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Notes from 2/10 and 2/12

by: Thomas Michael

Notes from 2/10 and 2/12 HIST0187

Marketplace > Art > HIST0187 > Notes from 2 10 and 2 12
Thomas Michael

GPA 2.9
World War II in Europe
Leslie Hammond

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About this Document

These are the lecture notes from February 10 and 12. I thought these uploaded on Friday but apparently they didn't. Apologies on the formatting but I didn't type these notes on Microsoft Word
World War II in Europe
Leslie Hammond
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Thomas Michael on Sunday February 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST0187 at a university taught by Leslie Hammond in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 195 views.


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Date Created: 02/15/15
210 Germany entered League of Nations 1926 won Nobel Peace Prize for it Hitler removed 7 years later Hitler set up Nazi parties in other nations received lots of support from Berlin Austria Sudetenland Danzig helped Germany expand into Austria and Czechoslovakia Poland lost faith that West would defend them entered nonaggression pact with Germany threatened Soviet Union entered League of Nations in 1934 worried about German aggression make relationship with Czechoslovakia and France Hitler and Mussolini not on good terms Hitler had strong hand in assassination of Austrian leader Dolfuss further undermined their relationship Hitler announced he was rebuilding air force and military justi es using western terms quotselfdetermination of nationsquot blatant violation of terms of Treaty of Versailles Why doesn t the west take action instead appeasement don t want another war hesitate to enforce terms of treaty serious questions about treaty many thought it was unfair fear of Communism Stresa front April 1935 Italy France Great Britain Mutual Assistance Pact May 1935 Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia Naval Agreement June 1935 Great Britain and Germany German navy allowed to rebuild to strength of 35 of Royal Navy 45 of strength of submarines if Soviet Union emerges as a threat Germany is allowed to build to full strength France joins Mutual Assistance pact as a result October 1935 Mussolini rebuilding quotRoman Empirequot Italy invades Ethiopia Great Britain appalled threatened to take to the League of Nations could only threaten sanctions threatened to bomb British eet in Mediterranean if sanctions Nail in the coffin of the League of Nations Stresa front is dead turning point between two Fascist powers Germany supported Italy s ambitions Hitler moved his troops into the Rheinland supposed to be a demilitarized zone violation of Treaty of Versailles gets rid of buffer zone between Germany and France France builds Maginot Line Spanish Civil War 193639 Economic and political crisis in 1921 Crisis in Morocco Split in army Francisco Franco Fascist Mixed sides Republicans vs Fascists Stalin aided Republicans afraid of Fascist threat no one else would help the Republicans Mussolini sent thousands of soldiers Hitler sent less help wanted to prolong the war to keep focus off him international sides Communists sending aid grew from 40k to 250k sent 5th column Hitler waited until middle of the war to aid Franco s men asked him for help sent Condor Legion Junker airplanes test run for technologies in WWII Nov 1936 quotRomeBerlin Axisquot Axis world would revolve around the axis of Rome and Berlin quotPact of Steelquot May 1939 AntiComintern Germany Italy and Japan Franco wins Spanish Civil War sent aid to Fascists organized spy network against allies stayed in power until 1978 Fascism still regarded as bulwark against Communism Austria Nazi party illegal not sympathetic to uni cation with Germany Schuschnigg wanted a plebiscite Hitler demands his resignation Seysslnquart put in power paved way for Anschluss west did nothing Fall 1938 moved to take over Czechoslovakia Sudetenland 3 million Germans Hitler made same argument as for Austria 4x6 notecard both sides for exam 212 Increasing tensions Mussolini originally didn t like German annexation of Austria changed when they became friends Czechoslovakia drawn by Woodrow Wilson quotselfdetermination of nationsquot drawn to include two major ethnicities Czechs and Slovaks also lots of Germans 3 million mostly in Sudetenland area Sudeten German party driven by Nazi structure and ideology Konrad Henlein agitated ethnic turmoil created as much publicity incidents of antiGerman violence publicized Hitler used as an excuse for intervention argued they should be ruled by Berlin Germans wanted them to hand over the Sudetenland refused thought they had a chance bc they would be backed up by France and Soviet Union Mutual Assistance Pact looked like Europe was about to go to war desperately wanted to avoid Munich conference September 1938 Neville Chamberlain ceded it to Germany Germany took over rest of Czechoslovakia War looks inevitable at this point Stalin upset that the West had kept him out understood he needed an alliance with Germany installed Molotov as his foreign minister practical military reasoning reasoned that Hitler would not want a 2 front war would want to make peace with Soviet Union Poland Hitler stirred up trouble in Danzig Gdansk East Prussia blocked from Germany by Polish corridor not officially politically Germany international city governed by League of Nations lots of Germans but also lots of Poles Nazi Party being manipulated from Berlin lead by Albert Forster told to instigate tensions between German and Polish officials Polish in charge of customs threatened to cut off import of foodstuffs Hitler argued danger to Germans Hitler needed to slow it down before he signed pact with Soviet Union called in League of Nations representative Burkhart trying to buy time for Molotov and Ribbentrop to sign a treaty Burkhart reported to Britain and France Ribbentrop told Mussolini to prepare for war NaziSoviet Pact August 23 1939 On the surface 10year nonaggression pact promised neutrality if either country went to war with a third party secret parts Soviet Union promised return of land from Treaty of BrestLitovsk divided up Poland Everything set for war Operation Canned Meat Heydrich planted dead bodies in Polish uniforms stage an attack by Poland on Germany activated battleship in port of Danzig SchleswigHolstein September 1 1939 Hitler declared war on Poland Mussolini wanted negotiations with the West like Czechoslovakia Lebensraum Living space for ethnically German people Blood and Soil September 3 1939 Britain and France declared war on Germany Germany has rebuilt their army more people annexation of Austria and Sudetenland more industry Skoda works in Czechoslovakia still not completely on its feet ready for war generals not thrilled with war elded 1500 tanks and 1250 planes 1 million men ready to go to war enough to beat Poland but not France and Britain Poland not very militarized War with Poland heroic efforts by Poland but an easy victory for Germany and Soviet Union 90000 of Polish army escaped south came back to ght elsewhere Polish Home Army ended on September 28 Germany and Soviet Union partitioned Poland Hitler accomplished what we wanted and asked for peace France and Britain refused


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