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Week 6 Thursday notes

by: Dianna Montzka

Week 6 Thursday notes PPPM 280

Marketplace > PPPM 280 > Week 6 Thursday notes
Dianna Montzka
GPA 3.8
Intro to the Nonprofit Sector
Dr. Mason

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About this Document

tuesday of week 6 we had a midterm, thursday of week 6 we discussed volunteer and paid labor
Intro to the Nonprofit Sector
Dr. Mason
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dianna Montzka on Sunday February 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PPPM 280 at a university taught by Dr. Mason in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 208 views.


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Date Created: 02/15/15
Week 6 Feb 12th 2015 Volunteer and Paid Labor working for the nonprofit sector volunteering in the nonprofit sector working with volunteers in 2010 nonprofits employed 10 of the workforce 92 national wages grew 18 faster than the overall economy forprofit and private sector in oregon 166000 nonprofitjobs largely health workers job pay is actually more industry orjob specific not sector specific wage can be even more than average even if it is in the nonprofit sector however most nonprofits are run by volunteers with 71 of NPO run with a budget under 100000 3 elements of Volunteering all of these are not always true may be required at school to volunteer a certain of hours 1 Not undertaken for financial gain 2 Undertaken under ones own free will 3 It benefits both a third party as well as the volunteer women tend to volunteer slightly more than men 3544 year olds are most likely 2024 year olds have the lowest rate of volunteering whites volunteer 271 african americans volunteer 185 Asians volunteer 19 Hispanics volunteer 155 most volunteering happens at a place of worshipreigious organization volunteering time is not accounted into GDP workforceemployment numbers and it makes up a huge part it is a large value that is not accounted for underestimated and undervalued vounteering is considered both work and leisure Why do people volunteer to benefit their community Family values Feels good Learn new skills build resume Build social professional network Beliefs Values Altruistic reasons slides compassion solidarity with the poor identification with those who are suffering provide hope and dignity to the disabled Instrumental Reasons something to do in spare time gain new experiences or skills to meet people personal satisfaction Obligation moral or religious duty repayment of a debt to society political duty to bring about change contribution to local community investment Must Measure the value to the volunteer as well as the value to the organization have to value the Opportunity cost vounteer s opportunity cost is the cost to volunteering rather than working what would they get for an hour of pay vs volunteering Replacement cost cost to organization of hiring an employee to the same work as a volunteer more straightfonNard as long as there is a market value but volunteer skills may not match paidstaff skills Organizational value how are these efforts valued by the organization itself seeing all these factors from a managerial perspective is very complex to fulfil everyone39s need every volunteer may be coming with different expectations or fulfilments they are looking for so how do you set up a volunteer platform that can please the most people in their goalsmatching needs to volunteerjobs is important to keep volunteers International Volunteering 1 Local volunteering wide differences between and among cultures in volunteering activity different cultural expectations of volunteering some countries volunteer more than others gt high volunteer rates Austria Netherlands Finland Sweden Germany UK gt low volunteer rates Bulgaria Greece Italy Lithuania 2 VolunTourism Western citizens travelling abroad to serve as a volunteer Many paid companies will take your money to provide you an international travel and volunteering experience Churches often adopt a community abroad Where do you draw the line between good and bad vountourism there is a threshold where people may be more of less detrimental to the community they are voluntouring for may be many unintended consequences of voluntourism NYT video why go out of the country to volunteer for others when there is help needed locaHy Faux heroism of going into someone elses country and community to help them the volunteerers are the ones who are benefitting more than those who they are serving going abroad only ignores and gives less volunteering to issues at home Voluntourism who benefits possibly the volunteer more than those who they are serving there may be benefits to people on both sides but there is also damage damage in more places and against more people in the majority of the cases white savior complex whites saving themselves rather than those they are serving high level of ignorance in americans and what they think about who needs help what are the most impoverished countries etc Opportunities for cross cultural learning Notes are taken from lectures by Professor Dyana Mason Some sentences are copied directly from lecture slides available on Blackboard Further analysis of lecture materials are of my own thoughts and considerations and include what is discussed by the class


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