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Chapters 13 & 14 Notes-Psychological Disorders

by: Tori Timmons

Chapters 13 & 14 Notes-Psychological Disorders

Marketplace > University of Washington > Psychlogy > Chapters 13 14 Notes Psychological Disorders
Tori Timmons

Dr. Ann Voorhies

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About this Document

Chapters 13 & 14 Notes-Psychological Disorders. Includes notes about types of disorders, classification of disorders and treatment.
Dr. Ann Voorhies
psych, Psychology, notes, disorders, treatment
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This 10 page Reader was uploaded by Tori Timmons on Saturday April 12, 2014. The Reader belongs to a course at University of Washington taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 329 views.


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Date Created: 04/12/14
Psychological Disorders Definition diagnosis and ltreatment In 1222013 Medical model of disease Psychological disorders have causes symptoms and treatments gr Biopsychosdcizal model of psychoogica disorders Considers lbiolloygicali psyclhological and sociocultural iinflulerices I numnlcg wpLw3oa3 arAu6rr Understanding psychological disorders ZOO Ham 3 age our View 047 Piyzah eA Kslmrlea mmng ah WNdquS l39lee OlrQ2v o vseosei Aiiaowuxvs dll139w39393 1222013 Issues with psychological diagnoses May refiect sociai political and financial interests aunt i T J Ufv E W Dangers of labeling A i rztisrsoig quot s i E nA wvse M Palina0751 3 ed 5 quot quotquot quotquot E i i T i 39 T T 39 Creation of new diiisordiers 0 I 1 U a A inappropriate diagnoses Z T T i W I 3 swri cuahgktv be 0 SwkvivvcV32 in edit 39 l39 gig 0 Sb2Jr39eaS Recogniizied diagnoses vary with time C WAN GWL39 lSDC B4 39 5 ii O 3 C 9039 69 Anxiety disorders foe irouwc Cquotquotquot39gt0quotquotgt O Characteriiized by feelings of iaprprrehernsiiion and anxiety r 39 Generalized anxiety disorder quot rT i L Phobicidisorrders 1 r xulaugnns391 39 i Eff PM Panic disorder i 1 39 Obsessiivecornrpulsive disorder ii S39al hob39 7 42 SF 9 r 3cc4ed oquotquot39u4r 39 btu havs 3979V quot quotquotquot3 I Rquotquotquotquot S5 It i Siaecitic phobiiasfQa5A av p i m P P g ACrI39DJhUbEI Iaustropiwqbiaitiemophutii pyrciphobi rIskadekaptio laOphldlCiphCIbB I T T quot ia nyctophobIaaichm0phobI 03uirophot ruhoph bia L pM mp Lg C 7 bid 5W 13 C0S 6 s t A E d T 1 kin Cu Wns vs Generalized Anxiety disorder Symptoms Disruptive feelings of uniccmtiroiiiable fearanxiety Source of anxiety is unidentified Autonomic amussai mbS otbt 6 4 Prevalence women tl1avt ampev 1 dteucauatcel C0S1S 179 0 g AWWC general cs quotEvafpruhausrwxanuil A 1222013 39 s A lot 1 Phobic disorders o h aawm 0 Persistent and irrational fears i A A W ilttU 1 k9quot 39 is Calif 1 i 7 up HIL av o N quotW gm b ai Places ov s39r3vrv4a39a s e5 i 5 quotquot quot l 39 quot quotquot M G A oLUUvowi arousal Msam Qwu P Cow E atquotc vidw If 06 Treatment for anxiety disorders Biological me Cy g Q4 ow5 Antianxiety drugs K New1 T Antidepressant drugs x 39 iVl YU5Q r 0 Cognitivebehavior therarlv j2 J ex IA k 1 Gyms ad choc rsnal iataI5 5 1 b2 W r MW Pairtgr awayu e34meo amp re b 4 t LV quot JJ j p cmamp 39139 Cognitive Behavioral Systematic desensitizatiok Exposure therapy Coybiimuwiexpdzm Z M1 exeutwoi A 3ramJlM