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guest lecture

by: Dani

guest lecture WFS 462

Penn State
GPA 3.3

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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dani on Sunday February 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to WFS 462 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Avery in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 107 views. For similar materials see Herpetology in Wildlife Studies at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 02/15/15
G U EST LECTU RE 0 The ecological effects of prescribed fire on the Black Racer 0 Prescribed fire 0 Planned controlled manmade fire with specific forestmanagement goals I Reduce fuel loads I Increase regeneration I Improve wildlife habitat 0 Determining if fire is good or bad for reptiles I Measure differences in abundance I PROBLEM inconsistencies in data 0 Suggested that snakes aren t responding to the fire itself but instead responding to the postfire habitatlandscape I Each burn is unique 0 Climate topography habitat type season of burn etc 0 Cannot make accurate assumptions about effect on snakes from abundance o Ecological effects on Black racer o Abundance I Capture animal I Markrecapture o Snakes clip scales that have been assigned a numerical value 0 Individual identification 0 Pittags implanted under skin 0 Scan with scanner once recaptured o LincolnPeterson model to estimate population sizes 0 N MnR I N total individuals in population I M marked individuals prior to sample I n number of individuals captured in one sample I R recaptured individuals I Lack of recapture only Perceived abundance 0 Movement rates highly affect abundance measurements 0 Effects on habitat and use of habitat I What characteristics of habitat are important for snakes o Canopy cover 0 Distance to overstory trees and understory trees 0 Leaf litter depth 0 Percent leaf litter grass forbs woody coarse wood debris rock and bare ground prey resource abundance I Measure same variables at location of the snake radio telemetry 0 Located every 24 days 0 Measured habitat use body temperature Tb and behavior I Prescribed burning created habitat preferred by black racer O O o Vegetative growth may be associated with increase in prey abundances o Canopy cover may be associated with increased thermoregulatory opportunities Thermal habitat and thermoregulation I MOST IMPORTANT VARIABLE I Balancing heat gain and lost 0 Gain solar radiating off other structuresanimals conduction 0 Lost radiating out conduction evaporating I Importance of thermoregulation o TprefTset preferred or Topt optimal versus Te 0 Tset 275304 degrees Celsius o Operative temperatures Te 0 Controls physiology and behavior 0 Highly dependent on environment constrains animal 0 CTmaX and CTmin I CT critical thermal I Testing thermal performance 0 Body temperature did not vary much within burn site versus control I Sprintcrawling speed I Effectiveness of temperature regulation E o E 1 9 thermoregulatory o E 0 9 thermoconformer Energetic Expenditures I Measured C02 and H20 turnover using Doubly Labeled Water 0 Labeled H and O isotopes I Increased water influx and energy expenditure in burn sites but no change in mass 0 Possibly taking in more food insects in burn sites 0 CONCLUSION ABOUT PRESCRIBED FIRES BLACK RACER 00000 O Appeared to increase abundance More favorable structured habitat Thermal quality poorer Increased activity and attention to thermoregulation Increased energy expenditure Higher mortality Body mass similar in both sites 0 BROADER APPLICATIONS 0 Must go beyond abundance counts and consider long term ecological effects 21215 0 Evolutionary traps o Maladaptation resource that an organism finds equally or more attractive than normal resources even though there may be a reduced fitness value I Mismatch between behavior and goal


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