1916 and going against US interest a Not responding could make the US look weak I Gave China to weaken Japanese in uence 0 Nov 1917 US recognized Japan s interest in China Both agreed to respect the open door policy Aimed to prevent future conflict between Japan and America over China Agreed to not take advantage of WWI to seize new territories of Austria on June 28 1914 by Serbian Separatists that wanted to make a larger Yugoslavia o The AustrianHungarian Empire then declares war on Serbia who is allied with Russia Germany then aids Austria in declaring war on Russia as well Russia is allies with the UK France and Japan and Germany is also allies with the Ottoman Empire n Thus the first world war begins 0 How does Wilson respond Stated that the US wouldn t take part in the war in ANY way a They would trade with all sides I Be able to act as a peacemaker I Didn t want to jeopardize domestic peace German Uboats sunk the Lusitania which was going between the US and Great Britain a 0 Based his appeal on the fact that there are rules to modern warfare under international law and that the Uboat warfare went against them 0 Still tried to pursue neutral commerce 0 Germans agree for a while but Great Britain was blocking their trade 0 Wilson sends Colonel Edward House to try and mediate an end to WWI 0 Wilson lays out his vision for world order 0 LIMITATIONS a How does the US have the legitimacy to tell Europe what to do He realized that if there was to be peace that there needed to be a victory I This led to the US involvement in WWI Germany started to attack US boats again The surfaced promising US land to Mexico if they joined Germany s side I These put pressure on Wilson to enter into the war o Claimed that autocratic governments don t represent their people 0 American peace was threatened by these governments 0 Did not want to go to war against the people but rather against their governments Wilson saw WWI as an opportunity for America to create a new world order by using their military force and power Saw Great Britain France and even Russia as standing for the same values Didn t predict the challenges that would lie ahead HIST 234OW Week 5 part 2 21315 1133 AM WWI Scarcity led to strikes and the abdication of Czar Nicholas II in March 1917 February Revolution Disorganized government put into place 0 Withdraw Russia from the war 0 Why do capitalists divide the world among themselves 0 Why is there no peace under capitalism o How does this go Wilson argues that the old system of imperialism was hindering liberal capitalisms abilities to positively effect the world Wilson s Response IPromises to make the will prevail WWI was Trying to show that way to achieve world peace 0 This was the debate for all of the 20th Century and continued long after both had died 0 July 1917 US troops land in France 0 October 1917 First US troops in combat March 1918 Germany employs the Five Offenses Tactic 0 Fails the offensive ends in June 0 July 1918 The US beat Germany at Chateau Thierry 0 August 1918 Battle of Amiens 100 Day offensive by the Entente 0 November 9 1918 Wilheim Abdicates 0 Maintain naval supremacy 0 Maintain British Empire and extend trade 0 Punish Germany militarily but not economically 0 Joined Entente in 1915 0 Had been promised land and German cessions during the Treaty of London 0 Waken Germany economically and militarily 0 Wanted heavy war reparations 0 Wanted AlsaceLorraine End of Imperialism 0 Return of Shandong and an end to extraterritoriality by Japan 0 End of Japanese Imperialism in Korea 0 Wilson was at a heavy disadvantage being so far from home and having to deal with the other special interests of the European powers 0 Lost 10 of its territory 0 Had to pay strict reparations 0 German colonies given as mandates to England and France 0 Had to recognize the independence of the Czech and Poland Unravel alliance system Establish international norms Forum for countries to resolve problems Global constituency for peace Moral force of international opinion a Make it more difficult for countries to break the rules 0 Wilson had to make compromises on the Treaty in Paris and had to convince the American Congress that it was worth ratifying even with the changes Wilson made the political mistake of not taking any Republicans with him to the negotiations in France There was a fear of US entanglement if the Treaty was signed GermanAmerican belief that the fatherland had been punished too harshly Sympathy among senators for thirdworld countries that were still under colonial rule I Tried to insert amendments It starts to work but he Cabot Lodge makes a compromise and tries to add to the treaty in order for it to be ratified Every administration after Wilson had the belief that the US had the ability to bring Liberal Order to the world 0 Saw American forces as able to initiate this world order in the future


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