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Chem notes week 4

by: Barbara Ste Croix

Chem notes week 4 CHEM 112

Barbara Ste Croix
GPA 3.53
Chemistry 112
Hans Mentzen

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About this Document

Here's this week's notes and homework including the stuff on the effects on volume/pressure on equilibrium. Be sure to look for my study guide for the exam that's next week in this class! Enjoy, ...
Chemistry 112
Hans Mentzen
Class Notes
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This 18 page Class Notes was uploaded by Barbara Ste Croix on Friday February 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 112 at University of Massachusetts taught by Hans Mentzen in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 120 views. For similar materials see Chemistry 112 in Chemistry at University of Massachusetts.


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Date Created: 02/13/15
I W V 2 M h 7 CW H f d Li Lg fr w Mfg 1W Q aw MM Z077 W x z r v 397 QC High 43 jg C41 mmmm ngw m mM H2KU J b50amp 7 Q9 I cc 1 M 15 gag Eb quotzam 130qu 552613 f 3 u a U 365 m39g x o r fx 1amp3 K D 3 Co39l c Vlfv 7 cf 1 G 39 0amp1 quot x jw f 7 I E 1 ltf gz F H 4 1Q wmwm Lth izxa arm5 I KW m Campmmffm A f 42 mm c gags M rm mm W J39 LV if v L39DF5Mg QB EHJO bail7d j M Ab vm g ff 3 777 i v n V 39 7 m if 7 r r 4 7 Vin 7 rrlrmn 39 SigMam 15 00 Rf f U 1 15mm a mamW mi 5 Warwa r gmc m Cmdm m LaxNH WC ch MM Ma i he i 1 7 7 7quot 7 r 77 7 7 7 7 i l 7 4 1 iWQ T r r r 7 a 39 I EJH E Ea ERA r rm m f POI55qu Ultra 59 6 331 ij 4 WM 7 3 a fwdm 063 1 77 5 3 X Cl 7 if 9 7 42 QC 5 0323 M M 4W Jd m 637 wzbwm k1 Loam Wm Mam m pm mm at T K r 0f f l fdifb 2 7 Q 0323 L e 7512j y m l g 5 Q E 2 X L a W I HMJIQV J39U Fmda ffbd bf JWC Mgt 39 39 65 W we 1 x M 3 39 i A 39 a ler 0 QmEMLRN an 39 0391 mquot f l L i 2 1 L1quot 1 i j m 1 g 77 I 2 KER H e C 1 42gt 7 H i A E Oa l iwf 39 l x k T8553 X 7quot i 0 Z i rc 1 00m i K H ng 16 f 0 m x 5 K r5 M ZTQJV Q X f L 9 Ewa 31quot kw usm f if w QM r 7 W25 E 139 13 5 D 9751 M f i i 1311 f 2 mg g 2 M t 339 f quot 1 i r s quot 7 Huer Efb i l Wm Tw 5 h m MN fwf a m r or m eggmlnbnum PitaQ dumbmcw r 1 a OWEm m w VO EW a JMrV i nr39 1 90 M 4 h J 64 Chm C605 Cbawe s me I mdfM r A 53 3555107 5 WW 57M r 60 Ht Wt ff apng Jfo 357 C W S f g 6 N7 J i r WW QCFZEHW mm 05qu WW UM I I 5M1 mpggt m I 2 4 r 830W 13 m iciwhp wn K MataW 7 ML w v 39 PM Mack e W L b a 3 mm 13 3 grmr 4411347 Q 5 MM alas ICE 41 w h 1 7x Z 7 7 7 A g em m Izzy hmgm C Kfgt 4 J r r 9 Hf V gt a I hi 3 r 1 Ir I Yr H r wind i J J W at L151 er i W ff WMQ 4 m E E1 4 AMIMGL 395 I V g I A Iquot N J 139 I k H 7 39 x m gt id 1 m a 4 I f Chm a 5W W13 f i i i f if V A r 644 mmm 44mm a Uf i uf mirL K 53 W if i M v m mm if d w t loHM ffquot V 1D m J alt1r M f M i m 10 am 4 z w i Mi MW WWW r WWWV C J k lt6m T 39 5 e gnjl di Fm J k hm c 3 e MMM g M yw Mm L mm 414 a ufli dbOjm faw u gLQNHCVZLWEf W7 i mi r r HMMMWQ g m i wotm LOW wabe 6amp9 MM F ring 50939 ml t 3059 a 9 Ch 1 5quot w 97 a f k f a I 07 Q A V MQMLUWNC 4quot Em f 14m wng 1 amp 5 M6 wequot 5 vol1M m uquot H WW 1 u WM 0 9 53 53 Hz all m j w v M 5 CW 1 66 1 1 5 E f5 4 x f 4 X WOW 010 L 2 EHJL 5 HQX r3 D 933 f 11 I rwmm M1119de w JEmism Wz quot Eg 73mm e a 4 WHng i f t j bj th fUtil r 42 Swan W Lgdng ACLUf l m g i f 1521 gm 3an micil mam Mfg e WW 31 1quot brium LS w blui mtxm 5 IL M 6k wa Wm pigM Ibiza quot J Md gramkc Jr A Wotw marWad if a WW ragwm out Q K 350 0 or m dl fm g rquot 0w Canvagely WW1 r 052 m 39 w D930 W39ij 0M G 1 ism L 1gp 9 7 5M fW A 17 j inn wc m Wig f 7 if L a 40 57 AH m we big chtaow J4 5695 WK Hm L i g 5qu a L FZWE f M 60 l39 D 70 6W5 14 Mame My VA U f D J Amid 40 J I MW 5 O I y y F I I I If 39 J 39 LA 395 7quot H T A 57 U i g J x e fr a w D f W x J I r 4 M1 mm m 1 L i M MM 5915 F ki i gm U2 mm 70118 l v 7 I g I quotf M I a e quot I KH B 7 jG LCHLA gt 3 iu Imam l 1 W J I KIIMU J r55 i I39quotquot 39UL M4 39 a WER I I I 13ng g I I I IS N m M HAM l I I I I I I I V I f 7 fty77M wsz gaff01 I u My I WMquot 10 MUM It d loaf I I I I I I I h L 9 My qu M 20 Wis 63 WI 7 AU C1quotL CL A MIL M gt My m mm V why n mugg M Mg ljmL a 6 06M quotmy 2 I15 assho m Cl IS a 5 J la 1 W I Isobth b M m WWOES mb w it w fh m xxmj LuL d i w m mm m c fwsz Q l f r39 ee 5g quot wWW b M e 7 mm 29136451 h e A HWP T rroq m m ijqrz j 6 Mb w3 n S MW mQFKd 3 TL v 7 5039in v am r 39ampM QWCEW irt ozi d 2 39 f quotquot 3 7 6 1 7117 my kW724m r5 m3 Wgu39gmaquot 0 Chmiii WM 7 61 EM 4571 I VE 39 fu F m fJ y W E maxmmquot W xszmraww a f W 46 a it gt f e EvHW39 CWKHBB MW 1 H 0 2 MW 1 239 bmlmm ch ng w WWW 977 a 1 7 55 7quot 90 7 WQ e 3 7 LS Md W 645 2199 Jo MES J Lg r U 00 Cihf m drigmrmf C H 39 J I M brijg f g impr64 F MW em 7sz y e We M76 v IZKMM w 7 7 Va Wzamn i y r 7 KampKZ T 5 5 7 W f Jaggw a 39i su f f f f ElixirTL f U


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