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Music 262 Week 5 notes

by: Sydney Furth

Music 262 Week 5 notes Music 262

Marketplace > Washington State University > Music 262 > Music 262 Week 5 notes
Sydney Furth
GPA 3.8
Music 262 Rock Music: History and Social Analysis
Brian Carter

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About this Document

Notes off of week 5 of class. Enjoy!
Music 262 Rock Music: History and Social Analysis
Brian Carter
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sydney Furth on Saturday February 14, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Music 262 at Washington State University taught by Brian Carter in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 83 views.


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Date Created: 02/14/15
Music 262 Week 5 Lecture Notes Phil SpectorSpector Records Made the grandest pop records of all Little symphonies for kids Rocks first self conscious foray into the realm of art Invented the role of the modern producer From knob turnercontractor to artistic director First producer to become a star in his own right GroupsSingers were secondary in Spector s Studio Atrue eccentric First Tycoon of Teen The wall of sound Use of many instruments Sessions could use up to 6 guitars 3 pianos 2 basses brass and wind Percussion Tambourines castanets bells marimbas etc Anyone around may have ended up in the recording Large list of studio musicians were used became known as the Wrecking Crew The Ronettes Inspired Spector s best work GoGo girls in New York s Peppermint Lounge Sisters Ronnie and Estelle Bennett with cousin Nedra Talley Became the Badgirls of pop Ronnie had a voice like Frankie Lymon Spector married Ronnie Bennett The Righteous Brothers Spector s last great success The Beatles arrival and decline of girl groups Needed something different Soulful duo Bill Medley Ray Charles style voice rich baritone Bobby Hatfield used a wailing falsetto RB and the Push Toward Soul Rock and Roll was another name for RB RB itself was changing Artists tailored music to fit the trend Doowop was the most successful market Chuck Berry Fats Domino Little Richard are the only 3 to gain mass appeal Black performers kept RB in the pop market during the 50 s Atlantic Records Premier RB label of the 1950 s Continued it preeminence in 1960 s with soul music Excellent NY session players Paid performers fairly Top quality recordings Polished sound The soul pioneers Key element of soul The influence of gospel music Emotional intensity from gospel tradition R Blended with the influence of dance grooves Soul mirrored the growing civil rights movement in America 4 leading soul pioneers Ray Charles Same Cooke Jackie Wilson and James Brown ay Charles Not really RR music Had an impact on pop music Charted every decade since the 1950 s Rise in popularity coincided with the rise of RR Singer songwriter arranger pianist and bandleader Drew from the entire spectrum of music Right Reverend Ray Charles Major influence on singers and pianists Church based music Influenced Arethra Franklin and James Brown lgnited RB with the impassioned testifying a southern Holy Roller revival meeting Sam Cooke Known as the graceful voice in soul music Very different from Ray Charles Important to the development of soul music Gifted singersongwritersuccessful business man Wrote many songs he recorded Became a matinee idol Sexiest man in gospel Voice is more floating quality compared to Charles Shot to death in December 1964 Peak of his career Major influence to many Marion Gage Ottis Redding Smokey Robbinson Steve Perry and others Brought his melodic style of gospel to pop songs with graceful ease Jackie Wilson Enormous range and sheer power Great instrument of RR Sweeping registar leaps rich vibrato falsetto breaks were his trademark One of the most misdirected in the business Energetic and agile showman Backflips cartwheels moonwalks handstands while singing It was better to SEE Wilson in concert 1st minor hit was Reet Petite Written by Barry Gordy old friend from boxing days Used all styles of gospel singing to fuel his spectacular vocal gymnastics Wilson s Tragic End 2 sons gunned down in Detroit Shot and nearly killed by a crazed fan Collapsed on stage during 1975 concert Lapsed into a coma and remained in hospital with little help In and out of coma for 9 years Died in 1984 Money raised to put headstone on his grave in 1987 James Brown Early music from gospel Paved the way for others such as Otis Redding Wilson Pickett Sly and the Family Stone Like Ray Charles brought the church to the music but on a more frantic level Became known as the HardestWorking man in show business Also became known as the Godfather of soul 60 Harsh voice one of the hardest in RB Unique sound Groove referred to as The One Never had a 1 on the pop charts Had 17 1 s on RB charts Was overshadowed by British Invasion from a pop chart standpoint 5 Soul Artists of Memphis Otis Redding Wilson Pickett and Solomon Burke Solomon Burke Never made a major impact on the pop audience Established career with country tune Just out of Reach Of My Two Empty Arms Brought a country influence into RB Important influence on Rolling Stones Had a smooth lush voice with passion and power Burke never celebrated a number 1 hit on the pop charts but enjoyed many hits on the RB chans Wilson Pickett More volatile singer than Burke Known as the Wicked Pickett Atlantic s best selling southern soul performer Much emotion in the music and viscerally exciting In the Midnight Hour One of the most successful songs of the soul era Lasted 23 weeks on RB charts and 12 weeks on pop charts Instrumental SoulMemphis 0t Atlantic Records merged with Stax Records Resulted in a group of top level studio session players Formed Booker T and the MG s Became the backup musicians for many of the Atlantic recording artists Produced some big instrumental hits in the 60 s green onions Featured in the Blues Brothers film is Redding Influenced by early Little Richard Communicated with the audience Skillful at delivering ballads with passion Earned a reputation as leading performer of soul ballads These Arms of Mine launched him as a solo artist Uptempo numbers scored in the pop market SatisfactionShakeI can t turn you loos Financially unstable and extremely popular in black circuit His performance at Monterey Pop Festival gave him a wider audience His rise cut short when he died in a plane crash in December 1967 Sittin on the Dock of the Bay was released after he died was his biggest hit


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