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Week 1 Notes

by: Katelyn Paccione

Week 1 Notes SOC 350

Katelyn Paccione
GPA 3.2
Social Psychology of Marriage
Dan Weiss

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About this Document

Sociology of the Family
Social Psychology of Marriage
Dan Weiss
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katelyn Paccione on Saturday February 14, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 350 at Purdue University taught by Dan Weiss in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 97 views. For similar materials see Social Psychology of Marriage in Sociology at Purdue University.

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Date Created: 02/14/15
Chapter 1 Sociology of the Family Genealogy A study of our origins ancestry family history De ning families 0 Groups of related people bound by connections that are biological legal or emotional lmplies a strong level of caring 0 Personal Family 0 The people whom we feel related to and who we expect to de ne us as members of their family as well 0 Legal Family 0 A group of individuals related by birth marriage or adoption 0 This is the government s de nition of family 0 Family as an Institutional Arena 0 A social space in which relations between people in common positions are governed by accepted rules of interaction 0 Examples your relationship varies between your parents and your siblings it also varies within being a sibling being the oldest versus being the youngest As we grow old we too will become parents and our parents will become grandparents and our sibling will become auntsuncles 0 Family Arena Institution where people practice intimacy childbearing and socialization 0 State The institutional arena where through political means behavior is legally regulated violence is controlled and resources are redistributed 0 Market The institutional arena where labor for pay economic exchange and wealth accumulation take place Daycare The market makes it available or not available Marriage Licensees The law and regulations of the state decide you can and cannot marry Welfare Developed by all three arenas US Census oA periodic count of people in a population and their characteristics usually performed as an of cial government function oLegal reason we do the census political representation oHousehold o A group of people that lives and eats separately from other groups oWhat is a census family 0 Must live within one speci c house oThe reason for a household count is so no one is double counted The Family in Sociolodical Theorv oBroad perspectives o Consensus Projects an image of society as the collective expression of shared norms and values Breadwinner homemaker family an employed father a nonemployed mother and their children o Con ict The view that opposition and con ict de ne a given society and are necessary for social evolution oContemporary theories o Feminism The process by which individuals internalize elements of the social structure in their own personalities o Exchange lndividuas or groups with different resources strengths and weaknesses enter into mutual relationships to maximize their own gains oSymbolic interactionism Concerned with the ability of humans to see themselves through the eyes of others and to enact social roles based on others expectations 0 Modernity Historical emergence of the individual as an actor in society and how individuality changed personal and institutional relations Persona choice taste style Famiy wage the amount necessary for a male earner to provide subsistence for his wife and children without having them work for pay o Demography and the Life Course Demographic perspective Study of how family behavior and household structures contribute to larger population processes Life course perspective oStudy of how family trajectories of individuals and groups as they progress through their lives in social and historical context These perspectives look at a Cohort A group of people who experience an event together at the same point 0 Examples millennial generation and baby boom generation Studying Families 0 Bias 0 The tendency to impose previously held views on the collection and interpretation of facts 0 Sample surveys o Identical questions are asked of many different people and their answers are gathered into a large data le 0 Longitudinal surveys 0 Same people are interviewed repeatedly over a longer period of time o lndepth interviews 0 Observations Time use studies 0 Surveys that collect data on how people spend their time during a sample period such as a day or week


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