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ANTH 101 Week 14 Notes

by: Nichole Notetaker

ANTH 101 Week 14 Notes ANTH 101 (Anthropology Julie Jenkins)

Nichole Notetaker
GPA 3.86

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About this Document

These notes cover the movie we watched in class, Favela Rising, and the discussion we had over it and the assigned reading.
Intro to cultural anthropology
Dr. Julie Jenkins
Class Notes
ANTH, ANTH101, Anthropology, Anthropology101
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nichole Notetaker on Sunday April 17, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ANTH 101 (Anthropology Julie Jenkins) at Ball State University taught by Dr. Julie Jenkins in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see Intro to cultural anthropology in anthropology, evolution, sphr at Ball State University.

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Date Created: 04/17/16
4/12/16 Favela Rising (2009) ● Documentary centered on AfroReggae and the favela Vigario Geral in Rio de  Janerio ● The government ignores the slums ● Children idolize drug dealers­ not cops ○ Most cops are corrupt and work with the drug lords ● Drug lords make around $650 a week, whereas the average black man makes  around $13 a week ● A majority of the people in the favelas just want to live and work peacefully, but  they are stigmatized ● 4 police bandits (cops who participate in drug trafficking) were murdered by the  leader of Red Command (a drug group) ○ The military police, in response, invaded Vigario Geral and  murdered 21 innocent people ● The police are underpaid and undertrained ● AfroReggae gets people out of the srug life by teaching them to play percussion  instruments ○ They are well liked and respected by the people in the slums (in  some cases, they have even been thanked by drug lords) ● Fear controls the people in the favela 4/14/16 Discussion of Laughter Out of Place ● What happened to Pedro Paulo (Gloria’s son)? ○ Joined a gang because he didn’t want to work hard for a small  amount of money like the adults in his life do ■ He wasn’t moved by the example set by his elders ● Legitimacy = degradation ● Why did Gloria harshly punish her children? ○ She wants to keep them out of prison and keep them alive ● Gloria stopped physically disciplining her children because the drug lords  outlawed it ○ Drug lords provide the kind of legislative enforcement that  government usually provides ● Gangs are a parallel state ○ They provide protection from the police, other favelas, etc. ○ They also offer opportunities and money ● AfroReggae and groups like them could be seen as providing opportunity, or  could be seen as a threat to or competition for the gangs ● Favela gangs are seen as oppositional culture ○ Active gang members reject their position in the hierarchy ● In Brazil, education doesn’t necessarily increase your access to better  opportunities ● Connections to the gangs are important ○ Wearing nicer clothes acts as a symbol that you are under the  protection of a gang ■ The dirtier you appear, the more vulnerable you are ● Brazil’s Gini score in 2001 was 67.3 ○ Measures the amount of economic inequality ○ 0 = absolute equality, 100 = absolute inequality ● Laughter is how people in the slums cope with the horrors that surround them ● The upper and middle classes are merely spectators to the violence in the  favelas ○ All talk, no action ○ They use street violence to justify state violence


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