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GC 444 notes_alt. gamuts

by: Allie S

GC 444 notes_alt. gamuts GC 4440

Allie S
GPA 3.46

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About this Document

alternative gamuts
Current Trends and Deviations
Dr. O'Hara
Class Notes
Graphics, Clemson, gamuts, color
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This 19 page Class Notes was uploaded by Allie S on Sunday April 17, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GC 4440 at Clemson University taught by Dr. O'Hara in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see Current Trends and Deviations in Graphic Communications at Clemson University.

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Date Created: 04/17/16
10/28/15 Alternative Color Gamuts: More Than CMYK GC3460 What’s Driving Expanded Gamut? •  Is it brighter colors in our images? Brand Colors Brand Colors •  Product Identification •  Consumer Loyalty •  Eye Appeal 1 10/28/15 Spot Colors Packaging has traditionally relied on spot colors for saturated colors and brand distinction. CMYK + Spots Packaging often incorporates CMYK for photographic elements and various spot colors for branding purposes. Spot Color Inventory From job to job, printers must manage an inventory of spot colors for various customers and product lines – may be hundreds of colors Can we build the colors with CMYK instead? 2 10/28/15 CMYK Gamut CMYK has its limits— can only print about 40% of Pantone colors. ECG supplements CMYK with other inks to extend the gamut; claims as high as 90% of Pantone colors CMYK vs ECG Gamut GRACoL2006Coated1v2 Omet CMYKOGV. . • 40% in Gamut • 72% in Gamut • Avg. 2.31 ∆2000 • Avg. 1.39 ∆2000 3 10/28/15 ECG Systems •  Light Magenta and Light Cyan – Hallmark, Inkjet (CMYK, LC, LM, LK and LLK) •  “bump” plates of CMY ECG Systems •  Hexachrome (Hi-Fi Color) – CMYK,OG •  Opaltone – CMYK,RGB – Later CMY,RGB Pantone Promotional ECG Systems •  CMYK,OGV (as recommended in FIRST) CMYK CMYKOGB 4 10/28/15 Run Characterization ICC vs. Esko Equinox 7c ICC Profile Equinox 4x4 Profile 5 10/28/15 Measure and Compile Esko Equinox Esko Equinox 6 10/28/15 Advantages Economic enhanced productivity and material savings Improved Graphics Economics: Ink Inventory •  Reduce spot inventory (printer with 2000 spots in inventory). – This also reduces anilox inventory— spots often require higher volume to hit saturation Economics: Ink Consistency •  Move away from ink kitchen; more stability in color set 7 10/28/15 Economics: Standardization •  Same inks •  Same anilox rolls •  Same set-ups—stability through repetition Economics: Color Stability on Press Matthew Furr, Master’s Candidate: Studied impact of press variation (density, impression) on color stability Because adjacent color components are closer in hue angle in 7/c system, variation on press causes less variation in printed hue. 8 10/28/15 Economics: Ink Consumption Matthew Furr, Master’s Candidate: Also found that the required color builds for 600 Pantone colors had less Total Area Coverage (TAC) with 7/c process: • 18.8% lower TAC for 2/c builds • 12.2% lower TAC for 3/c builds Economics: Less Make Ready •  One set-up for all jobs – Not cleaning out ink stations between jobs – Not formulating inks – Not changing anilox rolls •  Just change plates! Economics: Ganging Jobs •  Combine 2 or more jobs for productivity and materials 9 10/28/15 the past One Product Per Press Run the future Multiple Products Per Press Run Ganging Jobs •  More productivity by reduced makeready —one set-up for several jobs, longer run •  Material savings – Only seven inks – One set of plates instead of several! 10 10/28/15 Enhanced Graphics •  Avoid ugly vignettes and traps between spot colors —where orange and purple transition there’s a brown phase. Enhanced Graphics—Vivid Color CMYK CMYKOGV Challenges: Screening 0 •  Screening and Moiré – Complementary 75 15 colors – Cyan and Orange – Magenta and Green – Yellow and Violet 15 75 – Violet moirés at 0˚, sometimes put at 45˚ ??? 11 10/28/15 Challenges: Screening Violet moirés at 0˚, sometimes put at 45˚ At 45˚, it’s the same angle as Black. Slight shifts in register cause color shifts Solution: Stochastic Stochastic has random dot patterns that eliminate moiré issues Most prefer to use only on violet, others looking into full stochastic Challenges: Registration Logos, reverse type (white type), all prone to soft edges due to misregistration. A single spot color provides sharp definition 12 10/28/15 Solution: Registration ECG does require tight registration; press must be able to meet demand. Challenges: Color Shifts on Brand Colors Easier to maintain a solid of spot color than a build of 2–3 process colors Slight variation in impression, viscosity, density causes color shift. Solution: Design for 7/c Change the Rules 13 10/28/15 The New Rules: Focus on Total Image Quality • Easy to Print CMYK + Spo• Easy to Print 7c Process • Hard to Print 7c Process• Hard to Print CMYK + Spot CMYK + 286 + 151 + 284 CMYKOGB ECG Today 14 10/28/15 Practical •  Must have registration capabilities •  Need extra decks to handle white, metallics, varnishes, other demand colors •  Need to be dedicated press; can’t “dabble” in ECG and make money. Modified process, or n-color •  n-color supplements or substitutes process colors with spot colors – CMYK + Spot – Spot replacing C, M, Y or K Reducing Print Stations •  Reducing colors adds flexibility –  If there are 3 demand colors and process images, and for the business press, n-color allows you to compete 15 10/28/15 Package Example The imagery in this package design could be reproduced adequately by using the Tiger Tea red brand color as magenta. This would reduce this job from 6 colors to 5. Modified Process •  Minimal variation on brand colors •  Reduce print stations (or work with limited stations) by replacing process color with spot •  Compromises the color gamut KCMY (pink) vs. PCOY (blue) PrintCon Bobst 160 16 10/28/15 SWOP CMYK CYOP SWOP CMYK CYOP RGB Red, green, black 17 10/28/15 n-color •  Modified process was accomplished largely through highly trained experts and significant trial-and-error •  n-color profiles offer color-managed workflows for up to 10 colors – Requires special characterization runs n-color without characterization •  ProfileMaker 5—Generic Output Profiles –  Proprietary (X-Rite), but ICC compliant –  Swap colors (LAB) with previous characterization •  One fingerprint, many profiles •  Different colors, different substrates Generic Output Profiles (GOP) •  Generic Output Profiles are custom profiles built from previous characterization data – Uses spectral reflectance and opacity data to remap profile with new ink color – They allow one to substitute colors in place of the colors used in the original characterization. 18 10/28/15 Thank You Liam O’Hara Dept. of Graphic Communications 19


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