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Muscles of the head, neck, and trunk

by: Cierra Beyers

Muscles of the head, neck, and trunk ANAT-A215

Marketplace > Anatomy > ANAT-A215 > Muscles of the head neck and trunk
Cierra Beyers
GPA 4.05
Basic Human Anatomy
Steve Dougherty

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About this Document

Follows exactly along with the lecture outlines!
Basic Human Anatomy
Steve Dougherty
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cierra Beyers on Friday February 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANAT-A215 at a university taught by Steve Dougherty in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 179 views.

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Date Created: 02/13/15
Muscles of the Head Neck and Trunk Lecture MUSCLES OF FACIAL EXPRESSION Epicranius two muscles and an aponeurosis galea aponeurotica connective tissue sheet 0 Frontalis Elevates eyebrows and wrinkles forehead o Occipitali draws scalp backward Orbicularis Oculi closes eye wink Orbicularis Oris closes and puckers lips kiss Zygomaticus Major elevates corner of mouth smile Depressor Anguli Oris depresses corner of mouth frown Buccinator pulls cheeks against teeth when chewing Platysma tenses skin of neck and depresses lower lip MUSCLES OF MASTICATION chewing Masseter elevates mandible Temporalis elevates and retracts mandible Medial and lateral Pterygoids elevates mandible and moves mandible side to side MUSCLES OF THE TONGUE Genioglossus protracts protrudes sticking your tongue out and depresses tongue Styloglossus retracts and elevates tongue Hyoglossus depresses sides of tongue NECK MUSCLES 0 Lateral Neck Muscle o Sternocleidomastoid each rotates head to one side opposite side Left one pulls head to the right together ex the head and neck 0 Posterior Neck Muscle o Splenius Capitus each rotates head to one side same direction left one turns head to the left together extend the neckhead Anterior Neck Muscles o Suprahyoid muscles I Digastric elevates hyoid and depresses mandible I Stylohyoid elevates hyoid bone I Mylohyoid elevates hyoid and raises oor of mouth I Geniohyoid elevates hyoid bone o Infrahyoid muscles I Sternohyoid depresses hyoid I Omohyoid depresses hyoid I Sternothyoid depresses thyroid cartilage swallowing I Thyrohyoid depresses hyoid bone and raises thyroid cartilage BACK MUSCLES Superficial back muscles 0 These will be covered with the upper extremity Deep Back Muscles Muscles of the vertebral column 0 Quadratus Lumborum together extend lumbar vertebral column unilaterally each laterally exes vertebral column 0 Erector Spinae I Extends the vertebral column erect straight position I Consists of Iliocostalis most lateral Longissimus intermediate Spinalis most medial THORAX MUSCLES Superficial thorax muscles 0 Deep thorax muscles 0 Diaphragm contraction pulls the central portion down breathe in increasing vertical dimensions of thorax 0 External Intercostals elevate ribs during inhalation rib above to rib below Internal Intercostals depress ribs during exhalation Scalenes elevates ribs during inspiration ABDOMINAL MUSCLES As a group the compress the abdominal contents and ex the vertebral column 1 External abdominal oblique 2 Internal abdominal oblique 3 Transverse abdominis 4 Rectus abdominis MUSCLES OF THE PELVIC FLOOR AND PERINEUM Known as the pelvic diaphragmquot or urogenital diaphragm H H Closes inferior opening of pelvis Supports the pelvic organs Answer E


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