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COM 201 Week 6 Lecture

by: Annika Curren

COM 201 Week 6 Lecture COM 201

Annika Curren
GPA 3.4
Introduction to Communication I
Randal Beam

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About this Document

COM 201 Week 6 Lecture Notes (2 days of class) with Randal Beam.
Introduction to Communication I
Randal Beam
Class Notes
COM 201, Randy Beam, Introduction to Communications
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Annika Curren on Sunday February 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COM 201 at University of Washington taught by Randal Beam in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 54 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Communication I in Communication Studies at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 02/15/15
COM 201 B Week6 210 A press release is an example of what type of in uence 9Extramedia in uence Because people in PR industry are trying to shape the industry What do a front group and a 3rd party advocate have in common Both conceal true identity secretive Libel form of defamation Publication broadcast of any statement that injures someone s reputation Applies to people AND to organizations Common defenses for libel Truth provable Qualified privilege Fair comment statement of opinion okay Commercial logic of primetime TV q1 q5 on Week 6 SG High audience ratings desirable audience demographics strong advertising sales high profits Dualproduct market 0 Market 1 market for viewers providing them programming 0 Market 2 market for advertisers selling ads for show to advertisers Nielsen TV Ratings What s Nielsen Multibillion dollar business that gathers audience data for broadcast and cable TV along with books radio social media video games etc o Directly and indirectly in uence advertisers and what is on TV What are ratings 0 Estimates of size characteristics of audience I Gender Race Age Education Income Lifestyle characteristics I Usually only for 1849 years old 0 Ratings percentage of houses w TV where tuned into show 0 SHARE percentage of houses that have TV where TV is 4 ways ratings gathered o In home box that users control 0 TV box that turns on when TV is on o Sends out diaries for people to fill out o A hybrid system that also taps into the internet social media quotSweepsquot 0 When diaries are sent out 0 February is a sweep month which is why stations are producing more content currently COM 201 B Week6 How Nielsen data are used Main uses for TV content makers To see what audience they are attracting use it to get target audience Main uses for TV content distributors qS 9CPM cost per thousand Use ratings to figure out what should charge for ad Use ratings to decide which shows canceled Main use for advertisers Which shows to advertise which products How do Ad Firms make money Get money from clients by charging for services How do content distributors TV stations networks make money Collect all money from advertising 0 EX Super Bowl commercials How do content makers make money Through licensing right to broadcast show Almost never able to make enough to cover the cost of the show 212 Review from last lecture What does a rating of 127 mean 127 of the US households with TV tuned to Grammys How do advertisers use ratings To help pick which shows to advertise on How do distributors use ratings To determine which shows cancelled and what to charge for ads Who gets the money paid to show an ad on the ABC TV network The ABC TV network 5 Criticisms of Nielsen ratings 1 Unrepresentative sample bias occurs 0 Tends to represent older viewers 0 Don t accurately re ect characteristics of entire population 2 Doesn t measure out of household viewing 0 EX TV watching in bars 3 Doesn t measure online viewing very well 4 Doesn t accurately measure viewing behaviors its intended to 0 Diary isn t accurate b c recall can be skewed o Inconvenient ex If only watch 5 minutes don t want to turn on 5 Social desirability bias 0 Changing your behavior b c you want your shows to seem more acceptable for viewing COM 201 B Week6 How TV industry reduces uncertainty Do you fit neatly into a genre Does what you propose seem familiar Spinoff Defined audience with defined ad base Stars in your program Ancillary income sources 0 Music toys The longer the show runs 4 years big profits are made 80 episodes Formulaic derivative shows What will appeal is uncertain Failure rate is high Making TV is expensive Safe familiar unimaginative EX American Idol 9 The Voice Quiz Review Review these parts of Madison amp Vine reading Power shift Push model pull model 0 Push when you can t control viewingcan t record shows 0 Pull let s you skip ads when record shows I Advertiser is trying to pull you into ads Product placementbrand integration Branded entertainment Super Bowl is an anomaly b c diverse group of people as audience Normally advertisers look for specific demographics National consumer goods ads Super Bowl ads More subtle way to sell VS PriceandItem Telling about product and price TV Studio s role in production Place to create it Money to produce it Distributor to show it Spinoff A new show based on an old show COM 201 B Week6 NCIS 9NCIS LA


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