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February 10&12

by: Malory Goetcheus

February 10&12 CH102

Malory Goetcheus
GPA 4.0
Chemistry 102
Dr. Nikles

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About this Document

This is the material covered in class on February 10 and 12. I have included my class notes type, my book notes typed, and my book notes scanned. I scanned my book notes in order to see equations a...
Chemistry 102
Dr. Nikles
Class Notes
chemistry 102
25 ?




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Malory Goetcheus on Friday February 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CH102 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Dr. Nikles in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 59 views. For similar materials see Chemistry 102 in Chemistry at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 02/13/15
5 W WM we MM W mm m WMWW we WNW Wm WM MM WW WW MW W W A mm m mm mm Ruiz 2 B k 2 J Hz Wm uwmm m E I MAmm wvwmm m om mm 13 39 Q j 39 mum WWV mmm Jaw 39 wmw MWMMW Wm w W Q T WWWNWUX WM 39M DADlb M13 9 I 816 um mAHoE39PcCX dLD g9 K 39 l gz y j g 5 3 3 n v o w owUY 939thme 0 wwww m WV KU J W vawwwmm Tm WWMMNA nsz Mow mammal n WMBNVWWWW O zmmwr mme m WWW WWW W W waw 06 WW m M L WN mm m wwwmmx W WWW 39 WWM WW WWW Mwww 0W mm 1 mst WM 1x MWWM mum a a cvw cam oM W mm WWW L m h ML h 0 0L0 42quot KM 0 as 039 Z hzm 1 1m m MkooWS HMOX Wat 39 m m Avm wmw mm 5W1 ovdw va LCMWUID S n 9 V5 mamax W qum vmmm WWW ohL mmmmw 6 mammm m with walV EN wst MWM WWW MW umeva we pg WNW 7 quot9 ikX Mot S vev E fllo v t WEP XO WNW Swdommxu M39xkcwwmmm xx mmm m wme are A 3 993 v y l amp WK 39 N0 Jc UQ U o 3 M Wt mm 393 WWW m WW gtua L M MW KM mm m xmemmm M W w m n m WM mm mmv 32m Wig W JAR mamas WW 3mm 39 11 XL 39 W L WWW WMQ WWWM W MMMVWWW mm 00 mem mm N MM M wsz 39 NM NM W 6 WM w MW WWW W W Wwwm xg m w awemu w um me t 12 LCA39 WM UR wmmmw M ummmmmx Wu mm mm WMWW I9R W 00 mm M kWM we WY WWW W 9 11 quot iii 3 Chemistry 102 chapter 15 Class notes RatekN02X03y 0 If reaction is zero order the rate of reaction does not change 0 If reaction is first order the rate is proportional to reaction concentration 0 If reaction is second order rate is proportional to the square of the reactant concentration KAeEaRt 0 A plot of lnAt as a function of time is linear with a slope of k and an intercept of 1 A0 this is only for first order 0 If a reaction goes to 100 completion concentration would be zero Arrhenius relationship lnklnAEaRlT 0 A is attempt frequency 0 Ba is activation energy 0 R is gas constant 0 T is temperature in kelvin 2 ways to speed up a reaction use a catalyst or raise the temperature Catalysts are substances that affect rate of reaction they work by providing an alternative mechanism for the reaction with lower activation energy consumed early then remade at the end of the reaction Book notes Rate of reaction depends on concentration temperature and structure of reacting particles 0 Occurs faster with higher temperature 0 Change in concentration of a reactant is negative 0 Reactant concentration decreases with time 0 Product concentration increases with time RatekAn 0 n0 zero order and independent of concentration 0 n1 first order and proportional to concentration 0 n2 second order and proportional to square of concentration zero order concentration of the reactant decreases with time constant because reaction does not slow down as concentration of A decreases first order rate slows as reaction proceeds because concentration of reactant decreases second order rate is very sensitive to concentration of reactant order can only be determined by experiment Integrated rate law relationship between concentrations of reactants and time IRL First order IRL rate is directly proportional to the concentration of A Second order IRL rate is proportional to the square of the concentration of A Zero order IRL rate is proportional to constant Half life time required for the concentration of a reactant to fall to one half its initial value First order reaction half life at time equal to half life concentration is exactly one half of initial concentration 0 t12is independent of initial concentration 0 even though concentration changes as a reaction proceeds the half life is constant 0 constant half life is only for first order reactions second order reaction half life half life depends on concentration 0 half life continues to get longer as concentration decreases during reaction zero order reaction half life half life gets shorter as concentration decreases


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