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by: Alyssa Leathers

COMMWeekFiveNotes.pdf Comm. 3597.02 Media and Terrorisim

Alyssa Leathers
Comm. 3597.02 Media and Terrorisim
Jonathan Anderegg

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About this Document

This is week five of lecture notes!
Comm. 3597.02 Media and Terrorisim
Jonathan Anderegg
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alyssa Leathers on Friday February 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Comm. 3597.02 Media and Terrorisim at Ohio State University taught by Jonathan Anderegg in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views.

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Date Created: 02/13/15
COMM 3597 Media and Terrorism 21315 807 PM Week Five February 11th13th Religion Ideology and Hate as a Source of Terrorism News Stories Illinois woman accused of aiding terrorist organizations in mailing moneyworked at airport Somalia criticizes US banks move to halt remittances people upset like to send money back to families no Somalia banks 0 Have to know where the money is going 0 Potential dangers 0 People will still try and send money black market more open to terrorist aid 0 Cutting offquot Somalia people no support 0 Columbus large Somalia area 0 Why nowquot they re going to get their money somehow The Contact Hypothesis in The Looming Towerquot Contact Hypothesis Intergroup contact correlates with decreases in prejudice and social distance with increase in improved intergroup attitudes Provided that they re o Cooperating to reach common goal 0 Personally meet as equals 0 Have support from socialpolitical authorities Ex Inmate support group program differencesrelationships Research points to negative contact as more influential on prejudice than positive contact Intergroup contact is negative group membership of ourselvesothers grows more salient Sayyid Qutb and America Contact with American society mostly negative Modern values secular rational democratic subjective individualistic tolerant feminist materialist Promiscuous Alcohol Shallow Religion Rampart Racism not antiEgyptianantiAfrican American 0 A reckless deluded heard that only knows lust and money Identity 0 His identity was challenged hold onto Islamic beliefs Indulge in sinful temptation 0 Normal vs Special 0 Pushpull 0 Love of Western culture vs Adherence to Islamic belief Intergroup Conflict America advertised as immigrant nation anticolonial paragon as opposed to the British occupation and puppet leadership in Egypt 0 American celebration of murder of Hasan alBanna of similar Muslim brotherhood saw only conflict between Islam and materialism Increase the dividethe social distance Discussion 0 Qutb despised America and Western values 0 Based on reading do you think this is fundamentally based on religious ideological or personal differences 0 A o Ideologies are created from religionculturebackground which leads to personal differences all intertwine News Item 0 CNN Britain interview on problems integrating IslamMuslim into America Media as Culture Looking Glass Self Entertainment narratives offer a look at who we are an interpretation of ourselves and our culture as Americans 0 Entertainment of the 1950 s portrayed Americans in a somewhat innocent light 0 Qutb as an outsider saw the disconnect between idealized self and actual experience 0 The way media sells America completely different than experiencing America Writing Prompt What ways do we see media channels today offering a picture of America that s different from reality as it would be perceived as outsiderquot o Portrayal of young adult lifestyle moviesTV shows New Item Top Filipino militant wounded in deadly January clash Muslim students shot dead Chapel Hill 0 O O O O Friends One Tree Hill jobs lifestyle etc Expect Americans to have overwhelming pride in their country s viewsideaspolicies not always true Two opposing views Accurate Media gender rolesstereotypes Hate crime Religion differences 3 Muslim victims Suspect atheist killed over religion or over parking spot Reasoning Looking for alternative excuses Religious Fundamentalism in The 10th Parallel Eliza Griswold The fight against liberalismsecularism 0 00000000 Political correctness is more evil than Osama Bin Ladenquot Secularism of the West issue Religion has everything to do with it Idea of a world developing towards secularism overquot Less religion choice based on social groupsethnicity Extinction of religion More people claiming no religion 1960 45 religious 2006 34 religious Many groups shrinkingsome growing membership is less about social role more about activeindividual role Religion and Violence Primary question asked by Griswold is whether religious fundamentalism leads directly to violence or not whether too much certainty right and wrongsaved and damnedetc leads to intolerance No easy answer to this question 0 Motivation for violence Colonialism in the Philippines 0 Magellan claimed the islands for Spain in 1521 0 US purchased Philippines from Spain understand Filipinos in light of Indian wars uncivilized brazen in need of taming 0 Freedom in 1946 o If this is what the war on terror is then it is about terrorizing the peoplequot 0 Peter Geremia Catholic priest religion about social justice fighting the powerful and empowering the weak 0 To many particularly in the Southern Philippines Islam offers more then a way of life Television History 0 Documentary Video oNe Discussion 0 0 0000002000 Philippines Marathon wars Islam s fight for place in Catholic heartland Muslim s fighting in Philippines for freedom land of their own Hostageskidnappingtourist snatch and grabstorture Islamic movements fight for Islamic state Video Keep Islamic rebels off their land Militia Assault weapons Volunteer groupput lives on line Islamic vs Christians Fight continuing generation after generation bloody conflicts continuing influence 0 Compare experiences of reading about the religious conflict in Philippines with the documentariesnews coveragequot 0 Difference in focus historical trends 0 Perspective Muslim minorityCatholic majority 21315 807 PM 21315 807 PM


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