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by: Barbi Della Polla


Barbi Della Polla
GPA 3.4
Principles of Chemistry II
Vanessa Falcao

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About this Document

Principles of Chemistry II
Vanessa Falcao
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Barbi Della Polla on Friday February 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHM 112 at University of Miami taught by Vanessa Falcao in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see Principles of Chemistry II in Chemistry at University of Miami.

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Date Created: 02/13/15
Class 0202 Standard Conditions or state is the state of a material at a de ned set of conditions Gas pure gas at exactly 1 atm pressure Solid or liquid pure solid or liquid in its most stable form at exactly 1 atm pressure and usually 25 C Solution substance in a solution with concentration 1 M The third Law of Thermodynamics Absolute Entropy Absolute Entropy is the amount of energy it has due to dispersion of energy through its particles For a perfect crystal at absolute zero the absolute entropy 0 Jmol K Every substance that is not a perfect crystal at absolute zero has some energy from entropy The absolute entropy of substances is always positive Standard Absolute Entropy SO Extensive Entropies for 1 moles of a substance at 298 K for a particular state a particular allotrope a particular molecular complexity a particular molar mass a particular degree of dissolution TABLE 172 Standard Molar Entropy Values 5 for Selected Substances at 298 K Substance 5 Jmoll K Sulbstalnce 5 Jrmol K Substance S Jnimol K Gases Liquids Sclllidls lelg 1307 H200 700 Mg0s 270 Arg 1548 CH30HU 12 68 Eels 2 73 CHl1 g 1863 BM 1522 L ils 291 Hl20g 1888 CBHBU 1734 Cus 332 Ngllg 1916 Nels NH3g 19218 Ks 647 F2 g 2028 NaClls 72 1 02g 2052 Ca603s 917 Cl2 g 2231 FeCll3s 1423 0214409 2193 Relative Standard Entropies Class 0202 1 States 0 The gas state has larger entropy than the liquid state at a particular temperature 0 The liquid state has larger entropy than the solid state ant a particular temperature 2 Molar Mass 0 Larger the molar mass the larger the entropy Available energy states are more closely spaced allowing more dispersal of energy through the states 3 Allotropes The less constrained the structure of an allotrope is the larger the entropy The fact that the layers in graphite are not bonded together makes it less constrained 4 Molecular Complexity 0 Larger more complex molecules generally have larger entropy More energy states are available allowing more dispersal of energy through the sates Greater energy dispersal results in greater entropy 5 Dissolution Dissolved solids generally have larger entropy distributing particles throughout the mixture The Standard Entropy Change AS o Is the difference in absolute entropy between the reactants and products under standard conditions A Ssvs A ern S products 39


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