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FDNS: Eating Well on Campus

by: alk88738

FDNS: Eating Well on Campus FDNS 2100

GPA 3.5

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About this Document

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Human Nutrition and Food
Tracey Brigman
Class Notes
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This 33 page Class Notes was uploaded by alk88738 on Sunday April 17, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to FDNS 2100 at University of Georgia taught by Tracey Brigman in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see Human Nutrition and Food in Child and Family Studies at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 04/17/16
Eating Well on Campus What advantages do you have to eating well as a college student? Breakfast: • Shortchanges your body, your brain, and your attitude • Skipping it can make you feel crabby come mid-morning • Skipping it to “reduce calories” usually means you end up eating the calories you missed in the morning by overeating in the afternoon and evening • GPA booster study – College students who eat breakfast: GPA = 3.41 – College students who skip breakfast: GPA = 3.1 What if I sleep in? • Try and eat your meal within an hour of waking • Still make time for lunch and dinner • Get in a late night meal or snack How to manage the all-you-can- eat concept at the dining halls • Plan ahead! – Look at menu online ( • Walk through the line to get the lay of the land • Try not to arrive famished • Start with a glass of water while walking through the line Healthy lunch and dinner ideas: • Entrees • Sides – Sandwiches made – Broth based or on bread or small tomato based roll soups – Turkey, roast beef, – Steamed or fresh ham, grilled vegetables chicken – Fruit fruit – Plain, veggie, and turkey burgers – Plain breads – Cheese or veggie – Baked potato pizza – Corn on the cob – Grilled or broiled – Steamed rice fish and chicken – Skim, low-fat or soy – Bean soups milk – yogurt – Plain pasta with tomato sauce – Plain rice and steamed vegetables Deciphering the language menu • Au gratin vs. Marinara Sauce • Fried vs. steamed • Broiled vs. breaded • Grilled vs. scampi style • Alfredo vs. tomato sauce • Barbecued vs. batter-dipped, tempura Obstacles to Eating Well • Whacked Out Schedules – Put yourself on a schedule – Give up grazing and eat meals instead – Eat shortly after you wake up – Choose decent late night snacks Obstacles to Eating Well • So Many Choices – Make two trips through the line (go back for dessert) – Commit to at least one serving of fruit and vegetables at lunch and dinner – Balance your choices Obstacles to Eating Well • So Little Control – Cruise through the dining hall before making selections – Go for plain food – Ask for smaller portions – Get sauces/dressing on side – Ask about preparation methods Emotional and Non-Hunger Eating • Become aware of non-hunger cues that motivate you to eat • Have low calorie munchies on hand • Create a list of a least three things you can do instead of eating when you’re bored, stressed, tired, or sad • Often times something else is the issue- UHS counseling services are available to students Obstacles to Eating Well • Recreational Eating – Take deliberate steps to end your meal – When you’re done eating, get up and remove your plate – Eat slowly – Stand away from the buffet table – Create alternate activities Obstacles to Eating Well • The Drinking Man’s (or Woman’s) Diet – Pay attention to calories in alcohol – Never drink on an empty stomach – Alternate each beverage with water or seltzer – Dilute mixers with water or seltzer – It is always acceptable to decline a drink How does alcohol influence your food choices at the end of the night? Greasy, junk food Eating Right when Eating Out • Avoid going ravenously hungry – Keep snacks on hand – Eat balanced meals during the day • If you plan on having alcohol, first drink something thirst-quenching • Split meals or take a doggie bag • Request sauces/dressings on the side • Know that grilled or broiled foods are often brushed with oil before serving. You can request that your foods be “grilled dry” Dorm Room Kitchen Essentials • 2 microwave • Small hand safe mixing grater bowls • Aluminum foil • 2 sharp knives • Plastic wrap • Liquid and dry • Ziplock bags measuring cups • Sponge • Small cutting • Colander board • 1 wooden • Paper towels, plates, napkins, spoon plastic utensils • 1 rubber spatula • Potholder • Can opener • Electric kettle • Bottle opener Staples for Dorm Room • Refrigerator Basics: – Eggs – Fruit – Butter – Baby carrots – Yogurt – Salad dressing – Hummus – Skim milk – Tortillas – Salsa – Cheese – Peanut butter – Nuts – String cheese Staples for Dorm Room • Grains – Cereal – Boxed pasta – Rice – Oatmeal – Bagels/bread/English muffins Staples for Dorm Room • Canned and packaged food – Fruit cups – Chicken and vegetable broth – Vegetarian refried beans – Canned soup – Applesauce – Plain, microwave popcorn Staples for Dorm Room • Bottled or Jarred foods – Olive oil – Lemon juice – Balsamic vinegar – Salsa – Soy sauce – Mustard – Low-fat mayonnaise – Barbecue sauce – Spaghetti sauce – Peanut butter – Jelly Staples for Dorm Room • Spices and Seasonings – Salt and pepper – Garlic powder, onion salt, celery salt – Sugar • Other stuff – Tea bags – Coffee Smart Shopping • Foods that are already prepared cost much more • Go for generic or store brands • Don’t assume sale items are the best deal • Frozen produce can hold longer than fresh produce • With deals like 2 for $5 or BOGO you only need to buy 1 to get sale price. • Look above and below- items knee to shoulder