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Russ 280 Class 24 and 25 Notes

by: Madeline Lacman

Russ 280 Class 24 and 25 Notes Russ 280

Marketplace > University of South Carolina > Russian > Russ 280 > Russ 280 Class 24 and 25 Notes
Madeline Lacman

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About this Document

These notes cover Dr. Smith's lecture and the 1960's in Russia
Intro to Russian Civilization
Prof. Kalb
Class Notes
russian, Literature, Russian Literature, Russian History
25 ?




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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Madeline Lacman on Sunday April 17, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Russ 280 at University of South Carolina taught by Prof. Kalb in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Intro to Russian Civilization in Russian at University of South Carolina.


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Date Created: 04/17/16
Russ 280 Class 24 Guest Speaker  Economic crash in US affected Russia o Russia relies on oil exports o Inflation was up 12.7% o Food crisis because of conditions o Russia currency is depreciating  66 Russian currencies to the US dollar  Crude oil prices o Went down to $32, now up to $36  In some private companies, people aren’t getting paid o Many public companies can’t afford to pay their employees either  Russian currency has recovered a little bit since January  Uptick in consumer shopping  Unprecedented labor strife  Stoppages and strikes  Russia dependent on Western technology  Our embargo has been on technology, so they haven’t been receiving as much help from us  Politics o Rising public anger o You would think since there’s been some improvement that people would be happier o Election season  National elections to the Russian parliament  2 parties  Communist Party o Largest party o Blue collar workers o Speaks for workers who are suffering from the issues of the workplace  Just Russia o Urban, well educated, white collar workers  United Russia o Putin  Hasn’t taken very much heat over Crimea, the economic sanctions, etc  Public opinion is pretty positive  Not reliable  Rebuilt pride in Russia  Trying to restore Russia as a world power, an economic power  Annexation of Crimea was favored by average Russians  85% of population are Russian-speaking  Russia protective over countries with large populations of Russians o Putin has created a National Guard  Combines special forces of the police industry with the national federal organization o Targeted killings and assassinations in Chezna Russ 280 Class 25 The 1960s-1970s: Brezhnev, Stagnation The Bards: Okudzhava and Vysotsky From Khrushchev to Brezhnev  Khrushchev removed from power 1964  Leonold Brezhnev became Soviet head of state until his death is 1982 at age 75 o Easier time in some ways o Focus on strengthening agriculture and energy  On Soviet arms system and space system  Cold War o 1 man in space  Yuri Gagarin 1961 o Party elite in particular prospered o Stagnation: bureaucracy, governmental corruption, system breakdown  Noticed, acknowledged Difficulties on the Cultural Front  Joseph Brodsky trial 1964 o Social parasitism o Exiled 1972 o Became US Poet Laureate  Sinyavsky-Daniel trial 1965 o Accused of working against the state for publishing in another country o They fought back o Clear signal to intelligentsia that “Thaw” over o Other leading cultural figures exiled  Solzhenitsyn in 1974 Guitar Poetry  Originates during Khrushchev period  Scholar Gerald Smith o Part of an upsurge in poetry associated with de-Stalinization What do the bards do instead?  Tape recorders beginning to be available o Music circulated on unofficial home-made tapes (Magnitizdat)  Russian underground culture o Gypsy romance, the prison song  Individual emotion, unofficial war treatment, not necessarily, anti-Western  Not published until abroad, 1970s Bulat Okudzhava, 1924-1997  “Patriarch” of Russian guitar poets/bards  Parents arrested in Purges  Okudzhava Party member  Writers’ Union member  But hero in poems problematic o Seen as too personal o Especially war poems  Supported Sinyavsky-Daniel  Trouble publishing under Brezhnev  Becomes known through tapes of his guitar poetry Vladimir Vysotsky, 1938-1980: Actor  From 1964 worked with director Iurii Liubimov  Taganka Theater, star of theater o Taganka called part of the “literature of moral resistance”  Cultural life post-Stalin  1971 played Hamlet Bard  Sang and wrote guitar poetry following in Odkudzhava’s footsteps  Much more volatile and shocking in style  Official condemnation  Seen as anti-Soviet  In private musical guitar/poetry performances  Spoke on behalf of alcoholics, soldiers in the penal battalions, criminals, people who are depraved and inadequate  Also said he mangled the Russian language  Very little published Life  Appeared on radio, film, TV  Colorful, charismatic figure  Drank, had accidents in Mercedes  Subject of fascination/gossip Significance  Died in 1980, only in his early 40s  People said he’d burnt out  HUGE affair (funeral and burial)  Bards important in presenting cultural alternative to that lauded by the Soviet Authorities o Official ideology irrelevant in their guitar poetry as individual stressed over collective  Message: there is an alternative to the official Party line


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