q Muh we egt1aos 5 anxidj frmbir lj gemilus V 1222013 h m sicmuiy quotermu3Uu3 ra4aee lea ea pnswo 39 W b00rS0 0FetJr39 L d39avateu L5 chamuiwisadbg Mood disorders 39 Disorders characterized by emotionalr extremes Major depressive disorder Bipolar disorder A of wo w loss 0C iiim lr A 39l T39 quotquot quot Major Depressive disorder Vcjflj Commova Ovierwhiellmirig sadness hopelessness and loss oli interest quot 39 it ai duv iivilW8 ludow39i GA is HG ll Ltiaqrlss Na ldwvuui T i Cognitive vquot lM0tiV tiDl39Ial T Somatic Symptoms last 2 weeks Seasonal affective disorder Prevalence 39 51 wsgk mouir cm 39in 0 I A T abS T iPli like g mrba J 6W tquot 39 f39 f lC Bipolar disorder L25 d lo be Calied wtmic 7 1555 Characterized by wide swings between two emotional extremes WW amp T z wow eliiolicmod Cvmliii 5 Wquot39C WWW MW car i Cyclic switching between moods T ditlcuwvnt paHOmS iiV 0 F quot quotquot PM 39 imwnyiw M merl4 tza EUZJV7 M i We l j h L47 pg f139l1 4 0fu39ivu39 f39 if J1 n7 lt1i iaaflcdwailx i Depression d i it it oi savrtiov iiL Jr ourh39v Jquot1awJ pmwc A39wW TI 39rltmquotr T J genie egt 53959 T 1 utuiuil istl39 6 1222013 4quot a I 3 F El Treatment for mood disorders or A X i 5 39 A 39 l 8 39 Biological PF w i jiasiquot I or Me l 3 V 39A3939 H 5 if I V J1 39 p I Antidepressants 39dEpFE SS0in quot B 0 I p p riaA 5 Mood staibilizers biipoiair y m J 4 i 39 Eiectroconvulisive therapy tdepressiioni 39 3949 47 tr Deepbrain stiimuiation depression ihm M 2 0 5 p s Transcrainial magnetic stimuiation depression x A M p I H 39 psychotherapy iquot y 39 N A to Cognitiveeheihavioral therapy quot7 39 quot P T quot 39 39 i quot quot 39 J Psiichodvnamic niterpersonaitheraliw p 1 gt h 39amp 3 T 2quot 3 a Schizophrenia rii lt 39 i 0i if il Profound disruption of psycholoigiiicai processes I Disoirganiization of thought perceptions emotions and behaiviors Prevaience W14 8 4 9 5 P rquot6 fn itsi irr ir z u 39 4r ic 39 v 4 3 W 1222013 Schizophrenia P R jR M M Vsvmipt ms I I R Q lq q Q qq 39 Positive gt 0 Q in pQ I P quot Haiuiiriations M J V M tP i Delusions O if 739 V Disorganizedthoughts andibehaviorsquot quot quotquot GJ quot39 I 39 F M quot P j W V O Negative n 39 M L 9U I q V Fiat affect W quot quotIe39 f39 iii L F Lack oii motivation iquot3939 iquot7 quot 39 0 L 39 39 n Decline in communication and interaction Brain abnormialities amp schizophrenia Neuirotranosimiitter imbiaanciesi I F A8 F G P xK L5 1 i H 97 3 I39 Dopamine hVp0thESiS iUiiri q Hi i M vK W Gliutamate hvpothesisaottmL1 iii Q 0 h hquotquotgquot G ii p h 39 39 U 1 39 H rF J I M iI M39i 39 39 i j h I 51 Y U 5 g D s Z 4 39 qU if ow Lu A psB V D L l i HF W1if P E n 1 Cortica loss during adolescence 39 mu f quot u i E B l P i 2 PD C C 0 D rm 1 0D f quotW 39 A C H i 5 E 1 3 i f39 1 1 1 V 139 v L quot 393 I us V 1 quot 0T 39 Qr 1222013 Schizophrenia etiology Genetic prediispositiion p 4quot ii L ii 539 Z I 55 J Prenatal factors Virus e Stress Environmentail or develoipmental factor influences onse V 39 F 3 7 reg ff LW gt P f m v I or L u Treatment for Scihizophreinia i 5 r 39 i m rr w 7 1 39 Bioliogicail f Antipsvchotic drugs C it39ai1 aJ 355 i39i Reduce dopamine e eel mp Lg quotquotr 5quot 39 ff no39 quot7quot if 39 Lacng term consequences 08 L H iPsychotherapv J it if p 10


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