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Chapter 2 - COMM 2320

by: Ailia Owen

Chapter 2 - COMM 2320 COMM 2320

Ailia Owen
GPA 2.9
Fundamentals of Media Production
Craig Warren Crowe

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About this Document

Chapter 2 notes on the video lecture and chapter 2 module.
Fundamentals of Media Production
Craig Warren Crowe
Class Notes
Comm2320 COMM 2320 communications media production chapter 2 university of houston comm communications fundamentals
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ailia Owen on Friday February 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 2320 at University of Houston taught by Craig Warren Crowe in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 179 views. For similar materials see Fundamentals of Media Production in Communication at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 02/13/15
CH 2 The Production Process 21315 644 PM Stages of Production 0 Preproduction development 6080 of time spent here 25 years before a film is shot 0 Proposal market summary audience analysis 0 Premise concise statement of what will happen 0 Synopsis short paragraph description 0 Treatment short storysynopsis format of product based off of script filmcommercial Script complete story 0 Budget how funds are spent most complex every accounted for Specific daybyday expenditures 0 Storyboard visualization of the story 0 Production involved in all digital advancement o Blocking rehearsing performer in front of camera finding right angles can lead to changes in schedule 0 Shoot it all about the director most important 0 Audio all about producer sound engineer Securing music rights Finding talent for original songs 0 Multimedia just like audio voice over actors producer 0 Postproduction 0 Editing brings together audio and visual elements of productions and smooth s out editor NONLINEAR Based on director and producer preferences Follows a logical progression mastery in any one requires familiarity with the others 0 Digital vs Analog 0 Analog no more still in AM and FM radio not in TV anymore 0 I amp 0 1001100 computer language digital Digital technologies in preproduction software to keep track of budgets scriptwriting preformatted cell phones 0 Digital technologies in production cameras 0 Digital technologies in postproduction computers Production terminology TV electronic transmission and reception of audio and visual messages cable and satellite 0 Video visual part of TV or just moving images Videotape VTRVCR phasing out 0 Film motion pictures movies cinema expensive 0 Digital devices are replacing this form 0 FIRST DIGITAL MEDIUM 100 years ago 0 Audiotape magnetic tape that records sound CD DATdigital audio tape 0 Multimedia all of the above with graphics and text 0 Powerful way to distribute Scale of Production 0 Single camera production most on site 0 Multiple camera production most done in studio not on site 0 Studio production Locationremote production Anything that can go wrong will go wrong plan for failure 0 Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Production THE PRODUCTION TEAM designed for budgetary reasons 0 Above the line smaller group of specialized individuals more money 0 Executiveproducers o Creativedirectors writers art directors 0 Performanceactors Narrators 0 Below the line majority o Technicalstage manager Technical director Audio director lighting director computer technician o Productiondirectorphotography camera operator editors stage manager grips gaffers Graphic operatorartist audio operator assistant director VISUALIZATION the creative process of translating abstract ideas thoughts and feelings into concrete sounds and images Convey information communicate with picture and sound Rhetorical persuasion waging a successful argument want a reaction conflictsaes Artistic expression feelings and thoughts toward a person object event or idea PRODUCTION AESTHETICS Realism creates and sustains the illusion of reality 0 Lolita Stanley Kubrick Modernism selfexpression form and techniques are central subjectivity o Ghostbusters Ivan Reitman Postmodernism beyond modernism abundance of techniques and styles no one controlling presence who are we 0 Blade Runner Ridley Scott HISTORY OF PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY not on test 1839 It was magic rotating discs 1870 Edison Gramophone allowed audio and visuals mixed together 1875 Telephone Bell Thaumatrope Phenakistoscope Zoetrope rotating discs projecting lights Edison technology inventor Eastman moving visuals 1908 TV 1920 Audio radio Give me the microphone 19305 Technicolor FM Audiotape 1934 radio prominent 1943 RCA TV WWII technology put in background Transistor CBS 3313 1948 RCA 45 1955 National TV Standards Committee NTSC 1959 Integrated circuit soon the computer chip 1970 Miniaturization and videotape formats and satellites TV 19805 Breakup of ATampT into baby bells 1985 Digital systems emerge 1990 computer workstations 2000 HDTV 2004 99 TV homes had access to digital TV broadcasts over air 2009 Analog Tv stops all digital Digital marches on DVD CD MiniDV MP3 Internet TV YouTube fusetv


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