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Understanding Architecture Week 12 notes

by: Layne Henwood

Understanding Architecture Week 12 notes 10001

Marketplace > Kent State University > Architecture > 10001 > Understanding Architecture Week 12 notes
Layne Henwood
GPA 3.4

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About this Document

Notes from week 12- going over different architects
David Hughes (P)
Class Notes
understanding, Architecture
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Layne Henwood on Monday April 18, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 10001 at Kent State University taught by David Hughes (P) in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see UNDERSTANDING ARCHITECTURE in Architecture at Kent State University.


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Date Created: 04/18/16
Architects Jefferson  European influence  One of the highest IQ's ever recorded  Book read architect o No schools, just studied a lot  Monticello o His home, lived there o Wanted Greek and Roman influences  Architecture is a symbol of the new republic Louis Sullivan  Known for "form follows function" o If you have a perfect form beauty will follow naturally  Tried to free himself of patterns of the past  Known for American high rise building o Influenced by steel frame and invention of elevator  Started own style of architecture o reminder of nature o Natural ornament o Unique and original o Often had 3 zones  Base, middle, top  Used this idea for high rises  His buildings o Carson Pirie Scoot Department store o Wainright Building  Frank Lloyd Wright worked for him o Influenced him and his connection to nature Frank Lloyd Wright  Most famous American architect o Called the master builder  Prairie style creator o Precursor to ranch style homes  Moving to communicate and mix with nature more readily  Not all buildings are the same o Very unique and different  Not very tall and often had short doorways and created an encompassing feeling  Connected interior space with outside space o Used overhangs to create open outdoor space  His buildings o Robie House- prairie style o Falling Water- 1936  Very ahead of his time o Guggenheim Museum Walter Gropius  His buildings o Bauhaus- mid to late 30's o Pan Am Building  Believed in factory aesthetic o Age of the machine o "machine as a modern medium of design"  Known for international style (Big 3)  Dean of Harvard's architectural school of design o Went to most prestigious architecture school in the nation Mies Van De Rohe  International style (Big 3) o Did not respond to the environment o Sculpture to live in  Grid is associated with him o Floorplan is a grid o In elevation  Clear, clean logic o Whatever that means  "Less is more" o Pretty literal o The less ornament, decoration, etc. the better o No historic references o People still believe this o Hard to maintain and build  "God is in the detail" o There is no detail though o The details are very very minimal o The details that are there have to be absolutely perfect  His buildings o Farnsworth House o Lake Shore Drive Apartments Le Corbusier (Corbu)  International style (Big 3) o All lived and died around similar times  "A house is a machine for living in"  Molded form  Building were usually black, white or gray o Didn’t want reference to color that give a perception  His buildings o Notre Dame Cathedral at Ronchamp  One of the most famous buildings in architectural history  Voided of classical detail and all religion o Villa Savoye Louis Kahn  Very metaphysical o "what does a brick want to be" o An arch because it is the most elegant thing it can be in his mind  Really cares about light o How light plays a role in the building o How light hits the building and the shadows it casts  "light is the beam"  "All materials in nature are made of light which has been spent"  From mostly follows brutalism  Wanted to understand the complex laws of nature Robert Venturi  Still alive ayyy o "he's an old sucker"  Major contributor to post modernism o Brutalism and international style combined  Complexity and contradiction o Thesis from Yale o Became a book o International style has no complexity or contradiction  Makes it boring  Arch says entrance o Contradiction  Layers and levels  His buildings o Mother's House  Big blue square looking building o National Gallery, London, England Frank Gehry  Most famous current architect  Deconstructivism style o Not literally taking apart buildings o Conceptually taking them apart  Sculptural form  Looking for tension and anxiety on purpose o Wants to make people uncomfortable o Says tension creates vitality  His building o Weisman Museum of Art o Bilbao Museum  400 thousand more people per year visiting the city due to this building o Weatherhead School Case Western William McDonough  Sustainable design o Fully immersed himself o Father of sustainable design  Cradle to Cradle design o Whatever is on Earth comes back to Earth o Nothing just disappears o How can we reuse things that are already here to continue their life  His buildings o Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies (Oberlin College) o Method Manufacturing Facility: The South Side Soapbox (Chicago, Illinois) "Duck": literal interpretation on a building, not a literal duck


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