height are often the most $ UGA Resources UHS Nutrition Services: • Individual nutrition counseling, seminars, and classes are offered by the Registered Dietitian (RD). • For information on fees or to make an appointment please call the Health Promotion Department at 706- 542-8690 • Cost: – Initial visit: $40 (fees paid), $80 (non fees paid) – 30 min follow-up visit: $20 (fees paid), $40 (non fees paid) – 15 min visit: $10 (fees paid), $20 (non fees paid) – Nutrition Kitchen Cooking Class: $5 UGA Resources If you are on the meal plan: • Eligible for individual nutrition services • Eating Smart 8-wk class offered Fall & Spring semesters. • All services are offered only to students on the meal plan and are free of charge. • Please visit the UGA Food Services website at: • For more information or to make an appointment please call the Katherine Ingerson, RD, LD, at 706-542- 7313 or email UGA Resources Cooking classes: • In the Nutrition Kitchen, the UHC registered dietitian teaches students how to choose budget- friendly, healthy food ingredients and prepare them into delicious, easy meals. • Class size is limited to 12 students and the cost is $5.00 per student. Please call 706-543-8690 to sign up, or go to en.html for more information. UGA Resources Peer nutrition educators (PNE): •For all students interested in food and nutrition information. •Peer Nutrition Educators are nutrition and dietetics students who work with the Registered Dietitians at Food Services and the University Health Center to offer fun and informative programs to any interested student group. •Popular program topics include Healthy Weight Management and Eating on the Run, although other topics are available upon request. •To schedule a program call: 706 542-8690 - University Health Center or 706 542-7313 - UGA Food Services. UGA Resources Nutrition webpage: • • Request a program • Student-friendly recipes • Ask-a-dietitian • Nutrition information: – Nutrition basics – Special dietary concerns – Disease management and prevention – Weight management – Other resources Dining Hall Advantages • Access to wide variety of foods • Ability to try new foods with no penalty – If you don’t like it, you can get something else! • Schedule flexibility • Healthy options are always available Bottom Line… • Prepare yourself to manage the many food choices available • Keep healthy options at hand • Minimize high calorie partying • Develop strategies for dealing with non-hunger eating College is a great time to build nutrition habits you can sustain throughout your life! Meet Emily: • Lately I’m hungry all the time. I read on no more than 10% of my total calories, Ito can eat all the carbohydrate and protein that I want, and I won’t gain weight. So I went right to the yogurt shop down the street and ordered a large sundae with non fat vanilla yogurt and fat-free chocolate syrup. I have to admit, though, that an hour later, I was hungry again. • What do you think of Emily’s approach to her persistent hunger? • What might be important to share with her about the importance of fats? Meet John: • There is no way I would ever become a muscles is to eat meat. After ald basketball game, I crave red meat. If I don’t have it, I feel sort of like my batteries don’t get recharged. It’s just not practical for a competitive athlete to go without meat. • What two claims does John make about the role of red meat in his diet? • Do you think these claims are valid? • Without trying to convert him to vegetarianism, what facts might you offer him about the nature of plant and animal proteins? Meet Jessica: • I used to dance with a really cool modern company, where everybody looked healthy Ballet, but have heard they won’t even look at someone weighing over 100 pounds. I’ve been exercising a bunch, and have put myself on a very strict diet. Most days I come in under 1200 calories, though some days I cheat and then feel so out of control. Since I started this, I haven’t had my period for a couple of months and I do feel tired a lot. I have one pound to go and after the audition, I can relax a little. I’m going to try a juice fast this weekend. • What is Jessica at risk for? • What, if anything do you think Liz’s dance teacher should do? • audition is only a week away?ssary, since the Meet Rich: • I’m sick and tired of everybody everywhere complaining about how they can’t lose weight feel hungry all the time. Nobody talks about people like me, who have exactly the opposite problem. I can’t keep weight on. No matter what I do, the pounds peel off! For breakfast this morning, I had bacon and eggs. For lunch, a couple of ham sandwiches. Then a protein bar after practice. For dinner, I’ll go out for burgers with my friends. What more can I do? Don’t tell me to eat between meals because I’m just not that hungry. • What, if any, problems do you perceive with Rich’s food intake today? • What might you advise him to change about his food choices that might stimulate his appetite? • What else might he do to gain weight? Meet Liz: • Ever since my dance company folded after Christmas, I’ve been feeling exhausted. I am cranky and spaced out, and the least little thing makes me cry. I’m too fat to audition because I’m so tired I’ve been skipping dance classes. When I was still in bed at 11 a.m. my roommate told me I needed to start taking some B vitamins. She says they give you energy. • Is Liz’s roommate right about B vitamins giving you energy? • Do you think it is likely that she’d benefit from taking B vitamin supplements? • What other concerns does her situation raise and what additional advice would you give her?


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