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History Week 12 Notes

by: Meagan

History Week 12 Notes HIST 1020

Marketplace > Auburn University > History > HIST 1020 > History Week 12 Notes

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About this Document

These notes cover what will be on exam 4
World History 2
Tiffany Sippial
Class Notes
World History, history
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Meagan on Sunday April 17, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1020 at Auburn University taught by Tiffany Sippial in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see World History 2 in History at Auburn University.


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Date Created: 04/17/16
Holocaust/Genocide  Primo Levi (1919-1987) o From Italy o Talent = chemist which helped him survive o Resistance group  Justice and Liberty o Auschwitz liberated by Soviets o Survived with survival guilt  Planet Auschwitz o May 1940 – Polish Political Prisoners o Iconic entryway into camp that consisted of the main train tracks o Geometrical madness  Designed for a reason (organized)  Goods and exterminating  0 amounts of rubber was produced at Monowitz  Largest concentration camp in Europe  25 square mile complex  Designed for the extermination of 12,000+ Jews per day  Synthetic Rubber plant within complex (Monowitz)  Rudolph Hoss st  1 Commandment of Auschwitz (1940-1943)  Eventually writes an autobiography asking for forgiveness  Himmler is overseer of entire system o Promotes dehumanization  Camp Hierarchy o Commanding officer o SS o Prisoners  Kapos (criminals)  Sonderkommando (crematorium)  Use to break spirits, create distrust among the ranks, and ward off uprising possibility  Day in Life of SS officer o Karl Hocker’s photo album discovered in Frankfurt Germany in 2007 o Perspective from the members in the SS  Normal life with families despite the killings and horrid conditions a few feet sway  Sorting the Living and the Dead o Have quotas o Based on gender and physical appearance o Gas is used to kill rather than guns because it is cheaper an quicker o 30% sent to labor o 65% sent to gas chambers o 5% sent for medical experimentation  Zyklon B o Cyanide based colorless gas  In pellet form before it mixed with oxygen to activate it o Has a bitter almond smell o Caused dizziness, vomiting, and eventually death by asphyxiation  Arbeit Macht Frei: “Work Gives Freedom” o They saying above the entrance gate o The workers felt a sense of promise of freedom if they worked hard  Eventually realized that wasn’t true  The “Demolition of Man” o Created a new identity while stripping their spirit o Remove clothing o Shave body hair o Spray with disinfectant o Clogs/rags to wear o Tattooed (1941)  Originally placed on left breast  Slow and covered by clothing o The tringle on the clothing  Mark people as outsiders  Given identity from officer whether or not they were really what they felt  Red = Communist  Green = Criminal Mentally III  Purple = Jehovah’s Witness  Pink = Homosexual (males  Black = Anti social, gypsies, mentally III, lazy workers, lesbians  The Barracks o Designed to house 52 horses o Will house 2000 human beings instead o Extremely cramped and dirty  Dr. Josef Mengele : The Angel of Death o May 1943 o Had his own headquarters in Auschwitz o He wanted to understand the effects of  Hypothermia (Luftwaffe)  Malaria/smallpox/typhus  Mustard gas  Sea water  Sterilization o Trying to understand the limits of the human body through these experiments  Focused on the effects of pain  The “Saved” and “Drowned” o Drowned = people who give up, don’t fight o Saved = people who do things they wouldn’t normally do in the real world in order to survive o Lifespan: 6 months  Overwork  Starvation  Disease  Exposure o Methods of survival?  Gray zone of moral compromise which exists in the saved  New language of Auschwitz o Resettlement = deportation to camps o Selection = choosing who will die o Bath houses/shower = gas chambers o Disinfection = gassing to death o Hairdresser = head shaver o Executed = shot trying to escape o Tomorrow morning = never  Liberation of Auschwitz by USSR o 25 January 1945 o 1.5-2 million Jews killed o 7000 surviving prisoners  83% men  17% women  Nuremberg Trials (1945-1949) o Trials after WWII o Find random body parts of people and try to bury them to help them fully rest o The leaders were not brought to justice (Hitler, Himmler) o Everyone who is on trial SS or Riefenstahl said they didn’t have a choice


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